Halo Combat Evolved Remake: 5 Reasons it will suck and 5 Reasons it will rock

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Reasons why it could suck

The original Halo had its problems


As mentioned in some of the points above, the source material for the remake of Halo is not exactly flaw free. Whilst we can be hopeful that 343 will rectify the problems with the original, there is also the chance that they will not. If the remake of Halo is to repeat the mistakes of the original it could be a major blemish that will drastically impact upon the success of the game

They may change too much

Sure, Halo: Combat Evolved wasn’t perfect. Despite this it’s a game with a strong following and its influence upon the gaming industry is undeniable. With this in mind we need to be suspicious of any changes that 343 Industries may be making with the remake. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? Should they alter too many aspects of the original they will be effectively making a new game entirely and, whilst it may still be a good game, it would make the remake aspect of the package a hollow sentiment.

They may change too little

Game remakes are an interesting (and fairly new) concept. With the extreme shifts in technology we’ve been seeing as of late, it seems like a good idea to take our old favourites and give them a shiny new lick of paint. That said, if the game is just a re-skinned version of the original then why bother? We all have our old copies of Halo stored on our shelves, or if not this can be rectified by a quick and cheap digital purchase from the Xbox Live market place. Halo with better graphics will not hold anyone’s attention for long, so some other meaningful improvements/additions will need to be made.

A fresh set of eyes

343 Industries have the chance to breath life into the Halo franchise, but at the same time they are really playing with fire. Though they may be able to take the Halo universe in a different direction than Bungie, they also lack the same intensity of emotional investment. Having created and nurtured that Halo franchise into what it is today, we always knew we could count on Bungie to do right by the Halo games. 343 Industries on the other hand, still need to prove they can add to, and do justice to, the canonical Halo titles.

The pricing issue

No official info has come through on the price of the Halo:CE remake, but it seems unlikely that it will retail as DLC for Reach, or as any other kind of reduced price content. Maybe I’ve been a little too spoilt recently, but paying full price for a remake of a game that isn’t even all that old yet seems a bit extortionate. If the game had an entirely new engine, then I would totally be willing to fork over my bread. Yet, as it uses the engine from Halo: Reach, we will effectively be paying for a game we’ve already played through, with characters and a story we’ve already seen. I’m not too sure if I feel comfortable forking out £40/$60 for something like that. Fingers crossed 343 will do the right thing and reduce the price a bit, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


So what kind of direction would you like to see a Halo remake go in? As always post your comments below.

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