LEGO The Incredibles Complete Guide – All Red Brick Locations, Completing Challenges, Heroes Cheat Codes, And More

A complete guide for LEGO The Incredibles.

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Lego The Inccredibles is a game in which you get to play as the Parr family and make use of all of their distinct abilities in an effort to fight crime. There’s a lot to do in the game, with collectibles to collect, and even many customization options to alter your favorite characters’ appearance. This guide will help you out with all you will need to know about the game.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


There are 12 red bricks you can find throughout the game which can be used to unlock gameplay extras and cheats. The video below will show you how to get all 12 bricks!

The timestamps for each brick shown in the video are listed below.

  • Classic Mode – 00:08
  • Pickup Detector – 01:07
  • Destroy on Contact – 02:20
  • Edna Mode… Mode – 04:13
  • Fast Interact – 05:23
  • Invincibility – 06:43
  • Stud Magnet – 09:14
  • X10 Studs – 10:16
  • X8 Studs – 11:32
  • X6 Studs – 12:51
  • X2 Studs – 13:37
  • Swing Mode – 14:42


Not many games allow you to directly input cheat codes now, but you can do so in this game. All you need to do is open the pause menu and select ‘Extras’ and then use the digital keyboard to input the cheat codes. You can find below two cheat codes that players have discovered so far.

Edna Mode: BRAB1R

Gamma Jack: G1MHR7

Apart from these, you can also unlock red brick cheats by finding red bricks, so keep an eye out for these. Further cheat codes, can be found here:


One of the hidden challenges in the game requires you to find 10 pieces of screenslaver brainwashing equipment and to then destroy it. You can find below the locations listed for where you can find each of the different pieces of screenslaver brainwashing equipment.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 1: You can find one in the Residential District near a building to the east which is under renovation. Go to the north of the park, and you will be able to find it there.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 2: Another one can be found in the Western side of Outer Municiberg near a bungalow at the lake.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 3: In Urbem Heights, you will be able to find one near the last row of apartment buildings towards the East. The equipment can be found in an alley here.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 4: You can find one in New Urbem Docks at the Eastern entrance in the alcove.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 5: You can find one in the Tourist District towards the east in front of the miniature lighthouse.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 6: One can be found in the Industrial District in Municiberg, in front of the factory towards the north-east.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 7: You can find one in the middle of downtown on the roof of a skyscraper.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 8: One can be found at the Waterfront on the pedestrian bridge towards the north-west of the area.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 9: You can find one in City Park towards the east. It can be found under the overpass in front of a tall building.

Screenslaver Brainwashing Equipment No. 10: You can find one in the Financial District towards the north-west. It’s near the construction site and next to a building with glass panes.


In order to complete this challenge, you will have to find ten anti-superhero posters and destroy them. You can find below the locations where you can find each of the posters.

Poster No. 1: You can find one in the Tourist district towards the southeast next to the glass building.

Poster No. 2: You can find another one in the Residential District in Municiberg. It can be found on the wall of a yellow building.

Poster No. 3: You can find another poster in the Financial District in the east of the region. You will be able to spot a red building, and you  can find the poster just above a dumpster here.

Poster No. 4: You will be able to find one towards the northeast of Outer Municiberg.It can be found on the wall of a red barn there.

Poster No. 5: In New Urbem, you will be able to find one to towards the northeast of Downtown. Nearby the park, you will be able to see the poster on a wall.

Poster No. 6: In the Waterfront, towards the northwest, you can find a poster under the bridge.

Poster No. 7: In Urbem Heights, you will be able to find one towards the east of the region. Under the overpass, you will be able to spot a fridge and a washing machine and the poster will be near these objects.

Poster No. 8: You can find one in the Industrial District towards the north. You will see a red brick factory here and you will be able to find the poster on the second floor of this building.

Poster No. 9: You can find one at the Docks. You will see a warehouse, and you just have to go behind the building to get the quest ‘Fish Fight’ from the Dockhand. This will allow you to get inside the building and you will be able to find the poster there.

Poster No. 10: In the City Park, go to the maze and you will be able to find the poster on the eastern side of the wall around the maze.


There are quite a few tasks in the game to complete and these will require you to go to multiple areas in order to finish them. You can find below details about all of the different tasks.

Clean Up Crew: This challenge requires you to Omnidroid wreckages and there is one of each in every area. They are large and easy to spot, so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Caught In The Act: To complete this, all you have to do is catch ten thieves. An easy way to complete it is by catching one thief and then coming back to the same location and then apprehending the same thief over and over again until you complete the challenge.

Taking Out The Trash: To complete this, you have to destroy five booby trapped pins in Municiberg’s Residential District. They look different from regular trash cans, so keep an eye out.

