Far Cry 5 Complete Guide: Cheats, Perk Points, Skill Guide, Crafting, Collectibles, And More

A complete guide for Far Cry 5.

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Far Cry 5 is a game that hands you a bunch of tools and quests and leaves you by yourself to survive out in the wilds. In these ways, the game is quite similar to other games in the Far Cry series. Given there are so many areas to explore, which are packed with quests to do and animals to hunt, there’s a lot to do in this game.  So if you’re looking for any information regarding crafting, hunting, or how to find any of the many collectibles you can collect in-game, this guide is your one-stop (free) shop for it all!


There are three distinct zones in this game and you’ll have to clear each of these regions before you can face the final boss. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to fill up the resistance meter in any way you can including by completing quests, liberating outposts, and more.

In your map, you will be able to see large icons which denote different human or animal characters. Make sure you visit these areas as they serve as hubs for various missions to do and therefore, more resistance points to earn. You can also get specialists from these areas to join you as a party member if you complete the required mission.

You can take to the skies and look for bright red structures on the map. You can blow these up to earn quite a large sum of resistance points. Plus, it’s always fun to blow things up!

Apart from this, also look out for pins or points of interest on your map, such as outposts to liberate. You’ll even be able to find random new side quests in such areas. Another good way to get such missions is to travel on the main road as you’ll often find some missions to do such as saving innocent civilians.

Additionally, you should go about completing as many missions you can. Story missions are limited in number but they offer great rewards. They are denoted by an American flag on your map. Once you’re done with these, look for the star icons on the map which indicate side missions.


In Far Cry 5, your character gets stronger by completing certain activities which net Perk Points. Once you have these Perk Points, you can then use them to unlock various skills which makes surviving in the jungle easier for your character. You’ll have to complete certain challenges to earn Perk Points and they can be earned from a different types of activities and you read about each of these different types below.

World Perks

These perks are quite general in nature and there are only a total of 4 of them.

  • Simply consuming homeopathics will net you 2 Perk Points.
  • Saving hostages will grant you 2 Perk Points.
  • Travel a long distance in your wingsuit to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • If you play for more than 60 minutes in co-op, then you’ll gain 3 Perk Points.

Assault Perks

These perks are granted for generally causing as much destruction as you can in different ways.

  • You can get anywhere from 1 to 4 Perk Points for getting specific kinds of kills. For example, getting 20 kills with arrows will net you 3 Perk Points.
  • If you’re feeling particularly nasty, you can try just running over people in your vehicle. Running over more than 1o people will earn you a Perk Point.
  • If you get the required kills with throwable weapons such as knives, grenades, molotovs, and dynamite, then you’ll earn 2 Perk Points.
  • You also get rewarded Perk Points for using Perks to kill people. For example, using your Saboteour skill to get 3 kills will earn you 3 Perk Points.
  • If you kill enemies who are more than 150 metres away from you, then you’ll earn 4 Perk Points.

Guns for Hire Perks

There are many different allies in the game who can help you on your dangerous adventures. When these allies get kills, you receive Perk Points and they get stronger as well, so it’s really a win-win situation!

  • You will earn 2 Perk Points for getting kills with Jess Black, Cheeseburger the bear, Adelaide, Hurk, Sharky, and Grace.
  • You will earn 3 Perk Points for getting kills with Peaches the dog, Boomer the dog, and your fighters.

Prepper Stashes

You can find prepper stashes spread out across the world of Far Cry 5. If you find one, make sure you open it immediately as you will be rewarded with perk magazines (carrying perk points) and a lot of cash as well. Look out for these stashes on your map as they are marked with a diamond icon.

Hunting Perks

Hunting and killing animals is one of the activities you will be engaged a lot in within the game. You can skin these animals and sell the materials you collect for money. Additionally, skinning any animal in the game will net you Perk Points. Some animals are worth skinning more than others, and you can find below the animals which you can skin for a total of 3 Perk Points.

  • Skin an eagle after shooting it down.
  • Skin Caribou.
  • Skin Moose.
  • Skin bison.
  • Skin bear.
  • Skin cougar.
  • Catch paddlefish and sturgeon.


There are quite a few different skill tress where you can spend your Perk Points. However, since there are so many options, this guide will help you choose the best skills from each different skill tree.

Best Skills To Start With

  • Grapple (1 SP) – Allows you to find grapple spots to climb up with using the grapple tool.
  • Parachute (1 SP) – Makes it much easier to traverse the skies.
  • Sneaky Sprint (4 SP) – Given the emphasis on stealth, this one will be really helpful as it allows you to move significantly faster when crouched.

