Heavy Rain v/s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves HD Screenshot Comparison

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In response to an article by nextgn.com, we decided to do high definition screen shot comparison of two of the best looking PlayStation 3 games around. Some might argue that both of these games are different so how are we comparing these games. Well the comparison is all about how the games match with each other visually and at different angles. So without any delay, let’s jump to the comparison.

Note: The first image is from Uncharted 2 and the second is from Heavy Rain in each of the comparisons.

Click the images to see them in high definition.

Comparison 1:

In the first round of comparison, we will compare how the two games look while a close up fight scene is going on. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as we all know for the last four months looks spectacular. Let’s just start with Nathan Drake himself. The emotional feel of kicking someone’s butt is clearly visible on Drake’s face. The teeth grinned together and the impact of the punch on the enemy’s face is very clear. Something like “Ouch! That is gonna hurt!” Also the camera seems to have done a great job of focusing on the player’s emotions and the point of interest and blurring the other shots in the scene. So how does Heavy Rain looks in a similar situation? Heavy Rain is basically a dark themed game, so it doesn’t have the shine and the glow that Uncharted 2 has. The one thing that I actually noticed by the screenshot was the impact of the environment and weather conditions that the game has on the characters. The muddy water spilled on the character’s clothes and the impact of rain is clearly visible in the screen shot with the characters putting more effort in to landing their blows. Some might actually say that Uncharted 2 is winning the race in this round but I am considering the theme here as well, so I would say both games are actually looking great.

Comparison 2:

Getting close and personal, this will be the theme that will actually set the benchmark for this round of comparison. Chloe is undoubtedly looking very detailed; especially her hair and the arms are oh so smooth. Small details like her eyes inviting our hero Nathan Drake to come over in her arms and the tomboy look through the chains and the handkerchief rolled in her wrist, really has gone a long way in making this shot amazing. If you look closely enough, Nathan Drake has that really surprised look on his face when your girlfriend (or girlfriends) does an “up –close-personal” thing with you. The down point is the really ragged edges around Chloe’s shoulder. That’s the only flaw that I can really point out. Let us take the case of Heavy Rain. It really depicts the case when your wife/girlfriend is cooking in the kitchen and you just catch hold of her and then the sun starts to gaze on the couple. A truly romantic shot if you ask me. It does not have the sexiness of Uncharted 2, but it really has the feel of true and dedicated love between the couples. Quantic Dream has done a great job of depicting emotions in the game just like in this screen shot. The guy just getting lost in the girl’s eyes and his hands around her waist. Even the background is so soothing to the eye. Heavy Rain wins here just for the “touché”.

Comparison 3:

Ok this one might be a little weird to some of our readers, but I thought I will give it a try anyways. It is about how the two games stack up while a shooting scene is happening. While shooting Nathan Drake puts his all, like bending his shoulders a bit, putting his head down so that he can get a clear shot, so these little animations make a long way in making Uncharted 2 the beautiful game it is. The screen from Heavy Rain depicts a guy pointing a gun towards a storekeeper. Now the thing to be noted here is that when you are going to shoot someone you always keep your head high and look straight in to the target eyes and the target gets scared. Heavy Rain gets the first part right but the target doesn’t seem he is afraid that he is going to get popped in the head. Due to this Uncharted 2 wins here. Some might argue this is not the case with Uncharted 2. Ok valid point; but it’s an aggressor versus an aggressor so there is no way that both the guys in the Uncharted 2 screen shot are afraid of each other.

Comparison 4:

Oho! No comparison can actually be complete with a face to face comparison. Here we compare the protagonists from both the games. Even though Nathan Drake got trounced in one of our previous comparisons with Kratos, It’s not doubt that Drake does look beautifully modeled and has that girl charming and over the top action attitude. The marks on his face, the unshaven look, go a long way in depicting Nathan Drake as a treasure hunter. Do you see the leather belt on his t-shirt? Simply amazing! On the other hand, the dude from Heavy Rain looks very sedate, and has those little details which go in to making a serious private detective. A bigger forehead indicating that he thinks a lot (as all private detectives do), also indicated by the lines he has on his forehead. Overall I would say it’s a very neat representation of a character. But is it as detailed as Uncharted 2? Answer is simple: NO.

As you would probably concluded Uncharted 2 wins over Heavy Rain, at least visually. I am not saying that Heavy Rain will be bad game, it is surely looking to be another AAA experience for PlayStation 3 owners and I look forward toward its release. Stay tuned with GamingBolt for more information on Heavy Rain.

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