Monster Hunter World Complete Guide: Weapon Skills, Farming Money, Armor, Crafting Recipes, Monster Weakness And More

A complete guide for Monster Hunter: World.

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If you’re currently playing Monster Hunter: World or are planning to play it, you’ll be struck by just how much there is to do in the game’s world. While the game retains the basic formula from previous entries in the series, it has also changed things up quite a bit. Whether you’re new to the series or a veteran hunter, there is probably something in this guide that will be helpful along your journey as a hunter.

If you’re looking for any information about boss fights, weapons, crafting, farming, or anything else, then look no further! There’s plenty to learn before you master the art of hunting. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.


Try out all the different weapon types

Monster Hunter: World presents you with 14 different weapon types, each with their own unique play-style. Don’t limit yourself to any one weapon as all 14 weapon types are accessible right from the beginning. Make sure to try each of these different weapons on expeditions and hunts until you finally settle on a style that suits you best. If you’re confused about what weapon to pick at the start, then pay attention to the star rating that lets you know how difficult a weapon is to use effectively. If you ever want to try out a new weapon type, you can go to the training ground where you can learn the different combos at ease before trying them out in the world outside.

Fireflies show you where to go

If you’re a new player,then make sure to notice the fireflies in the game as these mark important areas of interest in the game. They also mark tracks that players can make use of to lead them to some great monsters out in the wild. If you’re ever feeling a bit lost on where to go next, remember that you just need to look for these fireflies.

Expeditions And Quests

In Monster Hunter: World, you have the choice to do a large number of quests along with expeditions. Quests are time-limited and are usually related to the story progression of the game. If you pick up any quest, be sure to do these right away and also prepare yourself in advance, as the quest will fail if you die more than thrice. Expeditions on the other hand require you to explore a given environment. You’re free to do whatever you want in these places, including hunting monsters, gathering items, etc. Expeditions are superior to optional quests as they offer bonus rewards.

Pick up quests at the base

Before you’re heading out into the wild, remember to pick up quests to hunt any monsters. Although you can still hunt the monster on an expedition, you’ll miss out on the bonus rewards that the quests off for doing the same thing. So any time you want to go up against some interesting monster, make sure you’ve picked up the relevant quest for it.

Read your map and journal

The map will provide you with useful information bout the world around you. As you explore an area, the map will fill up with points of interest that you can check out whenever you want. Additionally, make sure to read your journal as well as it contains useful information about monsters in a given area, active quests, and more.

Don’t forget to check out your room

You can access the training grounds from your room. You can also customize your room and really make it your own. Any pets that you tame can also be let loose here. It’s also just a great place to relax when you want a break from hunting out in the wild.

Pay attention to your Palico companion

Your palico companion can be quite useful in battle by supporting you with healing items or anything else based on the gadgets you equip it with. It’s also really entertaining to just watch its expressions and reactions as the both of you are out exploring.

Make use of the environment

In Monster Hunter: World, you can use things in the environment to your advantage. There are flowers out there in the wild that can restore vitality, and there are also hazardous flora such as Poisoncups which you can make use of to poison enemies. Just be careful that you don’t get poisoned yourself.

Weapons and Armor

After you’ve defeated monsters and have collected the loot, you can use the items you’ve gained to craft better gear. Make sure you get the best gear you can by going to the Workshop. With weapons, there are multiple upgrade trees you can choose from. You can read more about this in the section dedicated to weapons. In the beginning though, just try out what upgrades do and how well they serve you in battle because all of them are going to be quite useful.


One of the most exciting parts about this game is getting to face bosses. These monsters are quite tough to defeat and will require careful planning from your part if you want to defeat them. However, each  monster also has its  unique weaknesses that you can take advantage of to defeat it, so make sure you do your research before going up against one of these.

