Fight Night Champion Title Update and DLC Incoming

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Now we know the title update is on its way and what is will do, as well as DLC for Fight Night Champion.  The DLC details will be announced officially later today but here is what will come with the title update and most likely the DLC.  You can stay updated on the official site here.

Title Update will add:

Punch Accuracy Reduction: Overall accuracy will be reduced and accuracy tracking a moving target will be reduced. Users will notice lower connect percentages and a better ability to use head movement defensively.
Hit Reactions Intensity Increased: Bigger hit reactions across the board and increased punch offsetting – i.e. punches thrown off target when a boxer is hit in the act of punching.
Combination Punching Adjustments: Bigger difference in combination speed between boxers with low and high Combination Skill rating.
Improved Weave Input Detection: Reduced the instance of weaves happening unintentionally.
Health Loss Adjustment: Regular punches do more damage and combination punching is more effective.
Stamina Recovery Adjustment: Less stamina recovered between rounds.
Perfect Block Counter Window Disabled: Pending simultaneous release of Tuner Set.
Opponent Counter Freeze: Fixed a bug where the a Perfect Block would sometimes freeze the opponent’s inputs.
Late Guard: Fixed a bug where the guard went back up late if you threw more than one punch out of the block.

Now the DLC will most likely but not officially include the following with a leaked video to add to it.  If correct we will see fighters Joe Lewis, Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, Jack Johnson, and Floyd Patterson. Cowboys Stadium will also be apart of the addition if the leak is correct.  Here is the video leak, that is if it’s a real leak at all.

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