Renegade Skill Tree

  • Parachute (1 Skill Point)
  • Wingsuit (2 Skill Point)
  • Black Market (6 Skill Point) – Can buy craftable explosives at shops now.
  • Vehicle Buster (7 Skill Point) – Vehicles take greater damage from your bullets
  • Saboteur (7 Skill Point) – Tamper with a vehicle’s hood to set it on fire, causing it to explode.
  • Booby Trap (7 Skill Point) – Tamper with a vehicle so that it explodes on the next collision.
  • Auto Repair (6 Skill Point) – Your vehicles get repaired automatically.

You can also choose mastery in different weapon types, depending on which ones you plan to use.

Prepper Skill Tree

  • Close Combat Gear Bag (1 Skill Point) – Allows you to carry more melee weapons and handgun ammo.
  • Journey Pack (7 Skill Point) – Allows you to carry more items in inventory, including up to 5 medikits.
  • Tactical Ammo Bag (8 Skill Point) – Allows you to carry more shotgun and SMG ammo.
  • Quiver (8 Skill Point) – Allows you to carry more explosive, incendiary and normal arrows.
  • Rifle Ammo bag (9 Skill Point) – Allows you to carry more rifle and 50 cal ammo.
  • Additional Holster (8 Skill Point) – Enables you to carry a 3rd weapon in your holster.
  • Weapons Collector (9 Skill Point) – Enables you to carry a 4th weapon in your holster.

You can also pick ammo bags depending on the types of weapon you use.

Assassin Skill Tree

  • Grapple (1 Skill Point) – Allows you to find grapple spots and use the grapple tool.
  • Nimble Fingers (4 Skill Point) – Makes you faster with your hands in doing things like crafting, setting booby traps, and more.
  • Takedown Mastery (6 Skill Point) – Grants you access to combos and throws which makes fighting while unarmed much easier.
  • Sneaky Sprint (4 Skill Point) – Makes you much faster when sneaking.
  • Ghost (7 Skill Point) – Quieter when moving and take less damage from a fall.
  • Throwback (7 Skill Point) – Allows you to throw back things such as grenades and dynamite.
  • Locksmith (6 Skill Point) – Allows you to open safes and doors which do not require a keycard.
  • Close Combat Mastery (6 Skill Point) – Makes you more effective in close quarters combat including with melee weapons and handguns.
  • Primal Mastery (6 Skill Point) – Makes you more proficient in using bows and slingshots.

Leader Skill Tree

This is mostly to do with your companions so if you find yourself being a team player, then these skills will come in handy.

  • Boomer (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Peaches (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Sharky (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Cheeseburger (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Adelaide (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Hurk (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Jess (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Nick Rye (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Grace (4 Skill Point) – Makes the ally return faster after getting injured.
  • Leadership (6 Skill Point) – Allows 2 allies to join you on your adventures.

Survivalist Skill Tree

  • Human Fish (1 Skill Point) – Allows you to hold your breath for longer underwater and also swim faster.
  • Fisher King (4 Skill Point) – Fish will tire out faster when you’re fishing. Also unlocks new flies so as to catch heavier fish.
  • King of the Jungle (6 Skill Point) – Animals do less damage to you, while prey run away less at the sight of you. Additionally, predator animals will go for other nearby enemies instead of you.
  • Repair Torch (5 Skill Point) – Allows you to repair open safes and cars.
  • Kick-Ass Binoculars (7 Skill Point) – Allows you to see through solid objects and tag enemies and animals.
  • Harvest Master (8 Skill Point) – You earn twice the loot from plants and animals.

You can also pick a number of health boosts to increase your maximum health.


There is an assortment of weapons, guns and other melee types included that you can use in Far Cry 5. Without a Weapons Guide you would be inundated with stats and differing weapons attacks’ etc so be sure to go through this list. We’ve attempted to compile all the weapons in appropriate categories, including their upgrade info and listed out their strengths and attacks accordingly.

And remember, you can only upgrade your weapons- add silencers, increase stats etc- in the General Shop and these aren’t cheap by any means so you’ll have to practise some economy choosing and upgrading only those weapons that you’re most comfortable with.

Melee Weapons
As the name suggests, these weapons deal damage only at close range.

