Microsoft Details Xbox One’s Power Usage, Defends Price Point

Another interview with Microsoft about the Xbox One

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In an interview with gaming website, 4 Players, Microsoft has revealed some new information about the hardware, electrical usage and competitive philosophy of the Xbox One. This interview took place after the announcement that Microsoft had decided to increase the clock speed of the Xbox One’s graphics chips by nearly seven percent.

Additionally, Microsoft revealed the sleep-state electric consumption of the Xbox One, commenting that when the system is on, but idle, it would consume 14 Watts in one day, equivalent to about four cents, and in sleep mode just one half of one watt, or 1/3 of a cent per day.

When asked if any other parts of the console (such as the cooling system) were subject to change, the Microsoft rep had this to say:

“The changes detailed Marc (Whitten) Regarding the clock speed of the GPU were software changes to the OS. Building a console like Xbox One Entails years of planning, supply chain management, purchasing agreements for components, etc and is for the most part locked at the time you start to put development kits into the hands of developers.”

Microsoft also defended the $499 price tag by stating that they are “very confident” with the value they provide with the Xbox One.

The executive also spoke about the power usage of the Xbox One.

“When it’s ready to respond to “Xbox On”, it uses about 14 watts, Which is about five U.S. cents (or about four euro cents) per day. In its lowest power state, Xbox One uses only a ½-watt, Which is less than about a half a U.S. cent or one-third of a euro cent per day.”

What are your thoughts on the new information revealed about the Xbox One?

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