Kinect Sports Rivals Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Kinect Sports Rivals

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Kinect Sports Rivals Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft Studios


Xbox One


Release Date:April 2014

inect Sports Rivals  is an upcoming 1:1 motion controlled sports video game that is in development exclusively for the Xbox One. Currently being developed by industry legends, Rare (Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark & Killer Instinct) and set to be published by Microsoft Studios, the game is the next official entry into the best selling Kinect Sports series of games that began in November of 2010. Kinect Sports Rivals is slated to launch on April 8th and April 11th of 2014.

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While not much is known about the development process of Kinect Sports Rivals, the game has undoubtedly been planned as a title since the release of the well received Kinect Sports. A heavy focus on the accuracy of the Xbox One Kinect device has been used as a heavy marketing point for the title, stating on the games official site that, “Xbox One’s all-new sensor technology reinvents motion game play through accurate and responsive tracking. Kinect Sports Rivals brings pure competition to life. Inches and speed matter. Skill is important. Precision is rewarded. Now, small movements make big impacts in the most exhilarating sports ever.”

The game was first revealed during the Microsoft  E3 2013 press event during which it was announced to be a Day One title. Since then, the game has been delayed. Originally Kinect Sports Rivals was set to release during the Holiday season of 2012, but was rescheduled for spring 2014.


Gameplay will remain largely unchanged given the simple nature of motion control and the limited possible applications when applied to sports titles such as this. Players are represented as an on screen avatar (Champion) and they must make the appropriate body gestures and movements which are translated into gameplay actions via the Xbox One Kinect.

A new feature of Kinect Sports Rivals is your avatar, now referred to as your Champion. The Kinect scans and digitally creates a stylized Champion that resembles the player who takes part in the games in place of the player. Players will join one of three teams who all bring a unique sporting philosophy and playing style to the game.


Kinect Sports Rivals will (out of the box) include six fully playable sports that includes:

  • Bowling – A game of bowling that tasks the player with knocking over pins with a weighted ball.
  • Jet ski Racing – Players will race Jetskis across the water in an attempt to reach first place.
  • Rock Climbing – Players must reach and grasp for grips on a climbing surface as they try and reach the top.
  • Soccer – Players will control a soccer player as they try and score goals against the opposing team.
  • Target Shooting – Players will take control of a target shooting pistol in an attempt to hit the most targets.
  • Tennis – Players will compete against their opponents to maintain the highest score on the tennis court.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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