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This uniqe Playstation Network title should be on your ‘To Get’ list.

Fat Princess, developed by Titan Studios, is a Multiplayer Capture the Flag based game, but this is no ordinary Capture the Flag, the flag is a fat ass princess.


Just like you see in the photo above, the game is a Cartoon style game, Cartoon characters with alot of blood and gore in the game included with that too, which is a good thing.

The game offers team based multiplayer battles with up to 32 online players or bots, each Team has a castle or fort, your main base in other words, and in this base is the other teams princess, and each team has to get their princess back to their castle just like an ordinary Capture the Flag, but here is the twist – As the game goes on, each team can feed the princess with cake, if they choose to do so the princess will get fatter and fatter each time making it harder for the other team to bring back the princess, so you will either be lucky and the princess will be thin, or you will need more than 5 people to help you carry her back to the base.

But if a team starts to feed the princess and then stops for a period of time, the princess will get thiner, so team work is a must do in this game inorder to win.

The game is class based, there are a total of 6 different classes:

  • Warrior – Carries a sword and a shield, or a long sword/spear that can be used once upgraded
  • Worker – The collector, he collects Wood and other materials to upgrade buildings and build defences and structures for your castle such as a Main Gate, can also throw bombs after the class is upgraded.
  • Mage – Uses spells and magic as its attacks, such as Fire Balls, and Ice once he gets upgraded
  • Priest – Can heal fellow teamates, or drain enemy life as he gets upgraded
  • Ranger – Uses Bow and Arrow, and a Gun once upgraded.
All the classes are upgradable like mentioned, but that job will be done by the workers after gathering enough resources.
The classes are not chosen before the game starts or while waiting, you start off with a standard charcter, but you can then go to each individual class buildings that drop class hats, such as a mage hat, which all the hats can be taken off at any time and you can also pick them up after killing a sertain enemy and change your class in-game.
Characters are customizable on the main menu, you can have different eye color, hair, skin color, etc.
There are also Single Player Bot based game modes in Fat Princess, such as “The Legend of Fat Princess” which is the story mode, just like Capture the Princess but with bots, and “Gladiator” which is an endurance match, sending waves of enemies to defeat.
Fat Princess will be available on the Playstation Store on Q3 of 2009, and will probobly retail at $9.99.
Will you guys get Fat Princess? i know i will!
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