  • Whacki
  • Socket Pipe
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Spiked Bat
  • Baseball Bat
  • Aluminum Bat
  • Shovel a.k.a “Optimism”
  • Bolted Pipe

The  Compound Bow is the only bow available. It has a short range but is fatally accurate when it hits its target.

  • Compound Bow

These tiny guns are quite compact so they’re not unwieldy to handle. They however have a slight stopping issue so it isn’t recommended to have these as your first option.

  • P226 AKA Amendment 2
  • 1911
  • M-79 AKA Shark Shooter
  • Toaster
  • .44 Magnum
  • SMG-11
  • Skorpion Big Spender
  • The Shark

These bad ass guns are good for their stopping power but lack range. Best keep these for short-range fights and pull out bigger guys for the long distance.

  • SPAS-12 AKA “Flameout”
  • M133 AKA “The Grand Slam”
  • SBS AKA “The Farmhand”

Submachine Guns
The only SMG available to you is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially for close range fights. With good stopping power, it has a great rate of fire that will make it invaluable if you’re looking to wreck destruction, in a small scale.

  • MP5K

There should be no need to explain an Assault Rifle’s benefits. Good range; good damage and perfect for beginners in almost every single shooter game.

  • “Stars ‘N Stripes”
  • 45/70 AKA “Fall’s Ghost”
  • AKM-S AKA “The Whitetailer”
  • AC-R AKA “The Shark”

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifles require quick reflexes, they’re mainly used for one-shot kills. And it should go without saying, they’re best at long ranges.

  • AR-CL AKA “Sharkbite”
  • SA50 AKA “Free State”
  • 308 Carbine AKA “Old Flame”
  • MBP .50

Machine Guns
Huge guns with huge damage. Average accuracy however, it is often is used to suppress enemies rather than kill them.

  • M249 AKA “Milita”
  • M60

Special Weapons

No explanation required, we think.

  • Flamethrower AKA “Flames on Flames”


Hunting is a useful activity in the game and you can gain quite a lot of valuable loot from animals. You can also earn Perk Points by skinning animals. You can find information about animals in hunting magazines and this will also help you locate the animals you want to hunt.

The best weapons to hunt animals with are either the sniper rifle or the composite bow as these are highly accurate weapons. Remember that prey animals will run if they notice your presence whereas predator animals will attack you. Some bigger animals such as bears will not go down with a single shot and will take multiple shots to be killed, so be careful when going up against them.

To earn Perk Points by skinning animals, you’ll have to kill a specific number of a certain animal type. We have listed below the different animals you can kill along with the Perk Points you will be rewarded.

  • Caribou: Skin 4 of these to earn 3 Perk Points.
  • Wolverine: Skin 3 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Deer: Skin 1 of these to earn a single Perk Point.
  • Cougar: Skin 4 of these to earn 3 Perk Points.
  • Moose: Skin 2 of these to earn 3 Perk Points.
  • Elk: Skin 2 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Wolves: Skin 5 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Pronghorns: Skin 1 of these for 1 Perk Point.
  • Bison: Skin 3 of these to earn 3 Perk Points.
  • Grizzly Bears: Skin 3 of these for 3 Perk Points.
  • Hare: Skin 1 of these for 2 Perk Points.
  • Turkeys: Skin 2 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Boars: Skin 2 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Black Bears: Skin 2 of these to earn 2 Perk Points.
  • Skunks: Skin 2 of these for 2 Perk Points.
  • Eagles: Skin 3 of these for 3 Perk Points.
  • Golden Trout: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Kokanees: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Rainbow Trout: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Rock Bass: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Largemouths: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Arctic Graylings: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Chinooks: Catch 1 of these for 3 Perk Points.
  • Smallmouths: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Lake Trout: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.
  • Pallid Sturgeons: Catch 1 of these to earn 3 Perk Points.
  • Bull Trout: Catch 1 of these for a single Perk Point.


Fishing is an activity undertaken purely at your leisure and interest in this game. If you enjoy it, there are a number of water bodies that you can fish at and catch a number of fishes here, from regular old salmon to Far Cry’s very own ‘demon fish’. These fish are profitable to sell in markets and even to feed Cheeseburger the bear if you have him as a companion. You can also earn Perk points by catching fishes.

