Mass Effect Andromeda Collectibles Locations Guide: Fusion Mods, All Model Ships, Remnant Decryption Keys, And Memory Triggers

Like any open world game, Andromeda has collectibles. Here’s where to get them.

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Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t strictly speaking an open world game- but it is more open world than previous entries in the series have been. With its move towards open world conventions comes some of the same things that we see in other titles in the genre- namely, a boat load of collectibles for you to track down.

Seriously, there are a lot of collectibles in Mass Effect Andromeda– in this guide, we help you track them all down.


Memories and Audio Logs can help you learn the origins of the Andromeda initiative, as well as some idea of the context of the Milky Way as you fled to the Andromeda galaxy. The video below shows you how and where to find these:


Yes, you can get Sheppard’s iconic Normandy in Andromeda– well, you can get a small model of it anyway. The videos below show you how.


These are special mods for Ryder’s armor that, when applied, can net positive and negative effects, both. Below is a list of all of them:

  • Fusion Mod of Rupture: Obtained by clearing Elaaden Vault
  • Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery: Obtained by defeating Elaaden Architect
  • Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment: Obtained by clearing Kadara Vault
  • Fusion Mod of Battering: Obtained by defeating Kadara Architect
  • Fusion Mod of Robotics: Obtained by clearing Havarl Vault
  • Fusion Mod of Adrenaline: Obtained by solving Havarl puzzle
  • Fusion Mod of Health: Beat Archon’s Sword in The Journey to Meridian quest
  • Fusion Mod of Shielding:  Obtained by clearing Eos Vault
  • Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery: Obtained by defeating Eos Architect
  • Fusion Mod of Resistance: Obtained by clearing Voeld Vault
  • Fusion Mod of Hovering: Obtained by defeating Voeld Architect


Remnant Decryption Keys are consumable items used to override Remnant Puzzles- essentially, they are a one time use cheatcode that automatically solves any puzzles you don’t want to solve yourself. You need to find a lot of these so you have them on hand.

You can get these as drops from Remnant enemies, as well as loot in Remnant buildings and vehicles. You also get some early in the game. You are advised not to use the ones you have unless you really need to.

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