Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Guide: Tips And Tricks To Play The Game

Some basic tips so you don’t make a fool of yourself in Capcom’s latest fighter.

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Probably having learned from the debacle of Street Fighter VMarvel vs CapcomInfinite is an easier game to pick up on for a lot of newcomers than many Capcom fighting games often can be. It is a far more complete package, too, with more recognizable characters and properties.

The flip side? It’s still a Capcom video game, so there’s still a lot going on that you need to know if you want to do well. That’s where we come in- this guide has the most basic, absolutely essential information you need to know if you don’t want to end up making a total and complete fool of yourself. Let’s get started.


Before we go anywhere else, let’s first get the controls out of the way:

  • Light Punch (LP): Square/X
  • Heavy Punch (HP): Triangle/Y
  • Light Kick (LK): Cross/A
  • Heavy Kick (HK): Circle/B
  • Character Switch (Switch): R1/RB
  • Infinity Surge (Surge): L1/LB

Okay, now for some of the most basic information necessary to play the game:

  • Player 1 is always on the left side of the screen. Player 2 is on the right side. These positions can change over the course of a match. That said, player 1’s information will always be displayed on the left (and player 2’s on the right)
  • Unless configured to be matches with no time limits, all games have a time limit, usually of 99 seconds
  • Once you start losing health, you will notice that there is a portion of your health bar that is red- this is health you can regenerate, as long as your fighter doesn’t receive more damage before you have
  • The four bar gauge at the bottom is your Super Gauge- you can use this to pull of Super Moves (which cost a bar each), a Hyper Combo (3 bars each), and for other effects and techniques.
  • The Infinity Meter is displayed in the corner of your side of the screen- this builds up over time, and can be used to unleash an Infinity Storm

There are also some advanced techniques you should try and keep a track of:

  • You can dash (move quickly) by flicking the analog stick in the desired side twice quickly
  • You can super jump by pressing down, and then quickly pressing (and holding) up- this lets you soar into the sky
    • Super jumps can be controlled by pressing down quickly again
  • Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick together launch a simplified Super Move for your character- if you are new to the game and unfamiliar with combos, or just in a pinch, this can help you launch some quick, effective super moves
  • Pressing down and Heavy Punch launches your opponent in the air- keep them there after that to keep control of the match
  • Heavy Punch plus a direction at your opponent lets you throw them- this, again, can be important in a game, since it decapitates your opponent momentarily, while also dishing out a lot of damage

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