FIFA 14 Mega Guide: Easy Money, Dribbling, Coins, Kits, Skills And Match Strategies

A complete guide for FIFA 14.

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Check out this complete guide for FIFA 14. With the help of this strategy guide, you will be able to learn all the new skills, dribbling, celebrations, crossing, earn easy and fast money, coins, increase player rating in FIFA Ultimate Mode, pro clubs, level up, best young attackers, defenders and mid fielders, defend, attack and execute advance shooting to score that all important goal.

How to Get Classic Kits in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

The video below shows how you can unlock Classic/Historic kits in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

How To Trade and Make Coins on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Check out the massive video below to find 17 methods of trading and making coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

Here is another video showing how to make easy money in the game:

Increasing your online Pro’s Rating:

You can increase your Pro’s rating and XP quite easily. Check out the video below to see how it should be done.

Pro Player Skills:

Your Pro players have the following skills. Use the correct combination of skills so that your player will be effective on the field.

  • Long Throw In
  • Giant Throw In
  • Stutter Penalty
  • Skilled Dribbling
  • Second Wind
  • Acrobatic Clearance
  • Early Crosser
  • Finesse Shot
  • Diving Header
  • Driven Pass
  • GK Long Throw
  • GK Flat Kick
  • GK Up for Corner
  • Fancy Passes
  • Fancy Flicks
  • Bicycle Kick
  • Swerve Pass
  • Power Free Kick
  • Outside Foot Shot
  • Power Header

FIFA 14 Leveling up Tips in Pro Clubs:

Want to level up faster? Check out the video guide below.

FIFA 14 Skills:

Skills in FIFA 14 are divided in to 5 types. You can check them out below via the video or the text:

One-Star Skills

  • Ball Juggle

Two-Star Skills

  • Body Feint Right
  • Body Feint Left
  • Ball Roll Right
  • Ball Roll Left
  • Step over Right
  • Step over Left
  • Reverse Step over Right
  • Reverse Step over Left
  • Drag Back

Three-Star Skills

  • Heel Flick
  • Flick Up
  • Roulette Right
  • Roulette Left
  • Fake Left and Go Right
  • Fake Right and Go Left

Four-Star Skills

  • Ball Hop
  • Heel-to-Heel Flick
  • Simple Rainbow
  • Advance Rainbow
  • Feint Left and Exit Right
  • Feint Right and Exit Left
  • Heel Chop Left
  • Heel Chop Right
  • Scoop Turn Left
  • Scoop Turn Right
  • Walking Reverse Stepover
  • Advance Double Touch Exit
  • Drag Back Pass
  • Running Fake Shot
  • Standing Foot Feint
  • Double Touch Spin

Five-Star Skills

  • Elastico
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Triple Elastico
  • Ball Roll and Flick Left
  • Ball Roll and Flick Right
  • Sombrero Flick
  • Turn and Spin Left
  • Turn and Spin Right
  • Ball Roll Fake Left
  • Ball Roll Fake Right
  • Rabona Fake
  • Elastico Chop Left
  • Elastico Chop Right
  • Double Touch Exit

Five-Star Juggling Skills

  • Laces Flick Up
  • Sombrero Flick Backwards
  • Sombrero Flick Left
  • Sombrero Flick right
  • Around the World
  • In Air Elastico
  • Flick up for Volley
  • Chest Flick
  • T. Around the World

Best Young Players:

Best Young Attackers

  • Luis Muriel (ST)
  • Fidel Martínez (LW)
  • Raheem Sterling (LW)
  • Erik Lamela (RW)
  • Wilfried Zaha (LW)
  • Leandro (CF)
  • Lucas Piazon (CAM)
  • Neymar (ST)
  • Kelvin (RW)
  • Cristian Tello (LW)

Best Young Midfielders

  • Leandro-Paredes (CAM)
  • Mateo Kovačić (CM)
  • Adam Maher (CAM)
  • Bernard Shakhtar Donetsk (CAM)
  • Gary Mackay-Steven (LM)
  • Lucas (RM)
  • Pogba (CM)
  • Oxlaide-Chamberlain (MID)
  • Oscar (CAM)

Best Young Defenders

  • Jetro Willems (LB)
  • Montoya (LB)
  • Matija Nastasić (CB)
  • Marquinhos (CB)
  • Danilo (RB)
  • Matthias Ginter (CB)
  • Varane (CB)
  • David Alaba (CB)

FIFA 14 Dribbling Tutorial + Tips:

Dribbling has always been a big part of the franchise but it is improved even further in FIFA 14. Check out the video below to nail that precision dribbling.