You will first be able to start fishing after meeting Skylar whom you can find at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop on the border of Whitetail Mountains. Once you complete a mission for her, she will hand you a fishing rod and even give a tutorial on how to fish. Basically, once you select the appropriate bait, just throw the line into the water and wait for a fish to get hooked. Once a fish is hooked you’ll have to reel in the fish towards you. However, keep an eye on the tension so that it doesn’t turn red and leave some slack if the tension is getting too high. Remember to reel in the fish in the opposite direction from where the fish is swimming to. You’ll eventually be able to get the fish out of the water and into your bag. To catch some of the bigger fish, you’ll require the ‘Fisher King’ perk so make sure you get it if you’re going to focus a lot on fishing.

You can find below some of the locations where you can catch different fish.

  • Chinook Salmon: You actually come across this area for Cheeseburger’s quest. You can also fish on the Moccassin River which a is a little bit to the south of the FANG centre.
  • Bull Trout: You can find these in the main river which is north of Dutch’s island and which runs into Jacob’s territory.
  • Kokanee Salmon: North of Klagett Bay and Elk Jaw Lodge and to the north west of Dutch’s island, you’ll be able to find a fishing spot with this type of fish.


Crafting has always been an integral part of the Far Cry series but it takes a backseat in Far Cry 5. This is not to say that it isn’t useful as it can still come in handy whether it is to craft some necessary items or even explosives to take down enemy vehicles and structures.

There are various items that can be used to buff your character for a short duration, and these can really help you out a lot if used in the right situation. You can find below all of the items which you can craft in the game along with the materials required to craft these items.

  • The Fast: Requires 2 Bliss Oil and 2 Jimson Weed. Makes you faster for a short duration.
  • Oregano: Can be used in crafting other items.
  • Liquor: Drink to get drunk.
  • The Furious: Requires 2 Bliss Oil and 2 Prairie Fire. Melee attacks deal more damage.
  • Ultimate Survivor: Requires 2 Lupine and 4 Prickly lettuce. You will be taking reduced damage for a short while.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Requires 2 Prairie Fire, 2 Jimson Weed, and 2 Mustard. All animals will be tagged and predators will flee from you.

You can craft explosives in the game and they can be extremely useful. They can also be crafted really quickly and can even be made in the middle of a fight. You will find materials to craft explosives scattered all around the world. You can look below to see where to find different crafting materials.

  • Oregano: Found on bodies and at other random places in the world.
  • Nitro: Can be gained by looting bodies and containers.
  • Fasteners: Can be gained by looting bodies and containers.
  • Liquor: Can be gained by looting bodies and containers.
  • Bliss Oil: Can be gained by looting bodies and containers.
  • Prairie Fire: Can be found in rocky places.
  • Prickly Lettuce: Found in savannas and plains.
  • Lupine: Found inside water or close to water bodies.
  • Mustard: Found in and around forest areas.
  • Blasting Cap: Can be gained by looting bodies and containers.
  • Jimson Weed: Found near roads and urban areas.


‘What They Carried’ Guide to Vietnam Lighters: 

The following post contains detailed information on how to successfully carry out the side quest entitled ‘What They Carried’. When you turn up at the Reddler residence, Wendell Reddler tasks you with finding all the Vietnam Lighters in the game. These lighters contain puzzles that eventually lead to a weapons cache according to Reddler and in order to get all the pieces of the puzzle, go through this list of the locations of all the Lighters and make sure to get each one!

Miller Residence, Holland Valley
Located southwest of the Fillmore Residence, you will need to find the white shed. Next to it is a bunker. Enter it to find the Vietnam lighter near the bed.

West of Cedar Lake, Whitetail Mountains

Go into Jacob’s region and enter the underground bunker to find the lighter.

Elliot Residence, South of F.A.N.G
Located in Whitetail Mountains. This lighter is found during the ‘Holdouts Pepper Stash’ mission. During this mission, head to the house, find a place where the barbed wire around the property gives way and then jump onto the second floor of the building. From there, jump out of a window in the bathroom. Walk carefully along the roof under the window and jump down into the next building. Find your way into the kitchen and find the key card at the feet of a corpse lying there.

Be on alert though, because picking up the card triggers a trap and you will be under fire from enemies who won’t hesitate to use explosives and even set the house on fire. Escape this and you can should go into the barn with the American flag. Get inside the bunker and shoot down the lock, then use the key card to gain entrance into the main section of the bunker. Now rejoice for your journey is over- you can find the lighter on the bench.

Fillmore Residence, Holland Valley
West of Dead Man’s River and East of Fall’s end. Find the barn with an antler on the wall outside. Get inside and search inside the second room, the lighter is on a shelf.