Everyone’s Hero: To complete this challenge, you will have to rescue ten civilians and one can be found in each district.

Payment Declined: To complete this challenge, you will have to destroy five hacked ATMs which can be spotted because they have glowing red screens.

Super Supporter: To complete this challenge, you will have to find and destroy ten anti-superhero posters. This can be quite challenging to complete, which is why we have listed out all the locations in the previous section.

Screenslaver Denied: To complete this challenge, you will have to destroy ten pieces of screenslaver brainwashing equipment and they can be hard to spot, which is why we have listed out all their locations in a previous section.

Fire Fighter: To complete this challenge, you have to extinguish ten fires around the city, and they’re quite easy to spot. Just use Violet’s Force Field to extinguish the fires.

Incredible Builder: To complete this challenge, you have to find a hundred incredibricks. These are often found on rooftops and other places out of reach. It would be easiest to make use of a flying character for this challenge,

Well Well Well: In Outer Municiber, you have to visit and use five wells in order to complete this challenge.


You can find below a list of all of the trophies you can earn in the game.

Cleaned, Well-lubricated And Wound Tight: Throw five enemies into the gears during ”Undermined”

The Best: Achieve True Super in any level

Plane Crazy: Don’t get hit by any plane parts during ”Above Parr”

A Natural Advantage: Collect a Red Brick

It’s Learning…: Trigger all traps during ”Nomanisan Island”

That’s One Way To Unpack: Destroy all the moving boxes during ”House Parr-ty”

The Supers Have Returned!: Complete 50 ambient crimes in the city

Superhero Of The Year: Clean up all districts

A Previous Engagement: Complete Chapter 7 – ”The Golden Years”

Jack-Jack Attack: Use all of Jack-Jack’s different powers

Worlds A-Parr-T: Complete Chapter 9 – ”Nomanisan Island”

Out In Public Again: Complete Chapter 1 – ”Undermined”

I Wanted To Go Bowling!: Complete Chapter 8 – ”Vigilant Vigilantes”

That Was Totally Wicked!: Achieve a 75 hit combo

I’m You, But Stronger!: Pair Buddy Pine with Syndrome

Bold! Dramatic! Heroic!: Create a custom character

The Best Of The Best: Achieve True Super in all levels

Luck Favors The Prepared: Collect all Red Bricks

Freeze!: Freeze a police officer with Frozone

Doing Our Part!: Complete an ambient crime in the city

It’s Showtime!: Unlock all trophies

Your Own Kind Of Incredible: Extinguish the fires during ”Screenslaver Showdown” without the Family Build

Better Than The BBQ!: Complete your first Family Build

Everyone Is Special: Defeat an enemy with a non-super character

Parr-ty House: Complete Chapter 5 – ”House Parr-ty”

Just Keep Swimming: Complete an underwater race as Dory

An Unwelcome Guest: Complete Chapter 10 – ”Return to Nomanisan Island”

Trouble On The Tracks: Complete Chapter 2 – ”Hover Train Hijinx”

Best Vacation Ever!: Complete Chapter 12 – ”The Final Showdown”

Senior Citizens Arrest: Defeat a district boss with a Senior Citizen

I’m A Billionaire!: Earn 1,000,000,000 Studs

Making The World A Better Place: Clean up a district

A Close Second: Finish a race with Dash achieving silver

Kitted Up: Collect all Minikits in the game

Where’s My Super Suit?!: Complete ”The Final Showdown” with Lucius Best (Workout)

Stay Right On My Trail, It’s Gonna Get Hot!: Complete ”Vigilant Vigilantes” in 9 minutes

Raccoon Them Up: Score ‘Incredible’ in all raccoon encounters during ”Revelations”

A-MAZE-ing: Survive Bomb Voyage’s maze during ”The Golden Years” without taking damage

Wheelie Good Time!: Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds during ”Hover Train Hijinx”

Where Are They Now?: Complete ”Omnidroid Rampage”

Kit Car: Collect all Minikits in a level

I’m Just Happy You’re Alive!: Complete Chapter 11 – ”Above Parr”

A Momentous Occasion: Complete Chapter 6 – ”Screenslaver Showdown”

Helicopter Havoc: Complete Chapter 3 – ”Revelations”

I’m Not Happy Bob. Not Happy: Attack Gilbert Huph with Bob Parr

No Capes: Create a custom character with a cape

Someone’s Always In Trouble: Release a district boss from prison

Key To The City: Achieve 100%

Truly Incredible!: Complete all Family Builds

Untouchable: Complete ”Return to Nomanisan Island” without being hit by a goo cannon

Making Parr: Chase down Screenslaver in ”Elastigirl On The Case” within 3 minutes and 15 seconds

A Slice Of The Action: Complete Chapter 4 – ”Elastigirl on the Case”

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