List of all the bosses in the game

  • Great Jagra
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Barroth
  • Jyuratodus
  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Zorah Magdaros
  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
  • Paolumu
  • Radobaan
  • Great Girros
  • Legiana
  • Odogaron
  • Rathalos
  • Diablos
  • Pink Rathian
  • Dodogama
  • Uragaan
  • Lavasioth
  • Azure Rathalos
  • Nergigante
  • Kirin
  • Black Diablos
  • Bazelgeuse
  • Kushala Daora
  • Teostra
  • Vaal Hazak
  • Xeno’jiiva

You can check out the video below which showcases all of the boss battles. Be forewarned though that it contains some spoilers about the game.

Monster Weaknesses

Every monster that you encounter in Monster Hunter: World has certain weaknesses and certain resistances. It will be crucial to learn about these if you want to truly experience the feeling of being a great hunter. You can check out what you know about a given monster by checking your Hunter’s Notes. Here, you can see what are the breakable parts of the monster’s body, what elements it’s weak against, and a lot more useful information.

Different sections of a monster’s body will have different traits. For example, a monster’s leg may be weak against severe and blunt damage while its arm may be weak against ammo damage. There may also be certain parts of the monster’s body that can be severed. An elements table and ailments table will tell you more about the monster’s weaknesses. Some monsters may be weak against the fire element while others may be weak against water. Similarly, a monster may also be prone to ailments such as poison and paralysis.

Make sure you read your Hunter’s Notes before you face a particularly tough monster as it will help you decide on an efficient strategy so as to defeat it.


There’s a lot to learn about weapons in this game. There are 14 different weapon types and these weapons have complicated upgrade trees you can choose to make it better in battle. There are also specific weapon skills that you’ll have to know to use a weapon effectively.

Weapon Types

Each different weapon type in Monster Hunter: World has its own unique style and combo to master. As a general rule, smaller weapons are faster while larger weapons deal more damage. You can never rely completely on a single weapon type and it’s best to be equipped so as to be able to adapt to any situation. You can read below what the different weapon types are.

Long Sword – The long sword is an agile weapon and can be used to attack weapons from a decent range. It also has the ability of Spirit Blade which buffs the weapon for some time.

Switch Axe – The switch axe has two different forms. It can either be used as a one- handed weapon with a shield or it can be used as a large axe that deals tons of damage.

Sword and Shield – This weapon is very balanced and allows you to attack enemies while also defending yourself.

Bow – The bow is a great ranged weapon and can be used to target specific parts of a monster from afar. A monster will be stunned if you land a headshot.

Gunlance – This is one of the most versatile weapon types in the game. It allows you to attack an enemy up close and then quickly back away to fire a couple of shots at it.

Hammer – The hammer is a powerful weapon that can stun enemies if they’re hit on the head. The hammer also has a powerful charged attack that can be used to stun enemies.

Heavy Bowgun – You can shoot enemies from afar with this weapon and it deals great damage However, it’s not very effective at close quarters combat and you can’t use a shield along with it either.

Light Bowgun – This  is much more agile than its counterpart and can be used to unleash deadly attacks at enemies before then getting out of harm’s way.

Hunting Horn – The hunting horn is a support weapon and can be used to unleash ranged attacks. It can also be used to buff party members.

Charge Blade – The charge blade has two different forms. It can either be used as a one handed sword with a shield or it can be used as a two-handed heavy weapon.

Dual Blades – These blades are the fastest weapon type in the game and are particularly useful if you’re going for a play-style that requires you to move around a lot.

Great Sword – This is one of the slowest weapon types in the game and you’ll have to be careful when using it as it can’t be switched into another form which makes it faster.

Insect Glaive – This weapon is a little difficult to master but it’s very powerful. The kinsect can be used along with this weapon which allows you to harvest extract from monsters which in turn grants the Insect Glaive certain bonuses.

Lance – The lance can be used to attack enemies from a decent range and it can be used along with a shield.


As you progress further in the game and start facing tougher monsters, you’ll need to upgrade your weapon to get the best out of it. To upgrade it, go to Smithy who can be found in the highest level of the Resource Center. Upgrading weapons will require monster parts and if you have the required parts, hand them over and the Smithy will upgrade the weapon for you.


Each weapon in the game can be upgraded with a particular set of skills. The Artillery skill for example will strengthen explosive attacks, such as the attacks from a gunlance. The Evade Extender skill will increase the evade distance. You can read below the recommended skills for each weapon.

