Mass Effect 2 versus Mass Effect 1: HD Screen Shot Comparison

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Mass Effect 2 is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2010. But how much has the game evolved graphically since the original Mass Effect? It’s been over two years since the last game released on the Xbox 360, so we thought it would be nice to do a screenshot comparison between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, just before the January 26th release date.

The first image is from Mass Effect 1 and the second is from Mass Effect 2 in each of the comparisons.

Please note that we have considered Xbox 360 as the platform to compare the screen shots.

Click the images to see in full screen.

Comparison 1:

In our first comparison we will pit Shepard against Shepard. Commander Shepard definitely looks much more realistic in the sequel. In two years Bioware has done a hell of a job with their engine, the details and the visible scars on Shepard’s face is just amazing. In the first game, even though the visuals were good, it’s no way as close to what we have now.

Comparison 2:

In the second round we compare how the visuals are when you are in the over-the-shoulder view. This is an ideal view to compare both the games since it tells us a lot about the visuals; the characters armor, environment and the objects around the Commander. Hands down, Mass Effect 2 again looks superior in all departments. The first game had a kind of a grainy look to it, so it’s a no brainer who is winning here.

Comparison 3:

It’s time to compare the beautiful scenery in both the games. Mass Effect had some of the most visually appealing environments back in 2007, but in 2010 its sequel will be a sight to behold. The environments have a touch of glow and they are better and more appealing in Mass Effect 2.

Comparison 4:

It’s time to compare how the two games look like while you are fighting. I know this is somewhat similar to the second comparison, but this time we will also compare enemies and the explosions. Mass Effect had decent effects when the players used their special powers but in Mass Effect 2, not only do the effects look amazing but they do look like they are really electrifying the enemies. Also if you look closely the enemies are pretty detailed too.

Comparison 5:

This time we will compare the other characters in the game. In most games the main protagonist is modeled in a pretty good fashion but the developers simple forget about the other guys. As you can see from the images, Mass Effect 1 does not stand a chance against the sequel. The characters are much more realistic and have awesome facial modeling.

So in our visual comparison, Mass Effect 2 wins five out of five, but will its gameplay be as solid as the first one? Check Gaming Bolt again when the game is released to know the answer.

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