Halo 5: Guardians Comic Reveals How Master Chief’s Helmet Got Cracked

The eye…why is it always the eye.

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We, as gamers, like our continuity to make sense. Much like comic books, video games often include little tiny changes to something and it doesn’t get explained. So I ask you. Did you notice that they Master Chiefs helmet was cracked in the CG trailers? Well first of all, if you did notice it then I commend your sharp eye. And secondly, spoilers ahead!

Consider that fair warning. Here’s what went down and cracked that pretty MJOLNIR armour that we all love so much. It’s revealed to us via the Halo comic book.

The main villain of Halo 4 was a bit of a prat and I didn’t really like him very much, but he was most certainly an entertaining on screen presence with a decent enough motivation and back story. He also had a really rather profound hatred of humanity. Well he was dead, but now he isn’t, so there and now we need the Spartans to take him out.

Master Chief and Blue Team have been doing battle with the Promethean as per the job description and after a brief bit of combat Blue Team falls back but soon come under attack from the Didact, the aforementioned prat. Seeing a window of opportunity the Master Chief approaches the Didact from behind and proceeds to start stabbing him in the eye.

Of course, with the Didact being a walking edifice of armour and having a general dislike for all things that aren’t him, this does little to deter him. He rounds on the Chief and grabs him by the face before raising him into the air. This is all punctuated by serrated text that “KRRNCH” which to me is the sound of a head about to break. And there you have it, now play nice kids, don’t crush skulls.

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