Far Cry New Dawn – 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy It

Far Cry ventures into the post apocalypse- how excited should we be?

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For the first time in the franchise’s history, Ubisoft is making a direct, narrative sequel to a Far Cry game. Also for the first time in its history, they’re taking it into the post-apocalypse. New Dawn looks quite different from what the series has done in the past in a number of ways, so curiosity around the game and what it’s attempting is high. As we get closer to its launch on February 15, in this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen vital pieces of information that you need to know about this game. Without further ado, let’s begin.


far cry new dawn

As mentioned, New Dawn is a direct narrative sequel to Far Cry 5, and takes place seventeen years after one of the game’s multiple possible endings. The survivors of the nuclear holocaust caused by Joseph Seed have resurfaced in Hope County, and are getting by just fine (all things considered), when a vicious group of bandits known as the Highwaymen comes along and threatens to destroy their livelihood and peace. As a member of the group of survivors, it not falls to the players to mount a resistance.


far cry new dawn

Far Cry’s post-apocalypse is very different from the kind you usually see in game (or most media, actually). Rather than going for a dreary, scorched world, the setting in New Dawn is colourful and vibrant. In the aftermath of the event known as the Collapse, wildlife and vegetation have overtaken nature and the world once again, in what the developers are calling a “super bloom”. One look at the bright and colourful world of New Dawn is enough to prove that that term is more than appropriate.


Villains are always the centre of attraction in any Far Cry game, and in that much at least, New Dawn isn’t changing anything. The Highwaymen are led by the twin sisters Mary and Lou- originally, though, they were led by their father. After deciding that he was leading the group astray, the twins killed him and took control themselves, and now pillage and ravage everything in their path with reckless abandon and a total lack of empathy- very much a product of the world they were born in and have always lived in.


far cry new dawn

As a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, you’d expect at least some of that game’s main characters to make an appearance in New Dawn. And they will. For starters, the fate of the Deputy, 5’s protagonist, will be revealed. Secondly, Joesph Seed, the villain of the game, will also return- though he and his cult no longer seem to be an antagonistic force, and are more of a neutral group who keep to themselves. Other returning characters include Pastor Jerome and Hurk, while Carmina Rye, the daughter of Far Cry 5 characters Nick and Kim Rye, whose birth was shown in Far Cry 5, will also be part of the game’s cast.


far cry new dawn

Similar to how Far Cry Primal used a retooled version of the map used in Far Cry 4New Dawn, which is set in a post-apocalyptic (and pink) version of Hope County, Montana, will also be reusing a modified version of Far Cry 5’s map. Owing to the post-nuclear setting, several areas in Hope County that were accessible in Far Cry 5 will not be inaccessible, while new areas will also have opened up for exploration.


far cry new dawn

While the game will largely be set in Hope County, players will be able to go out on Expeditions as well. These Expedition missions will take place in separate locations that will function as new, isolated maps, including locations in states such as Louisiana, California, and Arizona. These maps will be smaller sections separate from the main and are are built from the ground up for New Dawn, and will feature more complex environments, such as swamplands, deserts, or an abandoned theme park.


Far Cry New Dawn will also feature a home base for players, called Prosperity. Prosperity will feature as the hub base of operations for the player themselves, as well as the survivors of Hope County, Montana. It will be upgradable, and will continue to grow and evolve as players play through the game and undertake various activities and missions.


far cry new dawn

Outposts, a franchise staple, will also return in Far Cry New Dawn, but the system is slightly tweaked. While similar to previous games, clearing out outposts of enemies and claiming it as your own will see them become fast travel points on the maps, once you’ve cleared them out, you’ll have the option of either raiding outposts and loot its resources, after which you’ll abandon them and move on, or setting up your own fuel manufacturing stations in these locations. If you pick the former, the Highwaymen will eventually move back in and retake the outpost, but with reinforced strength and forces. These outposts will then become harder and present more of a challenge, should you wish to overtake it again.


Guns For Hire and Fangs For Hire, Far Cry 5’s buddy systems where an NPC controlled human or animal character would tag along with you to aid you during combat, will be returning in New Dawn. Returning Guns for Hire include Pastor Jerome and Hurk, who we’ve already mentioned. Carmina Rye, who we also talked about, will also be a Gun For Hire, as will a new character called Nana, an elderly sharpshooter armed with a sniper rifle. Timber, New Dawn’s own version of good boy Boomer, and a boar named Horatio, will be the Fangs for Hire available in the game.


far cry new dawn

Also new to New Dawn is how the game will handle weapons- being set in a post apocalyptic environments, there will be less focus on purchasing new weapons and guns, and more from crafting and customizing them from the resources and materials players scrounge from the environment. One such weapon will be the the Saw Launcher, a crossbow that shoots out saw blades. Weapon attachments and customizations will also need to be crafted from gathered materials. Which brings us to our next point…


far cry new dawn

Set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic land, it goes without saying that you won’t exactly be able to walk into shops and go, “can I have 200 rounds of SMG bullets, please?” Or something to that affect. No, you’re going to have to live off the land- scavenging resources from the environments for the purpose of crafting items, weapons, weapon mods, and ammunitions is going to be part of the gameplay loop now. I doubt it’ll be as emphasized as it is in something like, say, Fallout– but it’s going to be in there at least in some capacity.


far cry new dawn

You can’t make a game set in a riotous post-apocalypse setting and not have car combat be an important part of its world (thanks for that, Mad Max). So yes, vehicles, vehicular combat, and the stuff that you expect to go along with it, is going to be part of New Dawn. How deep Ubisoft goes with it and how far they take the concept isn’t something we know yet, but we do know that players will be able to customize their vehicles- to some extent, at the very least.


far cry new dawn

From gaining experience points to leveling up, from quests having minimum level requirements to players having to collect loot tiered according to their rarity, from enemy levels to damage numbers, Ubisoft are implement a number of what they’re calling “light RPG mechanics” in New Dawn. It’s an unusual change, especially for a series like Far Cry, and it remains to be seen how well it gels with the franchise’s usual completely open-ended and sandbox nature. For now, colour us skeptical.


far cry new dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is going to remove the Arcade Mode from Far Cry 5, which means players will no longer have the option to use in-game creation tools to create and share maps (among other things). Ubisoft has stated that this is being done so that they can focus on the single player, and put all their energies into creating the campaign.


far cry new dawn

Though there is no Arcade Mode, that doesn’t mean Far Cry New Dawn is going to be completely devoid of multiplayer options. The entire campaign will be playable in co-op, while players will also have the option of tackling Expedition missions, which we spoke about earlier, co-operatively. As far as anything non-solo games, these seem to be the only options.

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