GamingBolt Advertisement Acceptance Policy

The GamingBolt website acceptance policy applies to ads displayed on the website. At any time and for any reason, GamingBolt reserves the right to:

  • Refuse any advertisers or advertising
  • Take down ads if seemed appropriate
  • Make exceptions to this policy on ad-by-ad
  • Make changes to this policy.

All ads must meet these certain criteria to be displayed on GamingBolt.

Creative General Standards

All ads should follow these guidelines:

  • Cannot contain excessive punctuation
  • Can contain audio and video but only the audio has to be initiated by a click
  • Any ad containing any representation of GamingBolt is not allowed (This being colors, fonts, pictures, marks, and anything we seem to think represents GamingBolt)
  • The ad must identify the advertiser/advertising and the product or service that is being promoted

Ads may not:

  • Resemble Windows error messages or something along the line that might confuse users
  • Cannot have “mouse trapping” which is something where the user can’t get out of it or cannot click the back button
  • Something that makes the page appear to be broken or out of place
  • Utilize fake close buttons. Close buttons must be utilizable
  • Contain copy that is inaccurate or misleading to the user
  • Contain hate speech, whether indirect or direct towards an individual or a group. This being race, sex, creed, national origin, religion, or any such language
  • Contain obscene pictures or text (this also including adult text and pictures)
  • Allow a user to rank another person
  • Promote gambling
  • Promote products from uncertified pharmacies
  • Promote web-based degrees on non-accredited colleges
  • Promote illegal activity.

Promoting Software Ads

The Software ads cannot:

  • Cannot automatically trigger downloads unless pre-approved by GamingBolt
  • Present download dialog boxes that do not require user initiation with a click to perform a download. The user must be notified that the download will take place upon user initiation with a click. Complete and accurate information about what the software does and how to remove the software must be easily available to the user
  • Pretend to know that the user’s computer contains a virus, worm, trojan etc.
  • Have virus, worm, trojan, etc. that can make our GamingBolt website or any other GamingBolt software or hardware inoperable
  • Promote the following:
    • Software that the purpose is to get information from that user’s computer without the user’s acknowledgement
    • Software that may change/alter/delete any software on that user’s computer
    • Software bundled that is hidden that is free or for a fee
    • Software that will sneak onto a user’s computer that will do tasks without the user’s permission.

Personal Information

If required, we will ask for personal information, the requirements are as follow:

  • Clear presentation on how the information is being used
  • None of the information can be shared unless with an opt-in to another third-party organization
  • Advertisers must have a privacy policy

Final and ongoing approval of all advertising is at the sole discretion of GamingBolt. Also GamingBolt reserves the right to re-evaluate previously approved creative materials at any time to ensure ongoing compliance with our guidelines and to ensure an optimal user experience, as well as in the event that the creative elicits a significant amount of negative feedback from our users.


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