Just Cause 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Just Cause 3

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Just Cause 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Just Cause 3

Square Enix

Avalanche Studios

Xbox One, PS4, PC

Genre:Open World

Release Date:2015

Just Cause 3 is an upcoming open world, high octane action, third person shooter video game that is currently being developed by Avalanche Studios, the same developer behind the hugely successful Just Cause series.

Just Cause 3, which is being published by Square Enix, is being developed for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. While there’s no exact release date yet for the game, Avalanche Studios are said to be targeting a June 2015 release window. The game will be made available at retail and via digital download by way of your platform specific store.

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Just Cause and Just Cause 2 were originally published by the now defunct Eidos Interactive. They were acquired by Square Enix and re-branded as Square Enix Europe. To that end, Just Cause 3 is being published by Square Enix.

The game was first made known in the public eye, albeit cryptically and under the guise of a code name, on May 28th of 2012. This happened when it was announced that Avalanche Studios were internally developing a game under the name of “Project Mamba”, which was said to be a “Groundbreaking” game that was set in an open world and jointly developed with Square Enix. This was later to be revealed as Just Cause 3, the latest and third entry into the massively successful Just Cause series of games.

With words like “groundbreaking” being used to describe the game, it was little surprise when the following statement was made, “Just Cause 2 was already enormous,” Avalanche Studios said. “We really wanted to focus now on density and the feel of the world itself. So we didn’t necessarily just have to do increased land mass. But we have certainly gone a lot bigger when it comes to density of the world. And now it’s not just on top of the world–we also have caves and tunnels and all sorts of stuff there, too.”

Despite the overall game world being smaller than that of Just Cause 2, the games overall size has increased thanks to increased verticality afforded to the player by way of high buildings, mountain ranges and subterranean cave systems.

Christofer Sundberg, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios also made it known that the game would not have a form of multiplayer when it launches, nor is it likely to contain one. Addressing the issue, when questioned about the fan made Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod, Sundberg said “The mod is absolutely fantastic.” but then went on to say, “We owe those guys a lot. They have actually supported the game and helped it stay alive so many years after it was released. We don’t expect the fans to make the multiplayer for Just Cause 3, but at some point you have to make a choice on where your focus is. Our strength is the sandbox experience, and we want to deliver a great Just Cause 3 experience.”

Much to the pleasure of gamers the world over, Just Cause 3 will be released as a full game and it won’t feature any in game Micro Transactions, which is surprising given Square Enix’s tendency to release single weapons and character skins as DLC. While Avalanche has said, “It does not feature in-game micro transactions.” this doesn’t rule out the possibility of DLC as the two are technically separate things.


just cause 3 ps4 xbox one pc

At the time of writing, no information has been made available about the games overall plot. What we do know is that the game takes place on a fictional Island set in the Mediterranean known as Medici. The series protagonist, Rico Rodriguez is set to return and fight against the cruel dictator General Di Ravello.


Just Cause 3 Airplane

At the time of writing, February 1st 2015 there has been no gameplay revealed to the public or media. Christofer Sundberg, the Founder & Creative Director at Avalanche Studios, has however taken to Twitter and confirmed that a trailer should be coming soon, “Soooo… #JustCause3 trailer? Yes! We’re working on it and the date is very SOON (like in weeks) I promise. #AvalancheStudios”.

We do know that the game is an open world, third person shooter. The series iconic Grapple Gun that lets you perform outrageous tricks and maneuvers, there is also said to be a new item in the game in the form of a wing suit which was presumably added to help cover great distances with speed with thanks to the games newly increased verticality.


just cause 3

At this point in time, we know about only two characters in the game, one of which is the main protagonist whilst the other is the games antagonist.

They are:

Rico Rodriguez – The protagonist of Just Cause 3 sets out with all manner of weapons and gadgets.

General Di Ravello – The general is a dictator that is said to be cruel.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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