LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Mega Guide: Cheat Codes, Unlockables, Collectibles And More

A complete guide for Lego Marvel's Avengers.

Posted By | On 30th, Jan. 2016

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Mega Guide: Cheat Codes, Unlockables, Collectibles And More

Another day, another LEGO game. Of course, we’re not complaining- LEGO games are routinely fun, family friendly fare, and they’re great tributes to their source material too. LEGO Marvel’s The Avengers is the latest game in this long running, pop culture spanning franchise, and allowing as it does the player to relive the Marvel movies in an adorable LEGO themed world, it is sure to be a hit.

As with all LEGO games, Marvel’s The Avengers is surprisingly deep, full of hidden secrets. If you’re just playing the game casually with your kids, you’re never going to find everything in this game (nor will you want to, probably). But in case you were doing a completionist run on the game, it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of everything. That’s where we come in with this guide. This guide will cover unlockable characters, gold bricks locations, collectibles like red bricks minikits, cheat codes and some achievements and trophies.


Unlocking other characters to play as is always the fun of it in LEGO games but they may have gone a wee bit overboard in Marvel’s The Avengers. As would be expected from a game based on a story about an ensemble superhero team, The Avengers has a staggering variety of unlockable characters- over 100 of them, which includes all the regular suspects, but also some really obscure ones, that only hardcore Marvel fans will recognize.

Most of the big, major characters are relatively easy to come across- you’re probably going to unlock them over the course of the story. We’re not going to be listing those. Instead, we’re going to be listing here relatively more obscure characters that are harder to find in each of the game’s various areas. These characters can be found in free play mode in the game’s various hubs and levels- once you find them, they give you a minor quest to do, the completion of which unlocks the character for you. In the guide below, (Discovery) and (Missions) next to the character’s name indicates whether you need to complete a quest for them before you get their unlock token, or whether simply finding them is enough.

Remember! Once you find a character’s token, you will still need to buy their studs before you can use them.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Base

  • Chase (Discovery)
  • Firebird (Discovery)
  • Human Torch (Original) (Missions)
  • Ragnarok (Discovery)
  • Union Jack (Discovery)
  • Korvac (Discovery)
  • Agent Stillwell (Missions)
  • M.O.D.O.K. (Missions)

Barton’s Farm 

  • Cottonmouth (Discovery)
  • Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur (Missions)
  • Egghead (Discovery)
  • Laura Barton (Discovery)
  • Squirrel Girl (Missions)
  • Butterball (Missions)
  • Gorilla Girl (Missions)
  • Mantis (Missions)
  • Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) (Discovery)

South Africa

  • White Tiger (Missions)
  • Black Goliath (Discovery)
  • The Other (Missions)
  • Grandmaster (Discovery)
  • Ulysses Klaue (Missions)
  • Nebula, Tigra (Discovery)
  • Echo (Missions)


  • Rescue (Missions)
  • A.I.M. Agent (Dicsovery)
  • Iron Monger (Discovery)
  • Happy Hogan (Missions)
  • Justin Hammer (Missions)
  • Iron Man (MK1) (Discovery)
  • Iron Man (MK5) (Discovery)
  • Iron Man (MK17-Heartbreaker) (Discovery)
  • Amadeus Cho (Missions)
  • The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery) (Missions)


  • Hulkling (Missions)
  • Bengal (Discovery)
  • Extremis Soldier (Missions)
  • Gargoyle (Missions)
  • X-Ray (Discovery)
  • Demolition Man (Discovery)
  • Spitfire (Discovery)
  • A-Bomb (Missions)
  • Ronin (Blade) (Discovery)
  • Crimson Dynamo (Missions)

Washington D.C.

  • Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Discovery)
  • Captain Britain (Missions)
  • Blazing Skull (Missions)
  • Diamondback (Discovery)
  • Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) (Discovery)
  • Wizard (Discovery)
  • Arnim Zola (Classic) (Missions)
  • Bucky Barnes (Classic) (Missions)


Manhattan is a massive hub- it basically has smaller ‘sub’ areas within it, big enough to pass for hubs of their own, and each has its own character unlocks waiting within it. So we decided to separate Manhattan into its own section.

Make sure to go through Manhattan’s unlocks in the order given- at the very least, the Peggy Carter unlock missions need to be completed in order.

