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A complete guide for Firewatch.

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Firewatch is a rather unusual and unique first person adventure game, about the brutality of nature, and what man can do against it. The game is, in many ways, a lot like the just released The Witness– it requires that the player pay attention to their surroundings, to try to piece together the story of what must have happened backwards, cause from effect.

Firewatch is a short game, but there is a surprising amount to see and do in it. In this guide, we attempt to help you find your way around the Wyoming Wilderness. Using this guide you will be able to find all collectibles such as notes, hidden audio locations (Old Shoshone/The Spot/Shoshone Lyrics Tape), tools, pet turtle location, alternate ending and a brief guide about how you can unlock trophies and achievements in the game.


Firewatch has a fair few number of things for you to find- if you are observant. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of things that you can find in your travels around the Wyoming wilderness- notes, which are generally found in cache boxes, and which help shed some light on the story of the Rangers stationed in the Shoshone National Forest; tools, which will help you navigate the world around you better; and finally, books, which, while not collectibles in the strictest sense (you can’t add them to your inventory), can still be found in places, and which are full of easter eggs and references to other things from pop culture.


There are a total of seven notes to be found in Firewatch. A lot of these can only be found on specific dates, and they are all to be found in very specific locations:

07/07/1986 (Cache #306)
On day one, when you acquire the rope, you will see an NFS Cache Box between Two Forks Tower and the steep slide near Jonesy Lake. This has the first note.

07/30/1986 (Cache #302)
The next note actually doesn’t take too long to find afterwards. On day two, below the peak of Beartooth Point, you will see an NFS Cache Box.

06/16/1986 (Cache #241)
Also on day two, once you have recovered the hiking ropes from Brian Goodwin’s backpack, you will have to rappel down some hills. Directly across from the base of the second one is a Cache Box. This contains a note.

08/29/1896 (Cache #305)
On the northern shore of Jonesy Lake, you will find a Cache Box. The note will be in it.

NO DATE (Cache #307)
On day seventy six, on the shore of Ruby River with the controlled burn area, you will spot a Cache Box. There’s another note in there.

Hidden Audio Locations:

Old Shoshone Lyrics
For this one, go to the old outhouse near Hawk’s Rest, southeast of Beartooth Point.

08/30/1986 (The Spot/Shoshone Lyrics Tape)
 You can find it on day seventy eight- from Brian’s hideout, go north, then pull out your wave receiver. You will reach an elk who is blocking a trail that you need to clear out. You’ll find the final note, as well as the tape, which has the recording of the Shoshone Song.


Tools are almost something you need to collect in Firewatch– they’re collectibles for completionists to dig out, sure, but they are also essential in enabling you to access more areas of the game world.

Also found in Brian’s backpack alongside the hiking rope.

Pulaski Fire Axe
Find it at Camp Arapaho on day seventy six.

Wave Receiver
The wave receiver can be found on day seventy seven in the main tent at Wapati Station.

Old Rope
This rope can be found in NFS Cache Box #306 on Day One. You will find it in between the Two Forks lookout tower and Jonesy Lake.

Find it in NFS cache box #303 on Day One, near the entrance to Cave 452 in Thunder Canyon.This will really make your life easier when you explore caves.

Hiking Rope
Go to the NFS supply drop point on day two. You will see Brian Goodwin’s backpack hanging from a tree. The ropes are in it.


The books in Firewatch are not actual books, but they often refer to some real world media, including other video games. These books form a part of Firewatch’s vast collection of easter eggs.

The Patriots by Donald Anderson
I’m pretty sure you all know what this one refers to- yep, that’s right. It’s a nod to Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid. You will actually have this book with you, since your character, Henry, brought it with him to read.

The Accidental Savior by Terrence L. Greenbriar
This is a reference to the cult indie game Gone Home. It can be found in NFS Cache Box 307.


Yes, you can find yourself a turtle to pet in Firewatch. No, he’s not a stoner, sadly. Finding Nemo lied to us.


Warning! This section of the guide has spoilers. Pursue this section of the guide at your own risk. If you haven’t completed the game already, you probably don’t want to read on.

The alternate ending to Firewatch really is quite sad- essentially, it assumes that your character, Henry, burns up in the inferno that surrounds him, instead of getting to safety. Getting this ending is as simple as not boarding the helicopter.


These trophies are extremely each to achieve and you cannot miss them as you will unlock all of them by merely playing through the game.

Good First Day
Completed Day 1 (Unmissable)

Back To Work
Completed Day 2 (Unmissable)

Someone’s Out Here
Completed Day 76 (Unmissable)

Burn This Place Down
Completed Day 77 (Unmissable)

Completed Day 79 (Unmissable)

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