How Long It Takes You To Complete The Order 1886 Depends On You

Plus, Ready at Dawn offers a few words on the PS4’s capabilities.

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The Order 1886 (5)

There has been some misinformation circulating about The Order 1886 online, specifically pertaining to its replay value. It makes sense- Ready at Dawn haven’t exactly been the best at selling the game’s lasting appeal to people so far. But they finally spoke out about at least one aspect of it- the game’s length. And while what they said wasn’t necessarily all that encouraging, at least it was a clear and honest answer.

The game length depends a bit on your ability and familiarity that you may have with this genre, but to give you an idea, it will not be far from the average offered by this type of game (third person shooter). As for hours of gameplay and gameplay will be very similar.The problem is that there is a misconception because the gameplay can be offered in different ways,” they said.

They also said that The Order 1886 does not in fact max out the PS4, as many people believed. “I think we have not used the PS4 to it’s 100% limit, although it does not really matter what you do or what platform you’re working, you can always squeeze a little more and make everything flow a little faster. Whenever you go back to do some improvements the industry changes, and so we will continue working to get the best.”

Alright, that sounds awesome, but it begs the question… just why did they put those stupid black bars on the screen if it wasn’t for hardware limitations, then?

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