Harris Residence, Holland Valley
Northwest of John’s region, you will find a brown shed. Enter the bunker inside, you will find the lighter on a shelf near the bed.

Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, Holland Valley

This bunker is easy to find, standing alone in the open field as it is. Find the lighter inside near a chair.

McCoy Cabin, Henbane River
West of Peaches Taxidermy, find yourself another bunker near the cabin there. It is partially covered with a green tarp; enter it to collect the lighter  in the second room.

McClean Residence, Henbane River
Situated between Faith’s region and Dutch’s Island. Be careful you will need to battle a gang of enemies that pop up near here and only after defeating them can you proceed to go behind the property. Here enter the bunker and in the back room, find the lighter on the bed.

Abercrombie Residence, Henbane River
East from Hope County Jail, you need to find a way inside the house And like before, enter the bunker that is just before the stairs. Get inside and pick up the lighter in the second room.

Counselor’s Cabin, Henbane River
Southwest of Moonflower Trailer Park. Find yet another bunker, this time between the house and the shed behind the residence. The lighter will be on a shelf  in the second room.

Northwest of Widow’s Creek, Whitetail Mountains
Head off road to find a similar bunker. Enter it to find a lighter in the back room.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center
Located in Whitetail Mountains. You will need to conduct a rescue hostage quest before finding this lighter. After doing that head upstairs and go to the information centre. Enter the second room on the left where you will find it on a shelf.

‘Mint Condition’ Guide to Bobbleheads:

Don’t miss the following list as it will help you find all the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads in the game so that you can finish the ‘Mint Condition’ side-quest successfully.

Whitetail Parker Ranger Station
This one is Southwest of the F.A.N.G. Find and head into the main office and enter the next room. The bedside table on the left will give you your first Bobblehead.

Baron Lumber Mill, Whitetail Mountains
Since this is an enemy stronghold, you either have to fight or stealth your way inside to pick up the Bobbleheads. Eitherway after clearing the area, climb the stairs ahead of the Lumber Mill and get in through a top floor window. The Bobblehead will be in the kitchen.

Island North of Grand View Hotel
This is the first Bobblehead that you will need to swim for, located as it is on an island. You can swim from the Grand View Hotel. Once you’re on the island, find the log cabin and search inside for the Bobblehead on the bed. Beware the bears that roam this island, and don’t say you weren’t warned!

St. Isidore School, Holland Valley

Northeast of Fall’s End, you will find the school and it is a little tricky to get around here because of the presence of some enemies. Once the coast is clear, head towards the back of the building and climb onto the terrace. Grab the keys from the chimney then use the zip line to get across to the small building, there use said keys to unlock the door and grab the Bobblehead from inside.

8-Bit Pizza Bar
Located in Henbane River. Find this bar, west of Hope County. Enter and you will find Bobblehead on a shelf.

Landsdowne Airstrip, Whitetail Mountains
North of F.A.N.G station, the Bobblehead can be found in the Hangar Pains Pepper Stash.
If you remember from your earlier mission, this are is at quite a height so you will need to know how to use the parachute and grapple. Climb the roof of the power station and grapple on over to the radio tower nearby. With the help of the parachute, jump down onto the roof of the hangar. Skin down into the room below you and you’ll find your next Bobblehead, amongst the clouds!

Whitetail Park Visitor Center
This area is also an enemy camp, make sure to clear it before proceeding further. Make your way upstairs, turn left and enter the Gift Shop. You can find the Bobblehead on the shelf.

Feeney Residence, Henbane River
Situated in the outskirts, lying east of Faith’s region. Once you handle the enemies that surround the residence, enter it and head to the kitchen. Lying there on a stool is the last Bobblehead. Now just make sure to go back to Dave with them and collect your hard earned reward!

‘Grand Slam’ Guide to Baseball Cards:

This guide is written to aid you in finding all the Baseball cards in-game; the objective of the side quest entitled ‘Grand Slam’. So if you’re just 2 or 3 short of a full deck, this is the article for you!

Southwest of F.A.N.G center

Located next to the river is the house that you will enter to find your first baseball card. However, entering directly from the front will trigger shooting by enemies. Take care of them then get inside the house to find your card on a shelf.

F.A.N.G Center

This is an enemy stronghold so you should expect a decent amount of battle right as you enter the building. But you will have got a chance earlier in the game to clear them out so make sure to do that if you can. Once the threat is eliminated you can head to the souvenir shop to find your next baseball card.

