Fortnite Update v3.4 is Live, Guided Missile and Limited Time Mode Available

Seek and destroy with Battle Royale’s newest, destructive weapon.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Guided Missile

Following yesterday’s maintenance, Fortnite’s update v3.4 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Fortnite: Battle Royale players should especially take note since this brings the new Guided Missile to the foray.

The Guided Missile is pretty much what it sounds like. After firing it, you can remote control where the missile lands. It comes in Epic and Legendary rarities, dealing 105 and 110 player damage respectively. Environmental damage is 1000 and the rocket itself has 100 health. The downside to using this is that you’re left completely defenseless. Better hope someone doesn’t shoot you from afar.

Sniper Shootout returns as the limited time mode and brings the Hunting Rifle and Crossbow as options. The Magnum Revolver has been removed though. Another interesting change to be observed with this latest update is the change to rarities for different shotguns. Tactical Shotguns are now Common, Uncommon and Rare (the Epic option is removed) while Pump Shotguns are either Uncommon or Rare (previously Common/Uncommon). Check out the full patch notes here for more information.

Fortnite Update 4.3 Patch Notes


  • Next Phase of Crossplay Improvements on Console
  • You can now add, remove, and manage Epic Friends from the main menu.
  • You can now send, receive, and respond to crossplay Party Invites.
  • Party Finder now includes Epic Friends on other platforms.
  • Enabled toggling of full screen mode with Alt + Enter on PC, and Option + Enter on Mac.
  • Increased the brightness and visibility of ammo boxes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug where players could be launched up in the air after colliding with the world in tight spaces.
  • Fixed the edit mode UI appearing over non-player built structures in some cases.
  • Fixed other players not appearing to move smoothly while jumping.
  • Fixed some keys on non-QWERTY keyboards becoming unbound after restarting.
  • Fixed the Video Settings screen not updating properly after full screen mode is toggled.

Battle Royale

Weapons And Items

Guided Missile added.

  • Stats:
    – Damage to Players: Epic – 105; Legendary – 110
    – Damage to Environment: 1000
    – Lifetime: 18 seconds
    – Time Between Shots: 3.13 seconds
    – Rocket Speed: 1300 units/second
    – Rocket Health: 100
    – Take direct control of the missile after it’s fired.
    – Once you take on the missile’s point-of-view, you’re unable to move your character.
    – Disconnect from the missile at any time, in which the missile will continue its trajectory.
    – Moves slightly slower than a regular rocket but does the same damage.
    – Epic and Legendary rarity.
    – Uses Rocket ammo.
    – Found in Treasure Chests + Supply Drops.
  • Adjusted rarity colors on Shotguns to more closely represent their effectiveness. NOTE: Characteristics (such as weapon damage, drop chances) are completely unchanged.
    – Tactical Shotguns are now Common/Uncommon/Rare (was Uncommon/Rare/Epic).
    – Pump Shotguns are now Uncommon/Rare (was Common/Uncommon).
  • The Egg Launcher has been added as a seasonal item that replaces the Grenade Launcher (only a cosmetic change).
  • Increased Launch Pad drop rate by 25%.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with the Boogie Bomb are fixed and this item is now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue which caused spike traps to trigger when a player stands on top of the wall the trap is attached to.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from entering ADS mode upon landing when they hold the aim button while jumping.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Hunting Rifle to fire inaccurately when crouched or at close range.
  • The Remote Explosives detonator is now correctly removed from your inventory if another player destroys your placed explosives and you have no more in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where players could remain in sprint while using the Remote Explosive detonator but not play the detonator animation.


  • Limited Time Mode: Sniper Shootout v2
  • Hunting Rifle and Crossbow added.
  • Revolver removed.
  • Downed state is disabled. Downed players are immediately eliminated.
  • Legendary weapons can only be found in Supply Drops.
  • Epic weapons can only be found in Treasure Chests.
  • Heavy Ammo Drop Quantities:
    – Floor: 6
    – Chest: 6
    – Ammo Box: 12
    – Supply Drop: 18
    – Llama: 90
  • Rearranged the order in which pieces fall off of player built structures as they are damaged.
  • Increased the number of loot spawns on the warmup island.
  • Removed 30 FPS mode from Xbox One and PS4.
    – In v3.4 we made some significant GPU optimizations which improved visual quality, including resolution in 60 FPS mode, and we now feel there is very little reason to play at 30 FPS. – Developer Comment

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed opened treasure chests sometimes appearing as unopened when viewed from very far distances.
  • Fixed an issue which caused revived players to become stuck in an invalid state if a building piece was placed between the two players in the middle of the revive.
  • Bullseyes will no longer appear after the challenge has been completed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused other player’s headgear to appear to float above their heads.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused players to lose their ability to control their character after jumping from the bus.
  • Fixed an issue that caused bushes and other environment objects to pop in and out of view at medium range.

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