Hawken Preview: In-depth Beta Impressions

Hawken has the potential to be a runaway hit.

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Hawken is currently in Beta, but we got a shot to take a look at their current build. Being built by Meteor Entertainment, Hawken is a first person mech fighter that’s gearing up to take on the competition.

Hawken starts you off in your garage with some basic mech machines. It’s outfitted with your basic run of the mill guns. The game isn’t complete rocket science and you could really start the game, grab the mech and get into into battle in almost no time what so ever. Of course being the standard mech, you’re bound to get your gears stomped on since there doesn’t seem to be a balancing system. So don’t expect to top the leader board against high class mechs, but all in all, you can at least stand your ground.

The view from cock pit is pretty realistic.

The game works on a point system with major points for kill, assists and wins. The scoring can help you level up your mech and in turn advance your weapons and skills. At any point you can buy more mechs and weapons. You can either earn points to cash in or you can just use real money in your traditional micro transaction way.

The magic to this game comes from the strong art, which is all encompassing. The mechs have some pretty cool designs and the HUD displays are different in each mech. The HUD design is also real nice with a pretty neat targeting system. The icing on the cake really comes down to the post processing. With all the static and screen distortion, it gives you the feeling that you are actually looking through a monitor screen on a battle mech.

Hawken doesn’t break any new ground however. It follows the exact same formula to World of Tanks and World of Planes. Both World games are fairly successful, so much to the point where the company actually bought the developers who created the engine. If Hawken is successful and even takes away profits from them, I would not be the least bit surprised of Hawken gets bought out and becomes World of Mechs.

Hawken has the potential to be a hit.

Hawken has the potential to be a runaway hit. The art rivals its competition and there’s a lot of fun in the game. It has similarities with World of Tanks but there should always be room for mechs in our world.

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