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Doritos has done it again and released not just one but two free games for Xbox Live Arcade which will of course be available for only a limited time only.  A while ago Doritos released ‘Dash of Destruction’ (no longer available) for free that everyone ate up literally as you played a dinosaur eating pizza delivery kids but the game it self was kind of poopy… but free, achievements and all.  This time around they have released ‘Harms Way’ and  ‘Doritos Crash Course’.

Harms Way is a game best played co-op and it is essentially a racer where you can collect power ups as you “Mario Kart” style try to crash your enemies out the road as you pass them.  You can choose all different types trucks, buggies and others, but they great part about this game is that your co-op partner is on a turret gun that can destroy opponents on the ground, although turret operators are not in the clear as other turrets can shoot you and take over  your turret.  The person driving on the ground can not only pick up “Mario Kart” style bonuses for himself, but also grab power-ups that upgrade your partners turret gun.  You can upgrade your partners turret from Sniper to Machine Turret to Mines(Mortar Style) and then to a Rocket Launcher devastating vehicles in site.  As a driver just be careful not to pick up the ‘Downgrade Turret’ power up which I don;t know why is in the game but is is and you do get an achievements for grabbing one of those.  Speaking of the Achievements, I had all 200 Gamerscore for the arcade game in less than an hour and had fun doing it too.

Doritos Crash Course is basically like an obstical course for you Avatar, so yes you play this game as your Avatar which is pretty damn cook, especially being free, once again Achievements and all.  It is kind of like boot camp for your Avatar until it just gets silly as you get smashed by a hammer up against your screen simulating your television being cracked.  It gets harder as you progress through different countries starting in the US and moving onto Japan.  You can try and beat your friends times on the courses and the game basically a platform racer in which you play as you Avatar which is a hell of a lot better than any other Avatar based game and being that it’s free, you really can’t go wrong.  Official trailer here.

Like I mentioned before these titles will be available fore a limited time only so go download them or add them to your instant download que right now from the links below so it will start download the second your Xbox is on and your signed in.

Doritos Crash Course

Harms Way

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