Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Mega Guide – Money/Gils, Key Items, Treasures And More

A complete guide for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Mega Guide – Money/Gils, Key Items, Treasures And More

This is a complete guide for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13. Using this guide you will be able to unlock trophies/achievements, farm money/gils, find lists of key items and treasures, learn about the combat system, schema, tips and tricks for boss fights, soul seeds farming, head accessories locations and more.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a fitting end to the Lightning series. You can read our full review here. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII features a wide and open world, so make sure you are exploring each and every location.

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Money/Gils Farming:

You can earn a lot of money/gils using the two video guides below:

Killing Cactuars in a beach will give you 200,000 Gils in an hour. Check out the video guide below.

You will see dark clouds in Lost Highway in Yusnaan from 4am to 6am. From the clouds infinite monsters will spawn and each of them will give you 15,000 Gils.

Key Items List:


  • Whither Faith’s Clue
  • Green Carbuncle Doll
  • Proof of Courage
  • Thunderclap
  • Rubber Ball
  • Crystal Shard
  • Quill Pen
  • Proof of the Legendary Title
  • Shaolong GUI Shell
  • Mandragora Root


  • Desert Flame
  • Jade Hair Comb
  • Bronze Pocket Watch
  • Chocobo Girl’s Phone Number
  • Statue Fragment
  • Middle of Oracle Square
  • ID card
  • Unfired Rocket Fireworks
  • Power Boost


  • Sun Reihana
  • Tsukiyomi Genka
  • Yeul Flower
  • Aryes Apple
  • Chocobodake
  • Krim Mushroom
  • Forest Fertilizer
  • Shirukisu Vegetable
  • Taboo of Etro
  • Rock Mole
  • Tantalum Vegetable
  • Scripture

Dead Dunes

  • Pilgrim’s Crux
  • Lizard Tail
  • Unappraised Item
  • Pilgrim’s Crux
  • Bhakti’s Oil
  • Tablet
  • Yellowed Skull
  • Unappraised Item
  • Loupe

Treasure List:


  • Fighter’s Emblem
  • Twist Headband
  • Magician’s Token
  • Silvered Medal
  • Fanatic Notes
  • Guard Level 2
  • Violet Amulet
  • Guard Glove
  • Runic Ring
  • Sparkstrike Level 2
  • Thundara Level 2
  • Stormbane Choker
  • Thorn of Protection
  • Battle-Axe of the Believer


  • Score Coder of Memories
  • Promised Necklace
  • Blitz Level 2
  • Locket Pendant
  • Wolf’s Emblem
  • Flanitor Notes
  • Giant’s Vambrace
  • Dispel Level 2
  • Sheet Music Intro of Memories
  • Patron’s Personal Guard Notes
  • Sheet Music Theme of Memories
  • Mage’s Gloves
  • Oath of the Merchant’s Guild
  • Thorn of Aggression
  • Gladiator Earrings
  • Soldier Thailand
  • Circlet of Third Eye
  • Lapsi Lazuli
  • Corundum Hairpin
  • Thorns of Determination
  • Thorns of Courage
  • Flame Bow Level 2
  • Heavy Guard Level 2
  • Ice Collar
  • Libra Item


  • Diabolical Crest
  • Bracelet of Fire Dragon
  • Witch Rosary
  • Bracelet of Thunder
  • Souruobusamasa
  • Moogle Dust
  • Knowledge of Yakushi
  • Thorns of the Timer
  • Mage Thurban
  • Aerora Level 2
  • Rosary Alms
  • Fuma Bracelet
  • Old Photo Frame
  • Blizzara Level 2
  • Bracelet Water Fairy
  • Soul of the First
  • Ruinga Level 2
  • Firage Level 2
  • Blizzaga Level 2
  • Libra Item
  • Thundaga Level 2
  • Tetra Coronet
  • Aeroga Level 2

Dead Dunes

  • Metal Armband
  • Study of the Depths
  • Debrave Level 2
  • Defaith Level 2
  • Galestrike Level 2
  • Star Bracelet
  • Cactair Notes
  • Key to the Sand Gate
  • Angel’s Headband
  • Silver Barrette
  • Pain Dampener
  • Rainbow Gem
  • Spiritual Veil
  • Pretty Orb
  • Serenity Sachet
  • Earth Eater Notes
  • Bandit’s Bloodseal
  • Corsair Scarf
  • Gurangatch Notes

Achievement and Trophy Guide:

Below you will find the complete guide for unlocking achievement and trophies in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The list also includes secret achievements and trophies.

