Far Cry New Dawn Guide: How to Earn Ethanol Quickly And Get Sam Fisher Suit

A quick guide to earn some crucial items in Far Cry New Dawn.

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Ubisoft’s open world shooter Far Cry New Dawn is available now. In this guide we are going to take a look at how you find Ethanol and Sam Fisher’s suit. Let’s get started.

How to Earn Ethanol Quickly?

Ethanol is vital to upgrading various facilities in Far Cry New Dawn. Earning Ethanol is quite easy although it may get a bit of a grind. In this guide, we are going to outline the various ways you can earn Ethanol in the game.

Capture the Outposts: The quickest way to earn Ethanol is to capture various Outposts in the game. There are 10 Outposts in the game and those can be spotted in the map by the black smoke coming out of them. Unlike previous games, Far Cry New Dawn uses a different approach towards liberating Outposts. Once you have liberated an outpost, you will be rewarded with Ethanol plus additional Ethanol if you manage to do it through stealth. Now you have the option to scavenge the Outpost for even more additional Ethanol. However, note that this will shift the control of the Outpost back to the enemies, and will raise the difficulty (with harder enemies) and even more Ethanol should you capture it again. The difficulty will be raised to a maximum of Level 3 if you keep on capturing and scavenging thereby resulting into more ethanol.

Ethanol Tanks Trucks: This is a very quick and easy way to procure 75 Ethanol. Your enemies will randomly spawn at random locations with Trucks that have Ethanol Tanks. Take down the driver, however ensure you don’t shoot the tank, otherwise it will explode.

Random Supply Drops: The game will drop supply drops at random places. This is indicated by the yellow smoke coming out from it. However, your enemies will also want to procure it so ensure you loot it before you get into a fight with them.

Unlock Nana: Nana is one of the ‘Gun for Hire’ characters which you can find in the game’s world. Nana is a stealth sniper and as you can imagine, you can use Nana to empty an Outpost without getting spotted. For this, we recommend a few things. First, unlock the binocular perk and then upgrade Nana to Rank 3. Locate a place near the Outpost where enemies can’t see you and tag enemies using your binocular. Now, let Nana do the rest. This will not only help you to liberate Outposts faster but will also give you undetected bonus (Nana getting detected doesn’t matter!).

How To Unlock Sam Fisher Suit?

This is a pretty cool secret in Far Cry New Dawn. You can get hold of Sam Fisher suit but do note that this is a mere cosmetic item and doesn’t have any impact on gameplay. In order to get this, you need to complete the first four expeditions. After completing them, you will unlock the Government Plane Wreck expedition. Once you reach your destination, you will see a plane, enter it. You will then come across a large TV set, switch it on and you will hear a noise. Head up stairs and voila! You will see the suit in its full glory!

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