LawBreakers: Leveling Up Tips, Earn Creds Quickly, And How To Get Stash Drops

Farming XP and currency in Lawbreakers.

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Boss Key’s Lawbreakers is the newest game by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski. A hardcore hero/class based arena shooter, Lawbreakers requires precision and command over the game’s controls and mechanics.

It’s a hard game to get a grip on- but that’s why we are here with our guides. We’re going to help you master the game, and hopefully come to grips with its litany of mechanics and economies. In this guide, we talk about leveling up faster and earning Creds, the in game currency) quickly.


You get XP to level up simply by playing through the game- there is no trick to do this quicker that doesn’t involve simply playing through the game. That said, do keep the following in mind:

  • You get XP for completing a match- even if you lose
  • Don’t focus on just getting your kill count up! Focus on completing objectives as well, which nets you XP for that specific mode
  • Try to get specific achievements in a game, like being the MVP- that, too, nets you bonus XP


In Lawbreakers, Creds act as the primary currency of the game, and are used to earn cosmetic items like weapon skins, character skins, and profile portraits. There are two ways of earning Creds in Lawbreakers:

  • Once you complete a game, you get ‘loot crate’ Stash Drops, which have a rare chance of giving you Creds. Keep in mind the chances of gaining Creds this way is low
  • You can buy Stash Drops with real world money, which increases the chance of you scoring Creds

That said, remember, the more Stash Boxes you open, the more duplicate items you might accrue. Why is this important? Because duplicate items will automatically be swapped for money.


Stash Drops are earned in game when you level up. Each contains four items- with at least two items in each being the lowest possible item rarity. There are five Rarity tiers for items found within Stash Drops:

  • Grey – Base
  • Green – Advanced
  • Blue – Superior
  • Purple – Exotic
  • Orange – Boss

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