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In Mole Control you take charge of a person sitting in what can only be described as a cross between a large rodent and a flying car. You are then tasked with removing the moles from peoples gardens in a place called Molar Creek, which unsurprisingly has a small issue with moles. The whole game is quite simply a revamp of the classic Windows game Minesweeper.

When you move, a small grid around you shows you how many mines (sorry, moles) you are touching. Using logic and a bit of cunning you can eventually work out exactly where the moles are hidden. Also, once you’ve passed over a square the color of the grass will change to let you know you’ve safely passed over this point, so you won’t go back and cover ground you’ve already explored. If a number shows up on your kart, that number will stay on the ground once you move so that you can try to figure out where the mole is hiding.

While the basic mechanic is that of Minesweeper, it’s the level design that sets Mole Control apart. Certain objects or obstacles might block your way, making it infuriatingly difficult to pinpoint a mole, or a fence might stand in your way.  This brings me to one of the major issues with the game; some levels are very long, there’s no mid-game saving and you only get 3 incorrect guesses of where moles are hidden- any more than that and you will be booted right back to the start.

The levels are also quite large, and retracing your steps, one painstakingly lengthy square at a time, can be tedious. A rotor on the top of the buggy lets you fly around, but the controls here are lacklustre.

The story itself is simple in nature, making it a great game to play with young children. For many, Mole Control may prove to be just too slow in pacing to be very enjoyable. It is, at its heart, a puzzle game more than anything else, and it suits that audience. I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to go and grab it now, but next time you head to the game store, keep a look out for this interesting little indie game.

This game was reviewed on the PC.


Some unique ideas, interesting take on Minesweeper


Unresponsive controls, excessively long levels, punishing difficulty

Final Verdict

This game is really only fun if you are under 10 years old.

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