Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Upgrading Nexus, Earning AVP, And Unlocking Cryo Pods

Some upgrade tips for Mass Effect Andromeda.

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AVPs are Andromeda Viability Points, which should, perhaps, make it very clear that they are an important gameplay mechanic in Mass Effect Andromeda. Your AVP score needs to be as high as possible so that you can achieve the objectives of the Andromeda Initiative. Earning AVP points is also tied to a larger mechanic, which unlocks helpful bonuses and perks.

AVP cannot be gained right away- they need to be unlocked first. To do so:

  • Colonise Eos
  • The quest AVP Cryo Deployment Perks should now be available.
  • Go to Nexus Operations and talk to Addison and Brecka. They’ll tell you about the AVP Status Terminal.
  • You can access the AVP Status Terminal on the Nomad and Tempest, both.


AVP is earned, very simply, by making planets more habitable for the races of the Milky Way. You need to be the closest you can get to 100% for each planet- you can do these things by going to Remnant Vaults and unlocking the Monoliths within, establishing outposts, destroying enemy bases, doing Priority Quests, and so on.


Gathering AVP increases your Nexus level, which in turn leads to a very interesting mechanic- the ability Cry Pod point. Essentially, these allow you to wake up a sleeping crew member still in a Cryo Pod in the Nexus, and then assign them to a planet- this nets you some perks.

Science Pods

  • Lab Technicians: Get Research Points every 45 minutes
  • Improved Deployment: Research data is boosted by 10%
  • Expanded Field Analysis: Forward Stations automatically detect resources
  • Mining Operations: Get Minerals every 45 minutes

Military Pods

  • Munitions: Get a Consumables drop every 45 minutes
  • Advanced Training: Get 10% EXP more for every set encounter completed
  • Always Prepared: Awards you an additional slot for Consumables, but only if Eos is at 70% viability
  • Versatility: Awards you an additional slot for Consumables, but only if Eos is at 90% viability
  • Hunting Parties: Get an organic materials drop every 45 minutes
  • Special Forces: get a Tech materials drop every 45 minutes
  • Reconnaissance: Reveal hidden caches around Forward Stations
  • APEX Tactics: An additional 15% boost to credits you earn on APEX missions

Commerce Pods

  • Market Dominance: Get access to special inventory at vendors
  • Financial Infrastructure II: Gain additional Credits every 45 minutes
  • Financial Infrastructure: Gain Credits every 45 minutes
  • Grey Market Connections:  Improves prices you get at vendors
  • Trade Capacity: Increase your inventory space

Upgrading Nexus:

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