Eternal Light

Collect all trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.

The Savior’s Descent

It will be one of the first trophies you will unlock in the game, right after the tutorial.

The Hope of a Promise

You need to complete Story Quest 1-5 in Luxerion by completing a boss battle with Noel Kreiss. You can defeat her by using Thunder.

Hope at the Edge of Despair

You need to complete Story Quest 2-3 in Yusnaan by completing a boss battle with Snow Villiers. His weakness as the name suggests is fire.

The Mystery of the Clavis

You need to complete Story Quest 4-5 in The Dead Dunes by completing a boss battle with Grendel/Parandeus. You can defeat it by using the wind power.

An Appetite for Chaos

You need to complete Story Quest 3-3 in The Wildlands by completing a boss battle with Caius Ballad.

A Legend from Times Past

You need to defeat Bhunivelze in the final dungeon of Day 13/14. The complete video guide to defeat him is below:

Beyond Thirteen

Refer the Monster Bane trophy/achievement to unlock this.

A Father, a Son, and a Chocobo

You can unlock this trophy/achievement by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: First of all in quest 5-2, you need to follow chocobo and open the treasure chest [you can’t miss this]
  • Step 2: In quest 5-3, after you reach the canvas you would need to speak to Chocolina and take up the quest for finding The Key to Chocolina’s Heart. For this purpose you would need to first find the Coin of Memories.
  • Step 3: Coin of Memories is located in a treasure chest The Wildlands on Aries Hill. Go there and retrieve it.
  • Step 4: In quest 5-4, you meet a magician in Luxerion. He will demand Mog Fragment & Soul Seed. Getting the soul seed is fairly easy but for the fragment need you would need to complete a quest titled For a Tiny Peace.
  • Step 5: In quest 5-5, you would need to defeat Zaltis. You will find Zaltis in Yusnaan.
  • Step 6: In quest 5-6, you would need to return to the Dead Dunes and stop a sand storm. Thereafter you will fight Afro Sabotender. You would need to defeat it.

Deliverer of Salvation

Proof of clearing 5 side quests. It is a fine beginning, but the journey is still long. This is self explanatory. The following are the number of side quests you will find in each of the areas:

  • Luxerion has 20 side quests
  • Wildlands has 22 side quests
  • Dead Dunes has 8 quests
  • Yusnaan has 16 quests

The Chocobo’s Savior

You will need to continuously feed the chocobo you found in quest 3-1. This will take place in quest 3-2. You need to keep feeding it until the trophy/achievement unlocks on its own. Some sources of food are sheep milk and choconamin.

Lizard Lariat

You can unlock this trophy or achievement by hunting down more than 30 lizards in the shifting sands of the Dead Dunes. You will find lizards in Dead Dunes and although they are not your enemy you can still hit them. Kill thirty of them to unlock this one. Check out the video below.

Crimson Rebirth

As you must be aware your sword is broken and needs to be repaired. This is what exactly you are going to do here. You need to complete four trials which will boost the sword’s attack power to 4000. However nothing will get carried over to NG+.

Queen of the Arena

You need to win the Battle arena 10 times! One of the most easiest trophies/achievements to unlock.

Seed Collector

The player needs to find 50 soul seeds in order to lock this trophy/achievement. In order to do so you need to find Chaos Zone, but before you fight the enemies here, the game will give you the opportunity to collect soul seeds. In short you need to find many more Chaos Zones. However there are better ways to farm soul seeds. First of all there is a bridge that inter connects all the four main regions in the game. If you manage to come here and the 9th and 13th day you will see a ton of Chaos Zones. But you need to complete the Globetrotter trophy for the chaos zones to appears. Another way is by completing a side quest titled Death Game. You will find this in Yusnaan. However in order to unlock this, you need to complete Gabble Suppression War in quest 2-2. The Death Game will put you under chaos zone, allowing you to collect souls seeds. The good thing is even if you complete the four hour limit and get thrown into the dungeon you wont’s lose the seeds you collected.

Perfect Passenger

Proof of riding upon all of the great monorail lines that cross this shrinking world. Simple and self explanatory.