McNeil Residence

Northeast from F.A.N.G center, there are a fair few enemies camped outside this house so kill them then enter the barn, inside which behind the door on a shelf is your next card collectible.

Northeast of Baron Lumber Mill

Behind this mill, you will doubtless see the racetrack and a white container next to it. Sweep the area for enemies and dispose of any before you enter this container- just kick down the door to open it and you can collect your next baseball card here!

Northwest of Cedar Lake

The house near Cedar Lake is where some enemies are camped. Take care of them then get into the house- you can enter this one by front door and in the first room you see your next baseball card.

West of Cedar Lake

Located near the summit of the mountains, this area is accessed either by a flying machine or by Grappling. Beware the enemies that will come out as soon as you get on the mountain. But since these are a small number of them, you can quickly take care of them, then enter the building  and find the card on the desk behind the door. And remember, the chopper you will find in this area is very useful, particularly in finding other baseball cards.

North of Whitetail Park Visitor Centre

Use the chopper you got finding your last card to access this visitor centre up on the Whitetail hills. Make your way peacefully to the barn, unhindered by enemies and find your next collectible on a shelf inside.

Southwest of Clagett Boathouse  

Located on the main road, you will need to be careful again this time and keep an eye out for any threats or enemies. Find and enter the petrol station and inside, the baseball card is lying underneath a ‘Clothing’ sign.

Cooper Cabin

Northeast of Wolf’s den there is a cabin. Enter it to find a mattress propped against the wall with the card on the shelf next to it. 

‘Turn the Tables’ Guide to Vinyl Crates:

The side quest ‘Turn the Tables’ can be acquired only after completing the ‘Gearing Up’ mission. All the locations of the vinyl crates lie in and around the Jacob’s region, Whitetail Mountains.

Osprey Cabin

South of Wolf’s Den, descend the cliff carefully and make your way to the Osprey Cabin. Enter by the side door and atop a table lies the yellow crate in front of the TV. This is your first Vinyl Crate collectible. 

Breakthrough Camp

Just east of Red Tail Cabin is the Breakthrough Camp. Enter via the main gate and head into the first house on your right. On a wooden shelf, you will find your next vinyl crate.

North Park Entrance

West of F.A.N.G Center, you can reach this park only by coming up the road. Once you do, walk south until you find the house (make sure to consult your map if you feel lost). You can pick up the next crate on a bookshelf.

Dansky Cabin

Far south of the Osprey Cabin, between two roads is the Dansky Cabin. You don’t need to get inside this cabin as the crate is outside, on the porch, under a table.

Hunter’s Pass Shelter

Northwest of Wolf’s Den is the shelter known as Hunter’s Pass. Guarding this building are some enemies, take care of them and you can enter the house by the front door and pick up your vinyl crate on a table.

The Grill Steak

A restaurant, south of FA.N.G Center. Go to the gazebo and outside one of the tents you will spot your next yellow crate.

MCA Mobile Lab

Head east from the restaurant, past Baron Lumber Mill to get to the MCA Mobile Lab. Beware the wolves that live in this area. Under the grey hut, you will find your next vinyl crate.

Red Tail Cabin

East of Wolf’s Den. The cabin can be entered through the front door. The crate is in the Kitchen.

Linero Building Supplies

North of the Lumber Mill and west of Fort Drubman. A construction site, this area is a goldmine of enemies that it is better to engage and take out in battle before continuing your quest. Once they are defeated, return south of the site and into a trailer with a blue door. The crate is inside, behind a filing cabinet.

‘Golden Age Nostalgia’ Guide to Comic Books:

Talking to Nadine Abercrombie in Dodd Residence will activate this side quest and once you finish talking to her, your first comic book will be marked on the map.

Camp Cougar

Located in Henbane River, this camp also houses a comic book.

O’Hara’s Haunted House

Located in the Henbane River region, this house is the hiding spot of another comic book.

Boshaw Manor

Located in the Henbane River area. Enter this residence to find the comic book. 

Elliot Residence, Whitetail Mountains

South of F.A.N.G Center. From the porch, make your way by the veranda and through the window to get into the Residence. The comic book will be found next to a lamp.

Jefferson Lookout Tower, Whitetail Mountains

Climb the lookout tower and enter it. Comic book is inside on the table.

Peaches Taxidermy, Henbane River

This is a landmark that you can find on your map. Make your way here and enter the grey building and next to the TV inside is the collectible.

Chan Residence, Henbane River

South of Angel’s Peak. Enter by the back door and you will find the comic book on a bed in one of the rooms.