  • Charge Blade – Artillery, Guard, Razor Sharp
  • Bow –  Special Ammo Boost, Focus, Evade Window/Extender
  • Dual Blades – Speed Sharpening/Razor Sharp, Element Attack, Stamina Surge/Constitution, Status Attack
  • Gunlance – Sharpness/Razor Sharp, Quick Sheath
  • Hunting Horn – Sharpness/Razor Sharp, Evade Window/Extender, Mount Master
  • Hammer – Special Ammo Boost, Extender/Evade Window
  • Heavy Bowgun – Horn Maestro, Sharpness, Evade Window/Extender
  • Great Sword – Focus, Quick Sheath
  • Insect Glaive – Sharpness, Guard
  • Sword and Shield – Focus, Special Ammo Boost, Evade Window/Extender
  • Lance – Element Attack, Status Attack, Evade Window/Extender, Bonus Shot
  • Light Bowgun – Focus, Sharpness, Evade Window/Extender
  • Long Sword – Evade Window/Extender
  • Switch Axe – Evade Window/Extender, Speed Sharpening, Status Attack, Element Attack

Weapon Sharpness

Every melee weapon in the game is affected by Sharpness. Sharpness basically denotes he condition of the weapon. After a weapon is used a lot, its sharpness will start to decrease. Sharpness is indicated by colors at the top left corner of the screen. The sharpness of a weapon determines how much damage the weapon will deal. White is the best condition and will deal 1.3x weapon, with Green following at 1.1x, Yellow at 1x, Orange at o.75x, and Red at 0.5x. When the sharpness falls really low, it’s time to use a whetstone and increase the sharpness of the weapon. Alternatively, if you upgrade a weapon via the Smithy, the weapon’s sharpness will also increase. Finally, if you have the Sharpness skill, you can use it to improve a weapon’s sharpness by one whole level. For example, if a weapon’s sharpness is at the Red level, using the skill will increase its sharpness to the Orange level.

Forging Weapons

You can forge some epic weapons in the game using the loot you’ve collected from defeating monsters. You can check out the video below to learn more about forging and upgrading weapons.

What is Affinity

An important stat in Monster Hunter: World is called Affinity. You may be confused by the name but basically, it is very similar to the ‘Critical Chance’ attribute that you see in other games. This means that if you have a higher Affinity, then you have a greater chance to land a critical hit on an enemy. On the other hand, Affinity can also be a negative number and if this is the case then there will be a chance that you land weak hits against enemies once in a while, so be sure to pay attention to this attribute.

How to capture monsters

You can choose to capture monsters instead of killing them so as to earn some extra rewards. You can complete normal quests this way and some optional quests can only be completed by capturing the monsters.

To capture a large monster, you’ll need a Shock Trap and a Tranq Bomb. Both items can either be bought or they can be crafted. You’ll first have to attack your target monster and after it’s weakened enough, it will head back to its nest. Once there, place a Shock Trap near it. Once the creature gets shocked, use a Tranq Bomb near it. After using a few Tranq bombs, the creature will be captured.

To capture smaller monsters, just equip your Capture Net and then use it once you’re close enough to the monster you want to capture.

How to fish

In between hunting monsters and exploring the world in the game, you may want to take some time off to just go fishing. To go fishing, you will need a fishing rod in your inventory and you’ll then need to find a fishing spot. Fishing only becomes available once you’ve unlocked the Ancient Forest area. To fish, first find a fishing spot, and then select your fishing rod (with the D-pad). After this, you have to cast your line (using R2/RT). When a fish has caught on, you will feel a rumble and then you only need to reel the fish in (using Circle/ B) to get your catch.


In Monster Hunter: World, an armor set is made up 5 different pieces. If you wear a particular number of pieces from the same armor set, you’ll even be able to get certain bonuses. Armor sets can also be upgraded using armor spheres.

Armor Sets

There are various armor sets you can use in the game. Each armor sets will have their own unique advantages and some of these are dropped by certain bosses.

  • Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Xeno’jiiva monster.  Grants +3Razor Sharp / Spare Shot when 3 piecesare equipped. It is weak against Dragon and Fire but strong against Water, Thunder, and Ice.
  • Zorah Alpha Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Zorah Magdaros. It is strong against Fire but weak against all other elements. When all pieces are equipped, it grants +3 Critical Status.
  • Zorah Beta Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Zorah Magdaros. It is strong against Fire but weak against all other elements. When all pieces are equipped, it grants +3 Critical Status.
  • Alloy Armor Set – Strong against Dragon and Water elements but weak against Fire, Thunder, and Ice.
  • Anja Armor Set – This armor is dropped by Anjanath. Strong against Fire and weak against Water. If you equip the complete set, it provides +3 Adrenaline.
  • Jagras Armor Set – Can be earned by defeating Jagras and Great Jagras. It is strong against Water but weak against Fire.
  • Jyura Armor Set – Can be gained by defeating Jyuratodas. Strong against Water, but weak against Fire and Thunder.
  • Kadachi Armor Set – Can be gained by defeating Tobi- Kadachi. It is weak against Water but strong against Thunder.
  • Kestodon Armor Set – Can be gained by defeating Kestodon monsters.
  • Kulu Armor Set – Can be gained by defeating Kulu-Ya-Ku. Strong against Water and Dragon but weak against Ice.
  • Leather Armor Set – Strong against Fire and weak against everything else.
  • Legiana Armor Set – Canbe obtained by defeating Legiana. The set grants +3 Good Luck and is strong against Ice and Water but weak against Thunder and Fire.
  • Baan Armor Set – This armor set is the reward for defeating Radobaan. It is strong against Water but weak against Dragon.
  • Barroth Armor Set – This armor is dropped by Barroth when he is defeated. It is strong against Thunder but weak against Fire.
  • Bone Armor Set – It is weak against Water and Ice but strong against Dragon, Fire, and Thunder.
  • Diablos Armor Set – This armor set is the reward for killing Diablos. Having the full set grants a bonus of +3 Bludgeoner. It is strong against Fire and Dragon but weak against Water and Ice.
  • Girros Armor Set – Can be acquired by defeating Girros. Strong against Thunder, weak against Water.
  • Ingot Armor Set – This set can be gathered from ore. It is weak against Fire and Ice but strong against Thunder.
  • Lumu Armor Set – Can be obtained from Paolumu. Strong against Water but weak against Fire.
  • Nergigante Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Nergigante. Strong against Ice, Thunder and Fire but weak against Dragon and Water. Owning the full set will grant you +3 Hasten Recovery.
  • Odogaron Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Odogaron. Strong against Fire and Water but weak against Ice and Thunder.
  • Pukei Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Pukei. Weak against Dragon but strong against everything else.
  • Rathalos Armor Set – Granted by defeating Rathalos. Strong against Fire but weak against Dragon and Thunder. Complete set bonus grants +3 Critical.
  • Rathian Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Rathian. Strong against Fire but weak against Dragon and Thunder.
  • Shamos Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Shamuosu. Strong against Fire and Water but weak against Ice.
  • Tzitzi Armor Set – It is dropped by Tzitzi- Ya-Ku. Not strong against any element but weak against Thunder and Ice.
  • Xeno’jiiva Alpha Armor Set – Can be obtained by defeating Xeno’jiiva monster.  Grants +3Razor Sharp / Spare Shot when 3 piecesare equipped. It is weak against Dragon and Fire but strong against Water, Thunder, and Ice.

Armor Skills 

There are various armor skills that may be attached to a piece of armor or an armor set. They are very important and provide useful buffs to the character.