  • Chinatown: 
    • Squirrel Girl (Classic. 1st Peggy Carter mission)
    • Beth the Waitress
    • Fin Fang Foom
    • Ronan the Accuser
  • Residential District:
    • Finesse (2nd Peggy Carter mission)
    • Hellcat (5th Peggy Carter mission)
    • Striker (9th Peggy Carter mission)
    • Jewel (Jessica Jones)
  • Forest:
    • Trauma (3rdPeggy Carter mission)
    • Superior Iron Man
    • Wiccan
    • Death Locket
    • Grim Reaper
    • Swordsman
  • Central Park:
    • Veil
    • Lou Ferrigno
    • Ant-Man (Classic)
    • Iron Man (MK33 – Silver Centurion)
    • Reptil
  • Financial District:
    • Red She-Hulk (8th Peggy Carter mission)
    • She-Hulk
    • Cloud 9
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier:
    • Doctor Helen Cho
    • Mockingbird
    • Iron Man (MK25)
    • The Protector
  • Industrial District:
    • Blue Marvel (4th Peggy Carter mission)
    • Lightspeed (6th Peggy Carter mission)
    • Daredevil
    • Jack of Hearts
    • Destroyer
  • Times Square:
    • Iron Man (MK38 – Igor) (7th Peggy Carter mission)
    • Dr. Strange
    • Taskmaster
  • Slums:
    • Agent Carter (Retired) (10th Peggy Carter Mission)
    • Iron Man (MK40)
    • Luke Cage
    • Moon Knight

Stan Lee

To unlock Stan Lee and his variants and transformations, you must rescue each Stan Lee in peril that you come across through the course of the game.


There are a staggering 250 Gold Bricks to be found and collected from the various hubs and areas in the game, with a total of seven different hub areas available in the game, and each having six gold bricks you can find.

It’s actually hard to keep track of all of these bricks, even for us- but we’ve tried our best to list as many of them as we can below. Below you will see videos that help you find all Gold Bricks in the New York, Manhattan, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier hubs. We’ll keep updating this section with more videos for the other hubs throughout the game.


Red Bricks are special power ups and boosts that you can find through the game over the course of the story. If you ever miss one of these, you are always free to go back to the level in Free Play mode, and find the bricks.

There are 15 Red Bricks to be found in the game. Each brick is found in one of the 15 missions in the game. Below, you can find the Red Brick that can be found in each level:

  • Random impacts is found in the fourth level. It creates a range of whimsical random impacts when you hit enemies. You need to be playing as Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange for this brick. Once you are inside the train, move to the left and use your hex power to open the locked door to access the brick.
  • Instant Finisher is found in the first level. It lets you perform an instant finishing move. You must be playing as Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch to find this brick. In the bunker, before you destroy it, you will see a HYDRA tank surrounded by a red aura. You can use a Hex ability to destroy it. This brick can only be unlocked in Free Play mode.
  • Mega Jump is found in the sixth level. It lets you make bigger hyper jumps. Look for a pole on the back wall on the right side of the room that Black Widow finds herself in after she slides under Hulk. The brick is on top of this pole.
  • Stud Multiplier x6 multiplies the value of collected studs by six. It is found in the seventh level. There are three Asgardian containers in the area where Captain America moves through. You need to destroy them all to collect the brick. A character like Agent Coulson (Shades) is your best bet to do this.
  • Stud Multiplier x4 is found in the third level. This Red Brick multiplies the value of collected studs by four. This brick is in the center of the road in the last stage. Just drive up to it.
  • Disc Jockey is found in the seventh level of the game, and it lets you hear different music in all the levels. You need to be playing as a character that can generate electricity to get this brick. After the leviathan’s mouth is open, power up the generator with such a character. This makes the leviathan dance and spit out a Red Brick.
  • Fast Build is the fifth level’s Red Brick. It lets you build LEGO objects at super speeds. Instead of crossing the stream in this level, walk back into the waterfall to locate a cave. The brick is inside the cave, trapped in a crystal.
  • Stud Magnet triples the range at which studs are collected. It is found in the eighth level. After defeating the Chitauri, go through the hole in the wall of the building. You will need, in order, a character who can fly, one who can go through cracked walls, and finally, one who can hack terminals to be able to reach the Red Brick.
  • Stud Multiplier x10 multiplies the value of the studs you collect by ten. Go down a ramp to the left in the first area in Sokovia to find a fountain. Use a character with hyper strength, such as the Hulk, to pick up the fountain. Collect the brick.
  • Helium Voices gives everyone squeaky voices. Top kek. Shoot the blimp in the ninth level to get your hands on this one.
  • Enemy Loot makes enemies drop studs when they are defeated. Cut through the gold LEGO brick near the cleaning lift in the tenth level using a character such as Iron Man to get this red brick.
  • Stud Multiplier x8 is the Red Brick in the twelfth level of the game, and it multiplies the value of collected studs by eight. It can be found in the fourteenth mission. There are two red statues on either side of the mall and a pole with a red bird on it near the middle. Destroy the left one, and the bird will drop the brick for you (eventually).
  • Secret Map helps you find collectibles in Manhattan. It’s the thirteenth level’s Red Brick. As Black Widow starts to attack Ultron, find the lamppost on the left side of the road with a red brick on top. Shoot the brick to collect it.
  • Invincibility makes you invincible. You can find this Brick in the fifteenth and final level in the game.  There are some Asgard bricks in the second area of this level. Destroy them, and then assemble the pieces into a jukebox.
  • Random Projectiles is found in the eleventh level. It creates a range of whimsical random impacts when you attack them with projectile weapons. In the control room in the eleventh level, press the red button several times until an Asgardian block appears in the elevator. Destroy the block with a character like Coulson (Shades) to get the brick.