Vasquez Residence

Located in the Henbane River region, this house is the location for yet another comic book.

McNeil Residence

Located in the Whitetail Mountains, head here for your next comic book collectible.

Parker Laboratories, Holland Valley

West of Fall’s End. Enter the green roofed building to find comic book inside on a desk.

Boyd Residence, Holland Valley

West of Dodd Residence. Comic book is in the left bedroom.

Guide to Prepper Stashes:

Prepper Stashes are hands down, the best loot boxes you can find in Far Cry 5. Since they’re so valuable, you could hardly expect the game to make it easy to find them. Hence, for any of you gamers who can’t seem to find them all, look no further. With precise directions to each loot spot listed below, you should be able to find all the stashes, no problem.

Sunken Funds

This stash can be found hidden away in an island in the middle of the world map. In Dutch’s region, look for the island east of Widow’s Creek. When you get there you will need to find a note in a wooden building which will activate this quest for you. After that, go back to the red boat and dive under it to pull the lever.

This opens up a key on the wall of the building which you can use to enter the front door. After doing this,go back to the wooden building and use a pipe to prop open a hatch on the floor. Descend to find the stash.

Animal Control

Inside Howling Cave, Faith’s region. Finding the note here is easy but after that you’ll have to shoot open the wolf cages so that they can deal with the cultists in the cave. Keep going till you’re in the main cave, kill any remaining cultists then zip line over to the chopper to find your stash.

The Holdouts

Near Elliot’s residence, Jacob’s region. First get inside the house that has the words ‘fight the cult’ on it and activate the quest by picking up the note there. Then go out to look for a wooden hut with bullet holes in it and shoot open the lock. After that go back to the wooden beams beside the flowerpot and use the balcony window to get in. Then get back on the roof through the toilet window and jump across to the room with a fan so you can finally find the keycard that opens the loot.

Dumpster Diving

Located in Doverspike Compound, find and go to Dodd’s Dumps and get your access note from a box beside a cabin. To enter the cabin, go around till you find an ingress in a waterlogged portion of the wall. Get inside, once inside turn on the power and climb aboard the shelves to get on to a platform, the one with the blue rope. From there jump across the water and climb the concrete steps to pick up your hard earned loot.


In John’s region, go to the Grain elevator. This path yields a few enemies that you’ll have to deal with before you can get to the courtyard. When you’re there, climb up the side of the building at the back and break the planks that are nailed across the windows to get inside. You’ll find your stash right at the top of the building.

Long Range Lockpick

In John’s region, go to the Deep North Irrigation Reservoir. You will need a note that can be found in the south side of this reservoir, by the bridge. Once you find it, zipline over to the tree platform and shoot open the electric lock, perhaps with a sniper rifle, or another long range gun. Then go back to the bridge and open the unlocked door to find your stash.


Armstrong residence, in John’s region. Before you do anything else, kill all the cultists camped in Grace’s house. Then get the note there and find a ramp which will open up into a room with a green chair. Beside this room will be one with a safe. Crack it open to access the contents.

Deep Dive

Near Laurel’s Residence, John’s region. Clear the house of any enemies then find a box in the kitchen. Now leave to go find a hut nearby. There is one locked with a hatch that you can open and enter so do that and pick up the keycard that’s lying on a table and then get back up to open the door with it. Once inside, turn on the power and go to the bunker from inside to get the hidden stash, behind the wood planks.


South end of John’s region, by the bridge. Take care of the cultists on the river bank and pick up the note. This allows you to find the stash and for that you will have to use the grappling skill to get to the scaffolding under the bridge and get a line to the right side. From there, find your way to the platform under the bridge and pick up your loot.

High Tension

Located on Lincoln Tower in the Copperhead Rail Yard. Search the tower for a yellow note. Now once you find it, use the ziplines to get to the platform on top of the trees from the tower and continue by balancing on a log. A little ahead of you awaits your prepper stash reward.


Located in Doverspike Compound in John’s region. You will need to find a note before you do anything else so look in the garden shed for it. Then enter the cottage and in a cabinet by the bed, you can find a key. Pick it up, go to the bunker and find the switch to operate the electric lock. Once open, make haste and retrieve your stash before getting out of there.

Man Cave

In Sunrise Threshing, John’s region. There’s a note you need to get, on the ammo box near the outskirts of the perimeter. But before you can get to this you must kill all the enemies in this region. Once that’s done, climb onto the red shed and on top of the grain silos.

