Fortnite Update Brings Vending Machine, New Explosive Limited Time Mode

Vending Machine dispenses items of different rarities and requires materials in return.

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Fortnite Battle Royale vending machine

Epic Games’ Fortnite has received some more content as part of the previous patch. Considered more of a content patch, it’s currently available for all platforms and brings a Vending Machine to the game along with numerous other changes.

The Vending Machine can be found in various areas of the Fortnite: Battle Royale map. Much as the name indicates, they’ll dish out three items of random rarity in exchange for different materials. Higher rarities means higher prices and there’s no cap on the items you can buy. A helpful summary of item costs can be seen below:

  • Common (White) Items – 100 materials.
  • Uncommon (Green) Items – 200 materials.
  • Rare (Blue) Items – 300 materials.
  • Epic (Purple) Items – 400 materials.
  • Legendary (Gold) Items – 500 materials.

Depending on the material exchanged, there are corresponding items as well. You can either wait for the Vending Machine to cycle through them slowly or use a pickaxe to go to the next three items. If that weren’t enough, there’s a new limited time mode which is a modified version of High Explosives. Along with the usual explosive weapons, you can expect Remote Explosives and Guided Missiles to be part of the experience. Friendly fire has been removed and the wait time for the first four storms has been reduced so be careful. Other changes can be seen below from the patch notes.


Limited Time Mode: High Explosives v2


  • Non-explosive weapons removed.
  • Friendly Fire off.
  • 1:50 shaved off wait times for first four storms (20s / 30s / 30s / 30s).

Supply Drops

  • Spawn +50% more consumables.
  • Spawn +100% more materials.
  • Have a 50% chance of dropping a Legendary Guided Missile.

Floor Loot adjustments

  • Materials spawn 60 / 90 / 120 per pickup for wood/stone/metal.
  • Materials drop rate increased 50%.
  • Ammo drop rate increased 50%.
  • Impulse grenade added to floor loot.
  • Trap drop rate lowered 50%.

Other loot adjustments:

  • Number of rockets found per drop increased (Floor: 4-6 | Chests: 8 | Supply: 12 | Box: 16 | Llama: 20).
  • Grenade, Impulse Grenade & Remote Explosive drop rate +100%.
  • Bandages drop rate -50%, Med Kit & Slurp drop rate +50%.
  • Spike Trap disabled; Launch Pads & Campfires spawn at 1:1 ratio.
  • Rocket Launcher drop rate +100%.
  • Guided Missile drop rate +100%.

Resource gathering rates adjusted.

  • Increased most Wood resource values by about 10%.
  • Reduced variance of resources from objects. Was +/- 30%, now +/- 15%.
    – This meant that an object with a base 100 resource value could have been anywhere between 70 and 130 resources. Now it would give between 85 and 115.
  • This does not affect Limited Time Modes.

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