Mega Man 11 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Mega Man 11.

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Mega Man 11 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game



PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC


Release Date:October 2, 2018

Mega Man 11 is the first Mega Man instalment in eight years, after the series went on a hiatus following 2010’s Mega Man 10. It serves as the eleventh mainline instalment in the original Mega Man series of video games.


While creating Mega Man 11, one of Capcom’s primary goals was to bring the series forward into the present generation while maintaining a balance between having it be a traditional yet modernized Mega Man experience. They chose to do so by adopting a different visual approach for the game. While all prior Mega Man games had gone with a pixel art style, with later ones like Mega Man 9 and 10 consciously doing so to evoke a retro look, Mega Man 11 instead has 2.5D visuals with polygonal models, against the backdrop of 2D side-scrolling hand-drawn backgrounds.

Mega Man 11 is built on the MT Framework engine, which was originally developed by Capcom to develop titles such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet, but has since then went on to become one of their most commonly used engines. The game also has voice acting. Capcom have also confirmed that Mega Man 11 will retail for a price of only $30 on all platforms it releases on (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One).


Mega Man 11- 9

Years ago when Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were in college together, the latter was working on a device known as the Double Gear System, which, in theory significantly enhances the capabilities of robots. However, Dr. Wily’s research is deemed to dangerous and is shut down in favour of Dr. Light’s work, which contributes toward the eventual rift between the two. Years later, Dr. Wily appears in Dr. Light’s lab while the latter is doing a routine checkup on some of his robots. Dr. Wily steals eight of Light’s robots and uses the Double Gears System on the, with the intentions of making them his Robot Masters and using them to take over the world. Afterward, it falls to Mega Man to defeat all eight robot masters and defeat Dr. Wily. For this purpose, Dr. Light fits Mega Man with a prototype Double Gears System as well.


Mega Man 11- 2

While Mega Man 11 looks to retain the traditional precision platforming and action style of earlier games in the series, with classic moves such as sliding and charged Mega Blaster shots making a return, the game also introduces a major new mechanic in the form of the Double Gear. The Double Gear grants Mega Man either great speed in one mode (which sees the time slowed down, allowing players to traverse tight and deadly hazards or dodge incoming attacks) or greater power in another mode (which allows Mega Man to shoot more powerful shots). Both modes come with a cooldown meter and can become overheated, requiring some time to be recharged in such a situation. There is also a third mode that players can use, which can only be triggered when Mega Man’s health is critically low, which allows him to use both Gears together at the same time to unleash a powerful charged shot. However, this leaves him in a weakened state for a short while afterwards.

Like its predecessors, Mega Man 11 will have eight stages in total, each with their own unique themes, styles, bosses, and mini-boss encounters. All eight stages are open from the get go, allowing players to tackle them in whichever order they please. Each of Dr. Wily’s eight Robot Masters serves as a boss for each of the eight levels. The eight Robot Masters included in the game are Acid Man, Block Man, Torch Man, Fuse Man, Impact Man, Tundra Man, Blast Man, and Bounce Man. Defeating each boss also gives Mega Man new weapons and abilities. Mega Man can also visit Dr. Light’s lab in between stages, which serves as a place where players can upgrade and outfit themselves. Players can use any bolts that they acquire from enemies across all stages to visit Dr. Light’s lab, where they can then buy new upgrades, which will provide various boosts, buffs, and abilities. Additionally, players can also equip and unequip these upgrades with regard to particular needs and requirements for certain stages or bosses.

Mega Man 11 will also have a Challenges Mode based on Time Attack modes in previous games, which will include several different kinds of challenges, with each of them having their own specific sets of rules and requirements. Time Attack will be a traditional time trial run, requiring the player to beat levels as quickly as possible. Score Attack will task players with racking up the highest amount of point possible, with successive chained kills resulting in higher scores. The Jump Saver challenge will feature a jump counter, which will dictate the maximum amount of jumps a player can make while completing a level. Lastly, The Balloon Rush mode will see players going through stages filled with blue and red balloons. Players will have to attack blue balloons and dodge red ones, and mistakenly missing blue ones and attacking red ones will result in time penalties. Challenges will also be tied to global online leaderboards.

mega man 11

Mega Man 11 will also give players the option to choose from several different difficulty levels. Difficulty options were also included in Mega Man 10, but have been expanded in Mega Man 11, with a total of four being available in this game- Newcomer, Casual, Normal, Superhero. Newcomer mode prevents players from dying by falling off the stage, while also being given infinite lives. Capcom has also confirmed that in spite of its name, Casual will still provide a challenging experience that will be true to Mega Man games, and has only been named so in terms of how much experience a player may or may not have with the series and previous entries. Beyond Newcomer, each difficulty level will provide fewer lives than the previous one to players per each stage, while drops for bolts and health replenish also become progressively less frequent.

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