Football Manager 2017 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Football Manager 2017.

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Football Manager 2017 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Football Manager 2017


Sports Interactive

PC, MAC, Linux


Release Date:November 4, 2016

Football Manager 2017 is a professional soccer management game that is the latest installation of a long running series. The game is developed by Sports Interactive and is published by Sega. It was officially released on PC, Mac and Linux on November 4, 2016. Alongside the full game, the companies have also developed a mobile version that has many of the same features known as Football Manager 2017 Mobile. This version of the game is currently only available on iOS.

The Football Manager series goes all the way back to Football Manager 2005 and is built to focus more on running and building a team and though the onfield action is also played out by the user.

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In August of 2016, Football Manager 2017 was officially announced as coming later in the year and the official release date was set as November 4, 2016. At the same time that the developers announced the release datethey said those who preordered the title would get a free copy of Football Manager Touch 2017. This is the streamlined, “transfers and tactics” version which doesn’t show as much action that takes place on the pitch. The developers also announced the Football Manager 2017 Touch which will also be available as a standalone release from the same day.

Those who preordered the game were also told they would get access to Football Manager 2017 two weeks early, as the development team was going to be launching a fully playable beta before the full launch. The development team made it clear those who started a career during this beta phase would have everything carry over once the full launch went live.



There is no traditional story when it comes to Football Manager 2017. Like other sports games, the story that can unfold in the game is one that is more about how a season is unfolding on the pitch. Because this game does have the ability to have the player fully assume the role of a manager of a soccer team from almost any country in the world, there are all kinds of stories that can unfold.

There is an ability to get fired if you are not meeting the goals the computer lays out when it assumes the role of the board that oversees whatever team the player is wanting to control. In this way, there is a story about an executive who might have to try and build a team from the ground up, only to get fired and try and do it all over again. There are a few scenes in-game that will contribute to building the narrative but there is not an official story mode that some other professional soccer games have such as FIFA 17. That game has a story mode built into the game where the player takes on the role of a super star but Football Manager 2017 does not have that kind of an option.


Football Manager 2017

The gameplay in Football Manager 2017 is broken up into a couple of different categories. The first part of the gameplay is one where players are building the team in a kind of management screen. These screens are basically laid out in a couple of speadsheet looking screens where players can look at the total budget that is allowed with each team and lay out a plan to add players and remove “troublemakers.”

There are also a number of features that have been included in the game that works in the part where players are actually taking their teams onto the pitch. This allows the players to see how their efforts in building a dominant franchise have paid off. The developers have said they have included a new camera angle that is low and behind the goal. This allows players to better see the action when it comes close to a scoring opportunity.

Goalkeepers have now also been given the ability to pull off some truly impressive saves. This allows the gameplay during the match to look a bit more realistic than it has in the past. The realism of gameplay has also been souped up with the addition of pre-game rituals. Players will now come out before the game and shake hands and lineup. This gameplay again allows for Football Manager 2017 to have a more realistic look rather than just being a sports management sim game.

One of the things that real life franchise managers have to deal with is making sure they can keep their squad as healthy as possible and when they do have an injury they have to deal with it. Football Manager 2017 has features and functions that allow players to deal with injuries that occur to members of the team. There will be training features that can be selected geared towards keeping players healthy, as well as healing them when they get injured.

Scouting and signing star players is another function that will be allowed in the game in the team management screen. Players are given a number of ratings on a wide range of topics and knowing not only what players are the best now but what players will become the best will be a big part of the gameplay. There will be training to make these players better that can be carried out in game as well.


Football Manager 2017

The teams that are included in Football Manager 2017 are too numerous to mention but they have teams from almost every nation in the world that participates in the major soccer leagues in the real world. In the Football Manager 2017 Mobile version, there are 15 nations that are represented in the game. The developers have announced there are two new nations in this year’s version that weren’t included in previous Football Manager iterations. Those two nations are Poland and Turkey. Those nations are also included in the full, larger version of the game.

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