There are 150 Minikits you can find in LEGO Marvel’s The Avengers- ten per level, and fifteen levels overall. Stan Lee in Peril shows up throughout the game’s various hubs, and in multiple missions- rescuing him unlocks Stan Lee (and his variants) as a playable character.


You can pause the game, select Extras from the menu, and choose ‘Input Code.’ After that, you can put in the following codes, and get some pretty neat benefits along the way:

  • A-Bomb: 2K8QCG
  • Fast Build: 5MZ73E
  • Iron Man (Mark 35 Silver Centurion): 4AKZ4G
  • Minikit Detector: JYJAFX
  • Tigra: D4RREH


Struck Off The List (20 points): Complete ‘Struck Off the List’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

A Loki Entrance (20 points): Complete ‘A Loki Entrance’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Rail Hydra (20 points): Complete ‘Rail Hydra’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Shakespeare in the Park (20 points): Complete ‘Shakespeare in the Park’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Helicarrier Havoc (20 points): Complete ‘Helicarrier Havoc’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Avengers Assemble (20 points): Complete ‘Avengers Assemble’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Earth’s Mightiest (20 points): Complete ‘Earth’s Mightiest’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Lack of Insight (20 points): Complete ‘Lack of Insight’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Ready, A.I.M., Fire (20 points): Complete ‘Ready A.I.M. Fire’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Lost in the Aether (20 points): Complete ‘Lost in the Aether’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

No Strings On Me (20 points): Complete ‘No Strings On Me’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Anger Management (20 points): Complete ‘Anger Management’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Korea Prospects (20 points): Complete ‘Korea Prospects’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Rise of Ultron (20 points): Complete ‘Rise of Ultron’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Ultron Undone (20 points): Complete ‘Ultron Undone’. – Refer walkthrough guide here.

Always Angry (20 points): Transform from Banner to Hulk.

True Avenger (20 points): Achieve True Avenger in any level.

You Asked For It (50 points): Stop 10 random crimes in Manhattan during a single session.

I’ll Do It Myself (70 points): Witness the 100% Stud Fountain inside Avengers Tower.

On Your Left (20 points): Play as any version of Falcon and as any version of Captain America, while in Washington D.C..

Warriors Three (20 points): Play as Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg in one sitting.

A Startling Metamorphosis (20 points): Transform from Lou Ferrigno to Hulk (Lou Ferrigno).

Born Yesterday (20 points): Play as Vision, both playable characters.

House Party Protocol (30 points): Play as every Iron Man variant in one session.

A Funny Thing Happened (20 points): Drive Lola as Agent Coulson.

Young Avengers (30 points): Play as Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hulkling, Wiccan, America Chavez and Speed in the same session.

Beyond (20 points): Playing as Aldrich Killian, die and respawn.

Globe Trotter (20 points): Visit all Hub locations.

Create a Super Hero (30 points): Create a Custom Character.

Giant-Sized MARVEL (20 points): Grow Ant-Man, Black Goliath, and Fin Fang Foom in one sitting.

We’re Connected (20 points): Play as Harley Keener and Tony Stark in any level other than level 9.

Fast and the Fury Us (20 points): Team-up Nick Fury and Quicksilver.

I Am Iron Stan (50 points): Transform into Stan Lee (Hulkbuster).

A Magical Place (20 points): Playing as Coulson, die and respawn.

Stiff Upper Lip (20 points): Play as Captain Britain, Union Jack, Spitfire, Agent Carter and Mandarin (Trevor Slattery).

Over the Moon (20 points): Play as Moon Knight, Moondragon, Moon Boy in one session.

Defenders (20 points): Play as Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Perfect Pannapictagraphist (40 points): Unlock and view all 15 Minikit Comic Pages.

Going Knowhere (30 points): Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time.

Be Worthy (50 points): Create and play as a Custom Character equipped with Mjolnir.

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