Metal Gear Survive Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Metal Gear Survive.

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Metal Gear Survive Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Metal Gear Survive



PC, PS4, Xbox One

Genre:Survival Horror

Release Date:2017

Metal Gear Survive is an upcoming Metal Gear game that will take some of the already known characters from the series and plant them in an alternate universe they reached by traveling through a wormhole. While this is not considered a direct continuation of the action depicted in Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, this is considered a game that will continue the story in a way. The game pits teams of four players against a world infested with strange Crystal Zombies as well as some form of Metal Gear. This is the first Metal Gear game that was developed by Konami since the departure of Hideo Kojima. While it does not have an official release date, the title is expected to launch sometime in 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Metal Gear Survive was officially announced at Gamescom 2016 through a reveal trailer. When the game was officially announced, it was met with a great deal of skepticism, mainly because fans of the Metal Gear universe are also fans of its creator, Hideo Kojima. Konami announced they will be doing this game without the long time employee and fans of the series were quick to voice their displeasure of the continuation. Kojima himself talked about his expectations of any upcoming Metal Gear game and didn’t seem to like he was too pleased about the introduction of some kind of zombie creatures into the game. During the reveal, Konami announced this would not be a full priced $60 game, but will instead retail for around $30 at launch.

Shortly after the game was announced, the developers laid out why the believe this is a good sequel to Metal Gear Solid 5 and that they will be taking elements from the previous game. At the end of August, 2016, Konami said it was “making preparations” to release more game footage and more details about the title. On September 17, 2016 a new video was released which showed about half an hour of gameplay. At the moment, there is no release date known for Metal Gear Survive but Konami has said it expects to launch the game sometime in 2017. It will be released for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. So far there has not been any mention as to whether or not this game is going to include PS4 Pro support. The developers have also not explained whether the low price point is because this will only be a digital download or whether there will be a full retail release.


Metal Gear Survive picks up where Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes leaves off. Following the evacuation of Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller from the Mother Base which was under massive attack, a wormhole opens in the sky and sucks up the base, as well the remaining MSF soldiers who had survived the attacks. The soldiers and the Mother Base are all transported to an alternate reality. In this new world, the soldiers soon realize the place is full of hostile, crystalline zombie-like things. The soldiers soon begin referring to these zombie things simply as “creatures.” Their goal is to find materials and do anything they can to just to rebuild the mother base and go back to their own world. Along the way, the soldiers will be looking to find out what they can about how these creatures came to overrun the world they now inhabit as well as what happened to everyone else on this strange planet.


The game takes place from a third person point of view. While there is an element of stealth, considering team members will have to get around the zombie-like crystalline creatures from time to time in order to complete a mission, the trailers make Metal Gear Survive to be more of a straight forward action game. This game has more co-op play mechanics than people are used to seeing in Metal Gear game, thanks to the four-player teams which will be at the center of the story. Because the team will find themselves on a desolated desert landscape, they will have to forage for supplies in order to find a way to build the Mother Base back up. The team has been told that the only way they will be able to get back to their own world is if they can get the Mother Base up and running.

There will be a level of strategy involved in the game as well, considering that there will be some rather massive threats that will pop up from the crystalline creatures. When it comes to the materials that can be gathered in this game, videos have surfaced in order to give us a bit of info about what we can expect to see in the game. Those videos have showed characters using the Fulton equipment in order to bring home important materials, and players can even use it on animals and the zombie-like foes. The reveal trailer footage shows one player analyzing a map on his radio,  once he checks out the map he ends up planning an objective and then moving forward with his team. The group then goes about carrying out the missing, including extracting zombies and clearing areas. The gameplay is similar to Metal Gear Solid 5, though there are obvious differences, like getting rid of zombies instead of enemy soldiers or some kind of farm animals. The game will allow for playing alongside three AI teammates. There is also the option of playing online alongside other players.


While we know that the characters are four soldiers that were swept through a wormhole into the alternate universe, those particular characters are not well known in the Metal Gear universe. Enemy characters appear to be made up entirely of the crystalline zombie creatures featured in the videos.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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