Metal Gear Solid 5 Story And Gameplay Details: Snake May Kill Quiet When The Time Comes

Tons of new details revealed at TGS 2014.

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Update: The part about Snake possibly killing Quiet later in the game is not a spoiler. Konami and Kojima themselves showcased that information in a video today.

Tons of new information have been revealed from Konami’s stage presentation at the Tokyo Games Show. And going by the gameplay demo that Hideo Kojima released, this indeed seems like this his magnum opus. First of all, snake’s prosthetic is can be customized and it can also act as a non-lethal weapon that can be used it stun enemies. Snake’s stun arm prothesis packs 1.2 million volts! Kojima said there were “a lot” of prosthetic  arms with different functions.

If Quiet is contacted on the codec, she won’t speak but instead hums a song. She can shoot projectiles in mid-air and will detect and mark enemies when scouting. She is also capable of doing sync-shots with you for precise take downs. She will mark enemies when she infiltrates ahead of you and the attack commands for Quiet were: shoot, target and wait for my signal, shoot this (the grenade), provide/cease covering fire. But depending on player actions, Quiet’s support will vary for you in the game. Plot wise, she has a weakness that will be explained in the game. Quiet is not the only buddy you can take in missions. Different buddies will be present on a different day.

Snake can climb flat surfaces similar to Assassin’s Creed.  and his horse can be sent back to Mother Base via fulton by using the iDroid. The sneaking suits comes packed with  Puma shoes. Inflatable decoys can be used as distractions and they utter ‘Kept you waiting huh?’

Unlike Ground Zeroes, there are eight item slots. This may be customizable and may depend on the suit Snake is wearing however this is an assumption on our part. The game will possibly have destructible environments and weapons can be customized.

Finally, Snake may kill Quiet later in the game. Here is the full translation from the cutscene trailer that was revealed today:

Ocelot: Switch to thermal! … Grab her!

Miller: Shoot her. … Shoot her!

Ocelot: Hold on, Miller! She’s the who saved the boss!

Miller: She did that since she wanted to be saved herself! Now fire!!

Snake: Put her in the brig! Keep a close eye on her…

Ocelot: Alright. Take her away. What are you waiting for, get on it!

Miller: Boss! This will only lead to disaster! That woman-

Snake: That’s right. She now knows about this place. Either way we’ll kill her, just not right now. When the time comes… I’ll do it.

The last bit of dialogue from Snake is chilling. The Snake we know from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Portable Ops and Peace Walker is dead. The Phantom Pain will eventually see Snake becoming the good old evil dad of Solid Snake, who almost wages a nuclear war against the world in the original Metal Gear.

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