Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Tempest And Nomad Upgrades, How To Mine For Resources

Knowing these things could make all the difference in your Andromeda playthrough.

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Mass Effect Andromeda gives you two vehicles- the Tempest, which is the spaceship that serves as the hub of your adventures in Andromeda, and the Nomad, which is a planetary exploration vehicle, which you use when you want to scope out a planet. Andromeda also gives you the chance to customize each vehicle, and make it more effective, and/or suited to your requirements and playstyle. Here, we discuss these upgrades for each vehicle.


There are 10 rooms in the Tempest:

  • Pathfinder’s Cabin: Your room
  • Bridge: This is where you navigate the ship from
  • Med Bay: Dispensary and hospital within the Tempest
  • Cargo Bay: Among other things, this is where the Nomad is
  • Research Room: This is where your gathered intel and samples are analyzed, and new uses for them are determined
  • Tech and Bio Labs: This is where all discoveries take place; samples you find may eventually end up here, too
  • Crewquarters and Galley: Sleeping quarters for your crewmembers, and the kitchen, are found here
  • Meeting Room: Where the entire crew gathers, mostly for meetings with the Nexus
  • Engineering Bay: The engineering hub for the Tempest
  • Armory: Weapons development center

Ship customization involves developing each of these individual rooms, which can lead to their facilities becoming better, and more full fledged, and more personnel being assigned to them.


This is what you can customize on the Nomad:

  • Shield: To protect the Nomad and its occupants
  • Radar: Highlights enemies
  • Shield Blast: A power that lets you explode the final remnants of a degrading shield to create a shockwave explosion
  • Life Support: More resistance against environmental hazards
  • Paint Jobs: You can customize these based on the surroundings
  • Thrusts: To get more boost


Mining is an important aspect of the game, and is used to gather resources. Resources are gathered using the Nomad’s mining features, and the more you gather, the more you can develop weapons, armor, upgrades, and augmentations. To mine, you just activate a forward station to find a mining zone, check the computer to see the minerals available there, and then deploy a drill to mine until the area is depleted.

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