Guild Wars 2 September patch notes detailed by AreaNet

The new patch for Guild Wars 2 contains bug fixes.

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AreaNet has released a new patch for Guild Wars 2 which we have detailed for you. The game was reviewed very well worldwide and scored very high on GamingBolt as well. Here’s what our author had to say:

“This is one of the most amazing MMOs I have ever played, especially considering the fact that its free-to-play. ArenaNet has not only delivered on what they promised, but also surpassed my expectations,” wrote our author Leonid in his glowing review.

The game doesn’t have as many issues as Diablo 3 did, and that’s one of the major reasons why people are so invested in the game, and the word of mouth is quite positive too. The patch notes  is posted below so check it out.

There are also a bunch of balancing fixes as well along with general bug fixes. These patch notes were released yesterday. Are you happy with these fixes? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


  • The Prestige – Fixed a bug so that Burning duration no longer amplifies when additional enemies are present.


  • Beastmastery Trait: Instinctual Bond – Now grants 5 seconds of quickness to the player’s pet and can only occur once every 50 seconds.
  • Pets can no longer be revived using the “F” prompt. This is because you can either use F4 to swap pets which will bring that pet back alive or you can wait until you are out of combat at which point you pet will revive automatically. We felt it was doing a disservice to Ranger players to incentivize them to spend a long time reviving their pet when it was a very inefficient thing to do and happened after combat anyway. This will also help clear up “F” to interact functionality.


  • Tome of Wrath – Removed Stability, added Retaliation; increased the health of the transform
  • * Zealot’s Fervor – Players can now move while casting this skill; increased cast time to 2 seconds; reduced maximum targets to 5
    * Judgment – Knockdown is now 3 seconds
  • Tome of Courage – Removed Stability, added Protection
    * Heal Area – Base heal increased by 33%
    * Pacifism – Reduced maximum targets to 5; increased cast time to 2 seconds; reduced daze duration to 2 seconds
  • Shield of Absorption. The second half of this skill will now unlock in PvE.


  • “Bad Blood” – Exiting the conversation will no longer arbitrarily lock the player into a choice
  • “Mirror, Mirror” – Adjusted difficulty.
  • “The Hatchery” You can no longer do the final step before doing the intermediate steps.
  • “Dredging up the Past” – Fixed blocking bug during the first step.


  • Fixes for various blocked events and skill challenges.
  • PvP games played/won will not increment in activities.
  • Fixes for various map bugs that allowed players to get out of the map.
  • Interact “F” should use the following priority:
    1) Your current selection
    2) Loot
    3) Revive/Stomp
    4) Anything else
  • Updated the recipe for Superior Rune of the Ranger to match the rarity of other Superior runes.

Thanks, VG247.

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