On day 9, you would be given three requests. Great Road 1, Great Road 2 and Great Road 3. Simply collect the two key items located in each location.

Novice Swordsmith

Improve your first weapon.

Novice Shieldsmith

Improve your first shield.

Novice Synthesist

Synthesize your first ability.

Novice Craftsman

Upgrade your first accessory.

Novice Stylist

You need to equip a garb, shield, sword and abilities hence forming a schema. You need to do this many times before you unlock this trophy/achievement.

Novice Artist

Change the color of the garb.

Expert Swordsmith

You need to modify a weapon or separate weapons 30 times.

Expert Shieldsmith

You need to modify a shield or separate shields 30 times.

Expert Synthesist

Speak to an ability vendor and it’s simple from here, perform 30 simple syntheses.

Expert Craftsman/ Head Accessories Locations

You need to find 30 accessories during the your first playthrough and then start the game again using New Game Plus and find those accessories again. Below are the locations for Head Accessories:


  • Fighter Sign
  • Magician Symbol
  • Zirconia Brooch
  • Wind-Resistant Collar
  • Samurai Comb
  • Soldier’s Feather Pin


  • Wolf’s Emblem
  • Promise Choker
  • Rocket Pendant (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Corundum Hairpin
  • Demon’s Earring
  • Gladiator’s Earring (You will need 2 GP to open this)
  • Soldier Tie
  • Mind’s Eye Circlet
  • Ice-Resistant Collar

The Wildlands

  • Devilish Crest
  • Witch’s Rosario
  • Thunder-Resistant Collar
  • Soul of Samasa (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Mage Turban
  • Fire-Resistant Collar
  • Tetra Coronet

The Dead Dunes

  • Corsair Bandana
  • Silk Scarf (You will need 6 GP to open this)
  • Fairy’s Veil
  • Silver Barrette
  • Guard’s Clavier
  • Satin Scrunchie
  • Cursed Choker
  • Swallow Comb
  • Gale Hair Ornament

From Bosses

  • Falcon Charm – Aeronite
  • Ghost Hood – Story Quest 2-3 Boss
  • Ghoul Hood – Story Quest 4-5 Boss
  • Early-Blooming Corsage – Gorgonopsid Omega
  • Fighter’s Hachikane – Sabotender Omega
  • Wilderness Crest – Goblin Omega
  • Devilish Crest – Gremlin Omega
  • Grand Dragon Scale – Gabble Omega
  • Phantom Dragon Scale – Megabble Omega
  • Fire Death Magatama – Zaltis Omega
  • Ice Death Magatama – Puchinero Omega
  • Thunder Death Magatama – Masurao Omega
  • Wind Death Magatama – Zomok Omega
  • Skeleton Earring – Rafflesia Omega
  • Warrior’s Hunting Mask – Triffid Omega
  • Demon’s Hunting Mask – Schledinger Omega
  • Grudge Mashada – Desert Sahagin Omega
  • Warm Shawl – Grangatch Omega

Expert Stylist

You need to obtain 30 garbs. There are 82 different garbs in the game which you will come across during your playthrough in the game.

Unearthly Apothecary

Obtain an elixir. You can buy this from Magic vendors by giving 100 soul seeds.

Garb of Destruction

Obtain the ultimate garb which filled with destructive magic. Refer Monster Bane below to know how you can unlock this trophy/achievement.

Monster Bane
Check out the video guide below to know how you can unlock this trophy/achievement.

Desert Dragonslayer

You need to defeat dragon Aeronite who roams in the Dead Dunes. Check out the video below to know how you can defeat this boss.

Hero of Might

Defeat 100 enemies in battle.

Hero of Glory

Defeat 300 enemies in battle.

Hero of Legend

Defeat 500 enemies in battle.

Fatal Impact

Do damage with 100,000 hits. You will unlock this naturally.

Seeing Stars

Stagger enemies 50 times with fearsome attacks. Self explanatory.

Miracle of Light

This trophy/achievement will unlock automatically once you have used a total of 50 EP.

Perfect Timing

You need to successful guard against an enemy’s attack with perfect timing.

Harbinger of Death

Proof of defeating your first Last One, the final specimen of a species on the verge of extinction. Check out the video guide below:

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game.

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