From here zip line over to the roof of the garage and use a sniper to shoot the padlock open. Then, get back down, drive the pickup truck nearby to the trailer and connect them. Then drive both away a little bit and come back to enter the hatch that had been under the trailer. Get into the bunker and climb to the next floor to find your stash.


In Taft Lookout Tower, Faith’s region. Get inside the tower and kill all the enemies before you pick up the note in the rooms. Then, follow a trail to the base of raptor peak. The grappling skill will make this whole journey easier as you can just zipline over to the resistance camp. The people here are under attack but if you don’t want to get involved, the stash is just northeast from there, in a tent.

Pooper Scooper

Silver Lake Summer Camp, Faith’s region. Near the welcome signboard you will find the note in a blue box. Read it and enter the house by jumping up near the woods, through the upstairs window. Go down to the kitchen and search through the trash for a keycard. Once you find it, go out and to the second cabin to get your loot.


Rattlesnake Trail bridge, near PIN-KO Radar Station, John’s region. Open the box with the note on it and take it with you all the way up to the plane crash site. You’ll need to use your grappling skills for this leg of the journey. Then you can find the key for the box inside a wooden crate in the wreckage.

The Angels Grave

Inside Horned Serpent Cave, Faith’s region. You’ll find a note at the entrance of a cave-in. You can get above it by grappling and then drop down inside the cave. Keen going down until you find a Peggie with a dog, guarding your stash.

Fire in the Hole

Inside Wellington residence, John’s region. Find your way to the residence then prepare to kill everyone inside before you can get to the note nailed on the front door. Then in the cabin, shoot through all the floorboards to find a ladder that drops down to the mine tunnels. Go down until you find yourself in water, then blast that area to propel yourself forward to the stash.


On small island, center of Silver Lake. Find the note in a hut, pick it up then get to the sunken building. Follow the yellow marker trail and make a right turn when you get to the underwater passage. Soon you’ll find a ladder, climb up and head left to get to a room where you can activate a yellow lever. Follow the yellow marks till the caves, swim through until you find the stash.

O’Hara’s Haunted House

The stash is located at the barn entrance in Faith’s region. When you get there, get on to the roof of the next cottage and drop down onto the rods that lead to the attic. There’s a switch in the attic that’ll open the entrance door. Pull it then go to the entrance and use the rope to go to the attic with your loot.

Salvage Rights

Island northeast of Widow’s Creek, Jacob’s region. Find the tent with the note and a crate to activate the quest then make your way to the yellow marker. There’s a floating buoy in the water that has the key needed to open the crate.


Ozhigwan Falls, East of Jacob’s region. One of the dead bodies under the bridge has a key that you’ll need and after finding that, just zipline down to where you can see the Stash. Read the note in the truck to activate quest then open the stash.

Hangar Pains

Lansdowne Airstrip, Jacob’s region. The note is outside the hangar and you’ll find the key is on the roof. Deploy a chopper from the roof then retrieve the key that opens the stash from there.

Unwelcome Guest

Southwest of Jacob’s region. Find the note from Frank’s cabin on the cliffs. Then go behind the cabin and follow a path to a cave where you can pick up a key. Beware the bear that lives inside the cave.


Inside McCullough’s Garage, Faith’s region. Read the note on a table inside. Then go back to shoot the planks that lie across the garage bay. Once you’re inside the bay, open the door and walk across the ramps to the office with the boxes inside. Continue till you find a toilet, there’s a key in the roll holder there. Once you get that, go to where there’s a skylight lock, shoot it and then climb back onto the roof and go inside past the double locked doors that you can now open.

Side Effects

Beside Bright Warden Radon Spa, Faith’s region. The note will be outside the entrance of the mine, find it and head to the tunnel by your left. Grapple through the tunnel hole and shoot open the doors to the platform. Flip the switch that is here and go back to the entrance to find the stash near the right side, now unlocked.

Gone Squatchin

Southwest of Jacob’s region, inside the Dansky Cabin. Find the note then follow the marker on a path that’ll need you to put your best Grappling foot forward, to get across all the leaps and then you finally get to a corpse. Retrieve the key from him to open the chest in the Dansky Cabin.


Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online may lead to an immediate ban. 

There are a number of cheats you can make use of in the game so as to make things significantly easier for you. For this game, you’ll have to download the required Cheat Engine from here. Using this you can unlock the following:

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Unlimited Clip Ammo
  • Infinite Money
  • No Reload
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Armor
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • And others

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