FIFA 19 – Best Tips And Tricks To Master The Game

Some tips and tricks to get you started in FIFA 19.

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FIFA 19 is the latest installment in EA’s longrunning series, and there are quite a few changes and improvements that it brings to the series. Mastering the game is a matter of playing it for a long period of time, but knowing some of these tips and tricks can go a long way in giving you a head start. So let’s get started.

Don’t waste those precious coins: In the Ultimate Team mode you can buy card packs of different tiers to fill your team with players. However, these are not worth the coins and you will be much better off spending the coins on individual players instead.

Control that aggression: When you see an attacker from the opponent team getting closer to your side, your first instinct might be to just charge at him using the nearest defender. However, this can lead to your defense being totally opened up which gives the opponent an easy chance to score. Instead of rushing in, try and stick to your positions while defending so that there will be other players left to defend when you go in for that crucial tackle.

Take care of your position while defending: It’s important to always keep an eye out while you are defending on the field. Some attackers are extremely aggressive and talented bringing all the skills to the table. Ensure that your defense formation is always strong against top rated teams.

Sprinting too much is a bad idea: Many beginners like to sprint way too much when starting out, and this is a surefire way to lose possession of the ball. Sprinting too much will also wear out your players which means you will soon have a team that isn’t fast enough on the field. Slow down, and only sprint when absolutely necessary and when there aren’t opponents nearby who can tackle you.

Possession: It goes without saying, the more you are in possesion the brighter the chances of a goal. Apply the right tactic of holding back the ball or sprinting at the right moment towards the goal post. Again, patience is the key here.

Play it close to the feet: In some situations when you want the ball closer to the player’s feet or want to make more accurate passes, you can hold down LB or L1 (on Xbox One and PS4 respectively) to exercise Close Control. This can be very useful is some situations, as it helps you retain possession and also make those tricky passes required to score a goal.

Trust young talent: If you have some spare money and want to pick a good player in the game’s career mode, consider trying to get a Wonderkid on your team. These players don’t cost much and in time, their overall rating can go high enough to match some of the best players around.

Know Your Goalie: Controlling goal keepers is one of the best ways to prevent goals provided you use them in the right way. You should always know when to pull out your goalie and defend against the attacker. It’s a feature that beginners tend to avoid or get it all wrong by being too aggressive.

Learn the art of passing: A common mistake that players make in the game is relying too much on one type of pass. However, you will be better off learning as many different types of passes as possible as each of them have their unique uses. Understanding how each of the passes work and in what situations they are required is key if you want to master the game.

And the art of fake passing too: You can fake a pass in the game by starting the pass and then pressing X to cancel. This is a great tool to get rid of opponents who are sticking close to your player. Using a fake pass will provide the opening you need to either get closer to the goalpost or to get the actual pass that you need.

And finally, know your team: Each of your players in your team is unique and they all have their individual styles of playing. For example, when attacking some will be faster on the field and may be able to get through defenses with ease, while others may be better at scoring. Learning each of your players’ strengths and weaknesses will ensure that you utilize the entire team instead of just depending on the star player, and this will make you a better player overall.

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