Interview: Dead Island: Riptide

Sebastian Reichert, Creative Producer of Deep Silver, had a lot of new information to share.

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We recently interviewed Sebastian Reichert, Creative Producer of Deep Silver, and he had a lot of new information to share with us on their latest game Dead Island: Riptide. We asked him about the improvements in the PC platform, the story, and the enhancements they’ve added to this version.

GamingBolt: The first ever CGI trailer for Dead Island created such a massive buzz. The first trailer of Riptide seems to have done the same. What has been your source of inspiration for these trailers?

Sebastian Reichert: We take our inspiration from different sources that left an impression on us, and these are widespread, be it movies, books or games. Therefore we cannot mention a specific source of inspiration for any of these trailers. The scripts for the trailers result from a creative process between our team and the trailer agency.

GB: The game has been described as a spin off but not a sequel. What prevented you guys from making a Dead Island 2?

SR: After the release of Dead Island, we got a lot of feedback from the fans that they would want to learn more about the fate of their characters. Fans want to have “moa, nao!”

So that is what we will deliver! New areas, new environments and many more additions to the original game, together with the possibility to import your characters from the original Dead Island.

GB: So, tell us a bit about the game’s story. How different it will be compared to Dead Island Will there be heavy focus on narration this time around?

SR: The story of Dead Island Riptide will be told with the same game mechanics as in its predecessor. The narration will pick up exactly where we have left our heroes the last time, in Dead Island. Just when they thought they were saved… they are proven wrong!

Over the course of the game we will also learn more about the backstory why this all happened and who’s behind it.

From the feedback we received, what really represents the “Dead Island experience” are the “watercooler moments” about the player and his actions in coop play and the game world.

GB: I personally played the PC version of Dead Island and was pretty pleased with the visuals and textures. Will there be a special emphasis on the PC version of Riptide Any HD texture packs in the offering?

SR: As the developer comes from a PC background we are confident that you will be pleased again! No extra HD packs planned yet and we don’t think they will be necessary.

GB: What are the changes in the gameplay this time around?

SR: We added the element of water, which will be heavily influencing the gameplay through different aspects, be it dynamic weather, a new vehicle (the boat) and new quests.

A very important new gameplay element is also the hub defence gameplay that offers a whole new quest experience that was not available in Dead Island.

GB: Despite the positive reviews Dead Island was still plagued with frame rate issues, torn frames, and overall bad performance. Has there been any focus on fixing these issues in Riptide?

SR: Of course! With Riptide we have a working engine, that can be pimped out to assure the best possible experience.

GB: Any interest in the WiiU? ZombiU seems to be innovating the zombie genre by the intelligent use of the WiiU GamePad, Dead Island can fit in there nicely, right?

SR: No comment

GB: The current gen of consoles is in its seventh year and at the same time PC gaming tech is growing rapidly. Do you guys feel restricted in the creative department with what you can do with the PS3 and Xbox 360?

SR: No, no restrictions in the creative department. We are still happy with all the stuff we can still do on all platforms!

GB: Saturation is always associated with any market. Do you see the Zombie genre getting saturated at some point?

SR: In my opinion the zombie market is already saturated regarding bad zombie games! It’s not enough to write “zombie-something” on your box to sell it. So in that regards there is some kind of saturation. But as long as the zombie games bring something new to the table or do something existing better than before, there will be interest and people who play it!

GB: Is there anything else you guys want to say about Dead Island Riptide?

SR: While you can play the game as a standalone and there is no need to play Dead Island before diving into Riptide, we would like to remind you that it will be possible to import your Dead Island character into Riptide! So level up and prepare for the game with the coolest land-mines ever.

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