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20. Killzone 3

Published: Sony Computer Entertainment | Developed: Guerrilla Games | Systems: PS3 | Release Date: February

Killzone 3 is not a game without flaws. However, when you weigh the shortcomings against the awesome multiplayer modes, excellent gameplay, engaging plot and mind boggling visuals, Killzone 3 is worth your money. It is just a bit disappointing that there was so much hype associated with this game and unlike Killzone 2 it did not quite deliver the way it should have, or as much as it should have. Overall, Killzone 3 is a pretty solid sci-fi shooter, one that shocked an awed all of us, even despite its shortcomings.

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19. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Published: Activision | Developed: Infinity Ward | Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii | Release Date: November

Modern Warfare 3 is the best game in Infinity Ward’s MW series, better even than Call of Duty 4. It may not be as revolutionary or innovative as the latter, but it’s still the most polished, refined and enjoyable experience in the trilogy, and maybe even in the series. The game does have several issues- the engine is showing its age now and the developers need to start working on a new one immediately, and the game is also very formulaic, very similar to previous iterations of CoD- but with an excellent campaign, addictive multiplayer and, of course, Captain Price’s badassery to boot, this is one game all shooter fans should buy, CoD fanboys or no.

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18. Battlefield 3

Published: EA | Developed: DICE | Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Release Date: October

Battlefield 3 is one hell of a game. Battlelog will offer some highly detailed stats, the co-op missions provide even more longevity, and the multiplayer will keep you coming back for more. The single player campaign, while best in the series, still needs some work, but the multiplayer is the real star here. If you’re looking for an FPS with incredible competitive online, Battlefield 3 is the game to get.

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17. Resistance 3

Published: Sony Computer Entertainment | Developed: Insomniac Games | Systems: PS3 | Release Date: September

Resistance 3 is probably Insomniac’s swan song this generation, and the best game in the series. They really tried their best, listening to the community and implementing certain design changes that benefit the game. Resistance fans will feel at home here, but the game also has enough power to pull new audiences to the franchise. Considering the solid campaign, co-op and competitive modes, the replay value here is excellent, and if you’re looking for a nice shooter, look no further; Resistance 3 is a game you should buy.

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16. LittleBigPlanet 2

Published: Sony Computer Entertainment | Developed: Media Molecule | Systems: PS3 | Release Date: January

LittleBigPlanet 2 is another name for creativity and imagination. What Media Molecule has created here is a beast in which you can go on and on with your imagination and your creativity to the point that your brain may get tired. But make no mistake- there will still be a lot more in store for you. We were a bit sceptical on how Sony and Media Molecule will improve on the original. We got our answer after playing the thing. LittleBigPlanet 2 is a kind of a game that you should simply experience once in your life. If you don’t have a PlayStation 3, go to your buddy’s home and play with them. And if they don’t have a PS3, then buy one, just so you can play one of the most imaginative games of all time. Is it possible to give a game an 11? If yes, then this is the game that will be eligible for that.

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15. Forza Motorsport 4

Published: Microsoft Game Studios | Developed: Turn 10 | Systems: Xbox 360 | Release Date: October

Forza Motorsport 4 is a gift to all the people who love cars, and it’s one of the best racing sims ever created. The replayability here is great and it improves over its predecessor in every way. There isn’t a lot of new content compared to Forza 3, but everything is just better here. Turn 10 could have added a lot more tracks and cars but still, whatever content available is enormous and will keep you occupied for a while. If you’re looking for a racing game to waste your time during the holidays, look no further.

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14. Mario Kart 7

Published: Nintendo | Developed: Nintendo EAD, Retro Studios | Systems: 3DS | Release Date: December

Mario Kart 7 is, without a doubt, the best Mario Kart game. Considering how wonderful the past few iterations of the franchise have been, especially Mario kart DS, that’s saying something. The game features a ton of new, excellently designed tracks, new characters, kart customization, new, balanced weapons, addictive online play, and so much more that will keep you hooked for many, many more months to come. Forget Call of Duty and Halo, people. This is the game that will keep you occupied over the holidays.

13. Rayman Origins

Published: Ubisoft | Developed: Ubisoft Montpellier | Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii | Release Date: November

Rayman Origins is a wonderfully built game that will provide all games with hours and hours of pure enjoyment. No, it does not have the flashy moves that Sonic has, and no, it does not have the stunning 3D effect of Super Mario 3D Land, but it still is one of the best platformers to have been released this year. We’re glad that Rayman has made a comeback, and doubly so that it has made one with this game.

12. Dark Souls

Published: Namco Bandai | Developed: From Software | Systems: Xbox 360, PS3 | Release Date: October

Dark Souls is an RPG like never before, where death is imminent and strategy is key. Dark Souls brings many unique aspects to the table that no other game has before, making somewhat of its own legacy. It presents a dark, atmospheric world, crushing difficulty, wondrous boss battles, terrific combat and a unique take at the online component. Skyrim may be a better game than Dark Souls, but only marginally so.

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11. Pokemon Black/White

Published: Nintendo | Developed: Game Freak | Systems: DS | Release Date: March

It basically boils down to this- Pokemon Black and White are probably the best handheld games ever. They are also quite obviously the best Pokemon games ever, better than even Gold and Silver, and the most full featured yet accessible titles in the series to date. Where Pokemon will go next is anybody’s guess, especially seeing how the developers seem to be running out of ideas for new creatures, and how the 3DS will afford them with all the power they’re gonna need, but that doesn’t matter- Black and White remind you why you would care in the first place, they remind you why handheld gaming is still relevant. Surprisingly poignant and touching, epic and grand in scale, fun and familiar, new and old, Pokemon Black/White is a game that any and every self respecting gamer should go out and buy immediately.

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