Knack 2 Collectibles Guide: All 100 Treasure Chests Locations, Gadget Parts, Super Moves, Crystal Relics, And Four Crystal Knacks

Finding all the collectibles in Knack 2.

Posted By | On 14th, Sep. 2017 Under Video Game Tips

Knack 2 has a lot of collectibles- treasure chests, gadget parts, super moves, and more. Thre’s a lot for you to hunt down- in fact, in a lot of cases, one might say that you need to hunt down the collectibles, because some very important content (not to mention Trophies) can’t be accessed unless you find them all.

In this guide, we help you find some such collectibles.


There are four Super Moves/Super Powers in Knack 2, and finding them unlocks a Trophy- so get on it right away with this video below.


There are 100 Treasure Chests in the game, and finding all of them is actually mandatory if you want to find the crystal knacks, gadget parts and crystal relics – so, again, let us help you out with this. The video below will help you find all 100 Treasure Chests, and the collectibles within them, in the game. Let’s get right on it.

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