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Gears of War is undoubtedly one of best franchises this generation of gaming has bestowed upon us. In some ways Epic’s third person shooter has redefined standards in video games history. After two mega hits with Gears of War and Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 is inevitable. Whether it gets released this generation is debatable, but there is going to be a third part for sure. We at GamingBolt put our thinking caps on and came up with a few new tips that can make Gears of War 3 a huge success.

Please Note: This article is not considering success in terms of sales, but the overall game play elements that could make Gears of War 3 more fun than its predecessors.  It might be possible that your favorite point may not be mentioned here but you can always mention it in the comments section below.

4 Player Co-Op Modes

Playing co-op with four of your friends should be amazing.

Playing co-op with four of your friends should be amazing.

An enhancement that we would love to have is the ability to have four players either in offline or online mode. Just imagine what a treat it could be where all of your friends are sitting together and just blasting through the locust in the single player campaign. It will be fun to take up roles of Baird, Dom and Cole.

Ability to play Locust in the horde mode:

We as playable in horde mode...muhahaha!

We are playable in Horde mode!...muhahaha!

Horde mode was one of the highlights of the multiplayer component of Gears of War 2. For starters, in Horde Mode you will essentially be joined by four of your friends and than one by one wave of locusts will attack you. It’s like a survival scenario where you guys have to stick together. Now you might ask “that is fun, so why do you want to have more?”  Indeed it was fun. But the question arises why we can’t play as Locusts where you get the chance to attack or maybe survive just like the COG forces.

Challenging bosses

Man this better not be easy.

Man- this better not be easy.

Every game has their set of bosses. But unfortunately, Gears of War and Gears of War 2 had a disappointing set of boss fights. I agree that there were a couple of good fights- especially in Gears of War 2 where you and your team infiltrate inside the huge rift worm which was pretty unique for me. But the spider locusts in the first one and the last battle with the Brumak in the sequel were extremely disappointing. Gears of War 3 needs to fix this.

Character development and an interesting plot

Gears of War 2 focussed on Dom's side of story.

Gears of War 2 focussed on Dom's side of the story.

One of the major issues that I see with Gears of War is sometimes the plot goes for a toss. The first one puzzled many fans of the game. Although the sequel took some steps by rectifying these issues by introducing some sort of a character development with Dom where he is looking for his missing wife, that too falls flat after some time. Gears of War 3 needs to have a strong plot and should primarily be focusing on Marcus Fenix and his story rather than concentrating on Dom which was the case with almost half of Gears of War 2.

The game should be bigger and more open ended

Its not open ended. Looks can deceive.

It's not open ended. Looks can deceive.

Without a shadow of a doubt Gears of War is a ton of fun. But I feel a bit odd that single player games are ending so quickly these days. Gears of War lasted six hours and Gears of War 2 lasted a mere eight. I mean, come on guys, I am paying $60 and in return I am getting just about 6-8 hours of game play. I agree that online modes do increase the life of a game. But there are tons of gamers out there who still play single player games only. Gears of War 3 should at least have a 12 hour campaign and this time it should not be linear. Small variations like multiple paths can make a huge difference to the overall experience.

Economic system

How about earning some cash by doing this?

How about earning some cash by doing this?

In the entire series you basically get your guns and ammunition when you kill some locust or you find it on the ground. Why not make it a bit more interesting? Let’s say you kill a locust and you earn some “Gears Cash” for it, you can use that to buy upgrades, armor and ammunition. These will be available through a vendor found in different locations in the game. Believe me if this is implemented the overall fun factor has only one way to go: UP.

Better squad related game play

You get the idea? This can be a lot of fun.

You get the idea? This can be a lot of fun.

There is so much potential here to have squad based gameplay but I am really surprised that it was not present in Gears of War 2. The only aspect which is present is at some points where you direct half of your team to a different path. What about including some elements from Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon franchises where you can direct your team to shoot at a particular group of locust or give out a “charge” order. It’s a minor thing but goes a long way in making a game more deep and enjoyable.

Multiplayer Improvements

Giving more perks to the player can go a long way in making MP better.

Giving more perks to the player can go a long way in making MP better.

The multiplayer of the series is good. But it doesn’t reach the level of greatness of multiplayer component of games like Modern Warfare. Give more customization options to the user like facial modeling, the gear you wear and- just about everything. The more immersion and interaction the player has, the more fun to be had.

More Gore

We want more!

We want more!

Well we always like to take down our enemies in a brutal way. Gears of War 2 did have some brutal moments where you can just slice through the locust using your chainsaw. Let’s take it a step ahead. The imaginations can be endless. Gears of War is certified for 18+, so target that market with appropriately mature content.

RPG Elements

RPG elements...this sounds interesting.

RPG elements...this sounds interesting.

This was reported by IGN UK back in July. Cliff Bleszinski suggested that the future of shooters lies in the direction set by games like BioShock and Deus Ex. So what does it mean for the franchise? I mean including RPG elements could just be a fantastic if implemented well. Does this mean that Gears of War 3 will also have side missions just like many of the role playing games do? If Epic does implement this element than it could be one major step for the franchise.

Nice to have:

  • More in-depth look in to the life of Adam Fenix.
  • Fighting alongside the Locust against the lambent Locust will be a blast. This could be possible since the Locusts are fighting for their existence against the lambent ones.
  • New weapons which will blast anything underground will be a cool new addition.

Tell us your take on Gears of War 3 in the comments section below.

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