FIFA 19 – How To Earn Coins Faster And Unlock Trophies And Achievements

This guide will show you the best ways to earn coins in the game, and also how to unlock some of the achievements and trophies in the game.

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In FIFA 19, one of the areas you will likely be spending a lot of time in is the Ultimate Team mode. Earning coins is a crucial aspect of this as you will need coins to buy players so as to build  a strong team. You can find below some of the ways to earn coins in the game which will help you get started in Ultimate Team. You can also find a full list of the achievements and trophies you c an earn in the game.


Making Coins Early On 

For the best ways to make money when starting off, check out the video below.

Don’t Spend Coins On Packs

You may be tempted to spend coins on the different packs that are available in the hopes of getting some great players, but it’s better to save your coins. Packs aren’t really worth the investment, and you will be better off saving those coins instead to buy individual players.

Complete Challenges

There will be quite a few daily and weekly challenges available, so keep an eye out for these. Make sure you complete these objectives as they will grant you with pretty good rewards, and it’s a great way to earn some coins. There are also Squad building Challenges available in the game and this is one of the best ways to earn coins, get new players, and also to earn other rewards. if you are sure you won’t be using any players, then submit these players for the required challenges.

Play The Story Mode

The game’s story mode known as The Journey: Champions grants quite decent rewards which can be useful in Ultimate Team. These can then help you in your quest to earn more coins, so even if you’re not interested in the story mode, it will be worth playing for the rewards.


You can find below the full list of achievements that can be earned in the game.

Anything you can do: Successfully complete a mentor challenge in The Journey

Quick Learner: Complete 3 Recommended Skill Games

Game Changer: Win the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in The Journey

Tactics Master: Win a Game using every Offensive Style

Climbing the Ladder: Achieve division 4 in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals

Teambuilding: Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

Survival of the fittest: Win a ‘Survival’ mode match

Rookie: Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match

Playing the game: Play a women’s football match

Aim for the stars: Qualify for the UEFA Champions League last 16

No holding me back: Win a ‘No Rules’ match

Astute Tactician: Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team

Champion: Win a cup final

Loyalty: Play a Kick Off match with your supported club

Made the headlines: Win the UEFA Europa League Final

Remember the name: Achieve a Rank 3 or better in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals

Making a name for yourself: Achieve your first qualification for FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League

Skill games champion: Complete all HUB Skill Games

Enthusiast: Play 20 games in any game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team

Timed to perfection: Score a goal after Timing your Shot Perfectly

Football Minded: Score 3 headers in a Headers & Volleys Game

Perfection: Win a penalty shoot-out without missing

Hoop dream: Score on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey

No.1 Fan: Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

What a shot: During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)

Deceiver: Score a goal by tricking the keeper with a Fake Shot

So it begins: Win a game in FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles

You can’t break me down: Win a Game using every Defensive Style

Getting the hang of it: Achieve Gold 3 Rank in Ultimate Team Squad Battles

Easy Peasy: Complete your first placement match in FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals

Decision Maker: Unlock all traits in one skill-tree path

Cultivating Skills: Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs

Show of Skill: Score a goal with a Flair Shot in a women’s football match

Playing in the big league: Win a UEFA Champions League Group Match

First of Many: Complete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team

From rags to riches: Complete a Weekly Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team

Skill games legend: Get A grade across all Skill Games

You can’t break me down: Win a Game using every Defensive Style

Skill games frenzy: Complete all Multiplayer Skill Games

The historian: Score a left foot volley against Coventry City in The Journey

There can be only one: Win the UEFA Champions League in The Journey

Just getting started: Complete all the placement matches in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals

The Champions: Win the UEFA Champions League Final


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