FIFA 14 Crossing Tutorial + Tips:

In order to get that perfect cross in the game you need to perfect the skill. Check out the video below to nail that precision crossing.

FIFA 14 Defending Tutorial + Tips:

Check out the video below to learn more about defending in FIFA 14.

FIFA 14 Advanced shooting Tutorial + Tips:

Check out the video below to learn how you can execute advance shooting in the game.

FIFA 14 Celebrations Tutorial Guide:

The full list of celebrations that the player can perform are:

  • Chest Slide
  • Head Shake
  • Point to the Sky
  • Show Respect
  • Bottom Dance
  • Standing Archer
  • Punch & Dodge
  • Signature Finishing Move
  • Backflip
  • Show Shine
  • Violinist
  • Spanish Archer
  • Movember
  • Hands on Ears
  • Heel Taps
  • Knee Slide Arms Out
  • I Can’t Hear You
  • Side Slide
  • Bird Walk
  • Flip
  • Twist Flip
  • Robot
  • If I Catch You
  • Why Always Me
  • Surfer
  • Kiss The Pitch
  • Who Am I
  • Front Flip
  • Knee Slide to Sit
  • Pit Bull
  • The Salute
  • Water Hose
  • Telling Off
  • Moonwalk
  • Brick Fall
  • Le Cirque LaBelle
  • Knee Slide
  • Samba Dance

You can perform them by referring the image gallery below where you will see the respective button prompts:

FIFA 14 – Achievements & Trophies Guide

Below you will find the complete list of trophies and achievements in FIFA 14.

Extra Effort 25G – Bronze

Score with a first time Sliding Shot

Who Needs a Weak Foot? 10G – Bronze

Score with an Outside of the Foot Shot

A Legendary Performance 30G – Silver

Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time

Perfection 30G – Silver

Score a Perfect Hat Trick (left foot, right foot, header)

Silver Lining 25G – Silver

Complete the Silver stage of all Skill Games

Legendary 50G – Gold

Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games

Power and Movement 10G – Bronze

Score with a Curling Lace Shot

What a Hit, Son! 25G – Bronze

Score with a Dipping Volley

Beast Mode 10G – Bronze

Straight Arm a Defender to Protect the Ball

Seconds, Please 10G – Bronze

Win the ball back with a Second Chance Tackle

No Goal For You! 25G – Bronze

Perform a Diving Header Clearance

So Skilled 25G – Bronze

Unlock a single Skill Challenge in Skill Games

Fancy Some FUT? 5G – Bronze

Follow a Football Club News & Alert to start or enter FUT

Start Building 10G – Bronze

Create a FUT Club

First Mission 5G – Bronze

Send a Scout on an Area Scouting mission.

You Struck Gold! 25G – Silver

Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career

Silverware 50G – Silver

Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career

Control 5G – Bronze

Change your formation from the Team Management tile in Squad during your Career

You Got Mail 5G – Bronze

Open up your inbox while advancing in Career

Rising Star 30G – Silver

Be featured in the team of the week in your Career as a Player

Bros Gonna Bro 10G – Bronze

Start a Co-op Season with a friend

Moving On Up 55G – Silver

Earn Promotion in Seasons

Just Dropped In 10G – Bronze

Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs

Bling Bling 100G – Silver

Earn a trophy in Seasons

Best Friends Forever 30G – Silver

Finish a season in Online Friendlies

On Your Way 50G – Silver

Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs

Teamwork 15G – Bronze

Win your first seasons match in Pro Clubs

We’re Bros Now 10G – Bronze

Earn a player’s loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

Chemistry Experiment 10G – Bronze

Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT

From Me To You 10G – Bronze

Gift a Football Club Catalogue item to a friend

Skills to Pay the Bills 20G – Silver

Beat a friend’s score in Skill Games

It’s Mine Now 10G – Bronze

Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalogue

Started From The Bottom… 30G – Silver

Reach EA SPORTS Football Club Level 15

I Could Do This Every Week 10G – Bronze

Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT

Fuel For My Club 25G – Silver

Open 20 packs in FUT

Collecting Silverware 100G – Gold

Win a division title in FUT Seasons

Hey Look, a Free Gold Pack! 15G – Silver

Complete all Manager Tasks in FUT

Passing on the Armband 5G – Bronze

Change your captain in FUT

Long Term Signing 10G – Bronze

Apply a 99 Match Player Contract from the Catalogue to any player in FUT

Challenging 30G – Silver

Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty

Big Game 10G – Bronze

Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week

On My Own 20G – Bronze

Complete a Be a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week

Thanks, Tips 5G – Bronze

Follow a Football Club Recommendation

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game.

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