Mass Effect Andromeda Information- Choices, Dialogue System, And Narration Actions

Spectrum instead of binary.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Choices in action and dialog, and how those choices impact the narrative and gameplay, is the defining and central trait of the Mass Effect franchise- so does it come as much of a surprise that it will be returning in Mass Effect Andromeda? That said, like just about everything else in the game, it seems like it will be sufficiently changed from how it used to work in older game. Game Informer (via NeoGAF) report that big changes are on the way.

The biggest one of these is that the Paragon/Renegade system is now no longer a thing- Bioware instead want a full spectrum, and more nuance and subtlety to give the player more opportunity to express themselves. The result will be that you can agree or disagree with someone or something without being pushed into a Paragon or Renegade label that you might not want. Dialog wheels will still have labels, but they’re more to inform the player than to demarcate ‘Paragon’ or ‘Renegade’ choices.

Narrative actions and prompts will also return, but they’ll be more ambiguous, rather than, again, being binary like before. Like The Witcher 3, decisions won’t necessarily be right or wrong, and the player will instead see a multitude of consequences to each of their choices.

Mass Effect Andromeda will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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