Far Cry 3: 10 of the Best PC Mods So Far

How to get that little bit more versatility out of Ubisoft’s jungle-roaming FPS.

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Having only just launched in November, it is very much still early days for Ubisoft’s Far Cry threequel. Regardless of its relative youth, Far Cry 3 is very much the darling of the FPS world at the moment, as the most recent awesome FPS that totally eclipses its predecessors. With the kind of quality on offer in Far Cry 3 comes a loyal and dedicated fan base to experience it, and a loyal and dedicated fan base usually leads to awesome mods being made.

Despite the release of a public map editor, some dedicated Far Cryers have taken the time to directly alter the game’s code to provide new and exciting experiences that go beyond the simple addition of fan made maps. A quick google search will get you the mods you want, but take note that Far Cry 3 only supports one patch mod at a time (unless you find a patch compilation, of course.) Here are the ten best mods so far.

Far Cry 3 Weapon Mechanics Mod:

The immersion that Ubisoft create in Far Cry 3 is impressive, but there is a certain lack of realism when it comes to the way the actual shooting mechanics work. Granted, this allows for a degree of leniency and unhindered fun when the bullets start flying, but there’s a mod out there for those who want their Far Cry 3 experience to be even more lifelike. Slap this mod on and all weapon ballistics and damages are adjusted to reflect real life weapons a bit better. Expect harder recoil, less lenient scopes and a hell of a lot more damage to compensate!

The latest version includes the following:

  • Increased damage for all sniper rifles – one hit kill if hit head or chest
  • Increased penetration for all sniper rifles
  • Increased shotgun damage by 25% shotguns are now terrifying at close range
  • Minor damage improvements for assault ,smgs,pistols
  • Increased FOW for all weapons
  • Increased reload times for all light machine guns
  • Increased draw and holster times for some weapons
  • AI now does same damage to you + ai weapons range increased to match players

More information here. 

Far Cry 3 Minimap Removal Mod

Though the most recent official update for FC3 allows users to tweak various user interface elements, this is one area of the UI that needs to be modded properly for those who want an uncluttered experience of the jungle. This self explanatory mod totally removes the minimap and fades out other UI elements, allowing for the masterful open world of Far Cry 3 to be enjoyed without distractions.

The mod features:

  • Everything is now gone from the minimap. No icons, no terrain rendering, nothing’s left. The world map is unchanged.
  • Health bar is about 40% opacity (it’s more visible than the screenshot above). Same for the armor bar.
  • The health packs remaining text is no longer white, instead a neutral grey.
  • The distance to waypoint text is unchanged.

More information here. 

Far Cry 3 Stop Blinking Mod

Similar to the Minimap removal mod above, the stop blinking mod is for those who want an extra dose of challenge and realism with their Far Cry 3 experience. Having collectibles stand out from the environment is a standard of modern gaming UIs, but turning it off increases the immersion and ups the exploration ante significantly. It’s only for the properly daring mind.

More information here.

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