Half-Life: Alyx Guide – How to Upgrade Weapons and Use Various Tools

Here’s what resin does and how to unlock Combine Fabricators.

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Unlike previous Half-Life titles, Half-Life: Alyx allows for upgrading one’s current arsenal. There are a few catches though – you need to spend resin and use a Combine Fabricator for the upgrades. So not only do you need to scan environments for resin but also solve puzzles with the multi-tool to unlock the Fabricator. Also keep in mind that you can’t backtrack to Fabricators so make super-sure before leaving one behind.

Let’s look at some of the upgrades you can get for each weapon throughout your time playing. The first is the pistol. Its upgrades include the following:

  • Reflex Sight – Costs 10 resin. Display highlights targets.
  • Burst Fire – Costs 20 resin. Allows for switching between single shot and three-round burst fire.
  • Bullet Reservoir – Costs 30 resin. Hold 10 more bullets with a reservoir.
  • Laser Sight – Costs 35 resin. Target foes more easily.

For the shotgun, which is great for taking down armored enemies and Headcrabs up close, you can unlock the following upgrades:

  • Laser Sight – Costs 10 resin. Provides easier targeting.
  • Double Shot – Costs 25 resin. Fire a second round right after the first.
  • Autoloader – Costs 30 resin. Decreases reload time by adding a mechanical feeder.
  • Grenade Launcher – Costs 40 resin. Attach and fire grenades.

The submachine upgrades are as follows:

  • Reflex Sight – Costs 15 resin. Display highlights targets.
  • Laser Sight – Costs 25 resin. Makes targeting foes easier.
  • Extended Magazine – Costs 30 resin. Load multiple Power Cells (the weapon’s ammo type) into the SMG.

It’s worth knowing about the other weapons and items that Alyx will use, like grenades. There are two types – the Combine Grenade and Xen Grenade. The former works like a normal grenade. Arm it by tapping the button and throw it. The latter is an explosive orb which can be found from tentacles in certain areas of City 17. Upon grabbing it, activate and throw it. You can only carry up to two grenades at a time.

The Gravity Gloves have a multitude of uses, from picking items from afar to storing them inside. Then there’s the multi-tool which can be used to solve puzzles, rewire computers and get through Combine force-fields. Healing Syringes allow for healing on the go – simply activate and stab it into Alyx’s arm and you’re healed. A max of two can be stored at a time and they can’t be stored in the backpack. Keep an eye out for healing stations and use them whenever possible.

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