Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Guide: All Infinity Stones And Their Effects, And All Unlocks in the Game

Leveraging the Infinity Stones for your benefit.

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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has very string tie ins to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe- so obviously, things like the Infinity Stones are played up more than they ever have been this time around. There are six Infinity Stones, and each gives you a different power during its surge/storm phase.

Knowing which power each stone has, and then picking the right stone, and then using it at the right time, can mean the difference between victory and defeat- thank goodness, then, that we are here to tell you all of that!

  • Time Stone: Basically, you control time. You can move through opponents, obstacles, travel distances in a jiffy, and land quick blows with this stone
  • Mind Stone: During its Storm phase, it refills your Hyper Combo and keeps it filled, no matter what. During the surge phase, it can throw your opponent to the ground, and keep them immobilized there
  • Reality Stone: Launches a slow homing missile; Storm will launch a unique elemental attack, based on what button you pressed to activate it
  • Power Stone: As you might have guessed, a Power Stone gives you Power. Surge lets you throw your enemies against the wall, while Storm powers your individual blows up
  • Space Stone: In the Surge phase, you can pull opponents towards you; in the Storm phase, enemies get locked up in a cage, and you can attack them from any side you want
  • Soul Stone: Leeches life from your opponent to heal you; in the Storm Phase, it lets you call out an ally and extends the effect to them, while also healing them even if they were knocked out, and letting you all launch Supers simultaneously… this one is kind of OP.


Character Colors

Every single character in the game already has two colors available to them to begin with. Beating the Arcade Mode with a character once unlocks a third color option; beating the Arcade Mode with them again unlocks the fourth and final color option for that character.

To unlock the following stages, you need to beat the game’s story mode:

  • Dark Kingdom – Wastelands
  • Knowmoon – Gravitron Core
  • A.I.M.Brella – Laboratory Pathway
  • Abel City – Sigma’s Lab
  • Avengers Tower – Lab
  • Xgard – Bifrost Bridge
  • Xgard – Underground Prison
  • Knowmoon – Walkway

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