Fortnite Update 2.13 is Out and Brings Big Changes

The update is live now and comes with some game-changing new features.

Posted By | On 11th, Apr. 2019

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite version 2.13 (patch 8.30) is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC versions of the game, and patch notes reveal some pretty big changes to the game. The biggest one is the new mechanic, reboot van, which will let anyone who gets to the reboot van bring back downed teammates, which could very well change the direction of a match. Even a lone survivor of a big shootout can revive their team.

Driving in with the reboot van is a new limited time mode, Fly Explosives that combines High Explosives LTM with your jetpacks for explosions overhead, and opens up Buccaneer’s Bounty, an event that you can start playing today that gives new challenges and rewards that you can chase throughout the week. The patch also includes tweaks to performance and gameplay, as expected.

We have a partial list from the patch notes below, and if you want to see the entire list you can check it out here.

Fortnite Update Version 2.13 Patch Notes 8.30 For PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch


This mode combines the explosive fun of the High Explosives LTM with the Jetpack. Take to the skies and blast everyone else back to the lobby!

Mode Details

  • Only explosive weapons can be found in this mode.
  • Floor Loot spawners will occasionally spawn Jetpacks.
    • Jetpacks are only available in this mode in Battle Royale.
  • Reduced storm wait times.
  • Rocket Ammunition capped at 120.


  • Reboot Van / Cards
    • Reboot Vans have now been added to the map at all major POIs.
    • When squad members are eliminated they now drop their Reboot Card, which can be collected by other squad members.
      • Reboot Vans / Cards are disabled in Solos, Big Team Limited Time Modes, and any modes with respawns enabled.
      • Reboot Cards remain in the world for 90s after they’ve been dropped.
      • Pickup Interaction time: 0.5 seconds.
    • Bringing Reboot Cards to Reboot Vans will bring each squad member whose card has been collected back into battle.
      • Collected Reboot Cards can be turned in by any squad member regardless of which member picked up the Card.
      • Interaction time: 10 seconds.
      • A Reboot Van goes on cooldown and cannot be activated again for 120 seconds after it’s used.
    • Rebooted squad members return with:
      • 100 Health
      • 1 Common Pistol
      • 36 Light Ammo
      • 100 Wood
  • Infantry Rifle
    • Damage decreased from 40/42 to 38/40.
    • Fall-off damage at maximum range increased from 26/28 to 32/34.
  • Poison Dart Trap damage ticks will no longer cause the camera to shake repeatedly.


  • Buccaneer’s Bounty Event
    • A different Limited Time Mode rotates in every day from April 10 – April 15.
    • Drop in and Complete free Challenges to earn in-game rewards.
    • Increased the spawn rate of Treasure Maps for the duration of this event:
      • Floor Loot: Increased availability from .25% to .5%
      • Chests: Increased availability from 1.55% to 3.05%
  • All aspect ratios will have the same vertical FOV on Mac and PC.
    • In the near future, ultrawide monitors will be limited to 16:9 in competitive game modes.
  • Added separate controller sensitivities for building and editing structures.
  • The Glider Redeploy item is now sorted to the right along with other consumables when “Auto sort consumables to the right” is enabled.
  • Added ability to cycle hotbar items while gliding.
  • Hit markers are now server authoritative.
    • We’ve heard the feedback that hit markers are sometimes seen for shots but don’t apply damage, so we’re going to delay showing them until the server has confirmed the hit.
  • Fixed sniper damage not causing damaged players to play a reaction animation.
  • Adjusted how Storm damage is applied so that players entering the Storm will have a set amount of time before damage is applied.
    • The initial instance of damage will start 1 second after entering the Storm.


  • Various level streaming performance optimizations for Switch and Xbox One to reduce cases where players see blurry buildings.
  • Improved texture streaming performance and memory overhead on Switch.
  • Improved performance for Traps.
  • Improved performance of the Challenges UI.


  • New separate in-air audio tell for enemies.
    • More of an “incoming” audio tell that should give more awareness when an enemy drops in on you from above.
  • Reduced volume of building audio loops while being structures are being built.
    • This sound is now ducked by enemy footsteps and gunfire.
    • Prevents unnecessary noise when lots of buildings are placed in quick succession.
  • Slightly increased the volume of footsteps below the player.
  • Increased volume of the landing sounds of enemy footsteps.


  • Vehicle controls can now be hidden in the HUD Options.
  • Added minimum and maximum values to the in-game FPS overlay and added the option to “Show FPS” on all supported platforms.
  • Push To Talk
    • Enabling the menu option for consoles
    • Defaulting the option to Off for consoles.
  • Wraps can now be applied to most types of weapons, everything that doesn’t fit elsewhere is now covered by a catch-all “Misc.” slot in the locker.
  • The health bar for vehicles has been adjusted to now display health values of vehicles.

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