Game Overview:

Hawken is currently in Beta, but we got a shot to take a look at their current build. Being built by Meteor Entertainment, Hawken is a first person mech fighter that’s gearing up to take on the competition.

Hawken starts you off in your garage with some basic mech machines. It’s outfitted with your basic run of the mill guns. The game isn’t complete rocket science and you could really start the game, grab the mech and get into into battle in almost no time what so ever. Of course being the standard mech, you’re bound to get your gears stomped on since there doesn’t seem to be a balancing system. So don’t expect to top the leader board against high class mechs, but all in all, you can at least stand your ground.

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Publisher: Meteor Entertainment
Developer: Adhesive Games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Free 2 Play

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