Final Fantasy 15: Developer Not Dismissing Day One Patch At This Stage

This would sort of undermine the entire reason for the delay…

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Final Fantasy 15 was originally due out on September 30, but as ultimately delayed to November 29. Te reason for the delay was the day one patch- Square Enix felt that the patch was an integral enough part of the Final Fantasy 15 experience that it should be part of the base package and on the disc with the game, so that everyone who bought the game, even those without an internet connection, would be able to experience the game in its intended form.

As reasons for game delays go, that was actually one of the better, nobler ones- that is one of the reasons there has not been as much backlash against Square Enix for yet another delay for the long awaited game. However, the corollary to that is, you would also expect there to be no day one patch for Final Fantasy 15 now. Surprisingly enough, however, that is not something that Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15, is willing to commit to.

“You know, whatever we can implement in the disc, we will implement in order to provide a full experience to those who purchase the game,” Tabata said in an interview with Hardcore Gamer. “That said, for people who do have that network connectivity or an online environment, we will continue to deliver what is necessary through those means to people who have that accessibility. Whether that be any necessary patches or DLCs moving forward, they’re two separate parts of the pod basically; one a full experience through the disc and what we can implement in the disc, and for those who have an online network connectivity, any additional support or DLCs that we can envision.

“So we’re not dismissing the patches or the DLCs whatsoever, but when looking at what is provided through the disc, we wanted to ensure that the level of quality is met in terms of what we’d like to deliver on a standard Final Fantasy release, as well as something that surpasses that quality. So especially when thinking about ensuring that a broader consumer base will be able to enjoy the game, we wanted to ensure that that was met with the disc version.”

This does make sense- essentially, Tabata wants to ensure that the disc version of Final Fantasy 15 is not lacking in any way, so that even people without an active internet connection can enjoy the game without any technical hiccups. That said, smaller or more specific fixes can and probably will be delivered via patches- the patching system does exist for a reason after all. And naturally, it makes sense that some of those patches may be delivered on day one, too. As long as the disc version is uncompromised, Tabata will have delivered on his vision, and honored his reason for delaying the game.

Final Fantasy 15 is due out on November 30 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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