Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guide – How To Level Up Fast

It can be pain to bring everyone up to the same level. Here’s how to get it done faster.

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marvel ultimate alliance 3

There’s a huge roster of characters to choose from in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. However, if you want any of them to actually be viable, they need to be leveled up. With so many heroes to choose from and each new hero starting from level 1 (with the exception of some secret heroes), this can seem like a grind. Worry not though – there are several ways to make the process go by faster.

XP Cubes

The first method is XP Cubes which, as the name denotes, can increase the XP for certain characters (others don’t benefit quite as much). Head to the Team Menu, locate the character in question and press Y to use the XP Cube. XP Cubes are consumed on use so decide carefully which character gets it.

Infinity Trials

At some point, you’ll have to hop into the Infinity Trials to net resources for upgrading your heroes. Plus, the rewards increase depending on your performance.

The key to bringing up low-level heroes is to pair them with stronger heroes and then head into an Infinity Trial. While your higher level hero does all the heavy lifting, the lower level hero will gain large amounts of XP and level up quickly.

Just make sure you’re not taking on Trials with exponentially high level requirements. If a Trial is a few levels higher than your best heroes, it’s best to farm something else for a while.

Character Duplication and XP Farming Glitch

Of course, if you’re really, really hurting for XP, there’s a glitch that could help. First, go to Infinity Mode and choose a Solo Infinity Trial. Now, make sure the character in question is in the second, third or fourth character slot. Once you enter the Trial, feed your brains out and lose. Now press “Quit” and head back to the Hero Select menu.

Inexplicably, there will be a copy of the same hero from the previous Solo Trial in the first character slot. But why stop at just two of the same character? Choose the hero in the first character slot and then choose another character that’s on your team. Make sure that the character is on your team, or else the duplicate hero will disappear.

Once you’ve selected a character that’s on your team, you’ll be able to swap places. Head into the same Solo Hero Trial and lose again. Go back to the Hero Select screen again and you’ll have another copy of the same hero. Repeat the process again to have an entire team of the same hero, which nets that character quadruple the XP and rewards. If that weren’t enough, the team can also go into Story Mode via Chapter Select and farm XP there.

This glitch hasn’t been patched yet (to our knowledge) so give it a shot if you’re hard-up on XP.

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