  • Health Boost – Grants more health.
  • Evade Extender – Increases evade distance.
  • Dragon Resistance – Increases resistance against dragon element.
  • Dragon Attack – Increases dragon element attack power.
  • Horn Maestro – Increases effect duration of hunting horn melodies.
  • Entomologist – Reduces chance of destroying small insect bodies so that you can carve them.
  • Fortify – Increases  attack and defense when you fall in battle, up to two times.
  • Capacity Boost – Increases gunlance’s shell capacity.
  • Affinity Sliding – Boosts affinity for a short time by 1 level.
  • Aquatic  Expert – Improves water mobility .
  • Adrenaline – Reduces stamina depletion for a while when health is 40% or lower.
  • Cliffhanger – Decreases stamina depletion when climbing.
  • Effluvial Expert –  Reduces environmental damage in the Rotten Vale.
  • BBQ Master – Improves player skills at cooking meat.
  • Agitator – Increases attack power and affinity when a large monster is enraged.
  • Constitution – Decreases stamina loss when running, evading, etc.
  • Detector – Shows rare gathering points on the map.
  • Artillery – Stronger explosive attacks such as the attacks from a gunlance.
  • Earplugs – Removes effect of large monster’s roar.
  • Effluvia Resistance – Resistance against effluvia buildup.
  • Item Prolonger – Increases effect duration of some items.
  • Free Meal – Grants a chance of consuming a food or drink for free.
  • Geologist – Increases number of times you can use the same gathering point.
  • Guard – Reduces stamina depletion and knockbacks when guarding.
  • Master Mounter – Easier to mount monsters.
  • Heavy Artillery – Increases damage of heavy weapons such  as ballistae and cannons.
  • Heroics – Increases attack power and defense when health falls to 35%
  • Honey Hunter – Increases quantity of honey youcan gather from the field.
  • Muck Resistance – Reduces immobility when stuck in muck.
  • Leap of Faith – Allows you to perform a dive evade against large monsters. Also extends dive evade distance.
  • Master Fisher – Improves your skill at fishing.
  • Master Gatherer – You can gather more quickly and cannot be knocked back when gathering.
  • Maximum Might – Increases affinity when stamina is full.
  • Mushroomancer – Lets you gain advantageous effects of mushrooms that would be inedible otherwise.
  • Normal Shots – Increases attack power of normal ammo and arrows.
  • Palico Rally – Increases power of palicos.
  • Peak Performance – Increases attack power when at full health.
  • Piercing Shots – Increases attack power of piercing ammo and Dragon piercer.
  • Recovery Speed – Increased speed of recovery when taken temporary damage.
  • Poison Resistance – Increases resistance against poison.
  • Stealth – Monsters lose sight of you easily.
  • Scholar –  Progress on research levels and Special investigations moves at a faster rate.
  • Water Resistance – Increased resistance against water element.
  • Scoutfly Range Up – Increases detection range of scoutfly.
  • Windproof – Protects you from wind pressure.
  • Weakness Exploit – Increased affinity when exploiting monster’s weak spot.
  • Spread/Power Shots – Boosts power of spread ammo and power shot arrows.
  • Stamina Surge – Stamina recovers at a faster rate.
  • Stun Resistance – Reduces stun duration.
  • Thunder Attack – Increases attack power of thunder element.
  • Tremor Resistance – Grants increased resistance against ground tremors.
  • Water Attack – Increased attack power of water element.
  • Wide-Range – Certain items will also affect nearby allies.
  • Sleep Resistance – Reduces sleep duration
  • Tool Specialist – Recharge time for specialized tools is reduced.
  • Focus – Weapons will charge at a faster rate.
  • Blast Attack – Increases rate of blast buildup.
  • Blast Resistance – Increases resistance against blastblight.
  • Blindsider – Increases effectiveness of flash attacks and items.
  • Bombadier – Increases explosive items damage.
  • Carving Pro – Cannot be knocked back when carving.
  • Bleeding Resistance – Increases resistance against bleeding.
  • Slinger Capacity – Increases loading capacity for your slinger.
  • Slugger – Monsters get dizzy easily.
  • Sporepuff Expert – Using sporepuffs recovers your health.

Set Bonus Armor Skills 

Some armor sets provide bonus skills if you have a required number of pieces belonging to the same set. You can check out below the different bonuses you can receive from different armor sets.

  • Anjanath Will – If you have 2 pieces of Anja Gear, you get Adrenaline skill. Having 4 pieces of Anja gear also grants Stamina Cap Up.
  • Bazelgeuse Protection – If you have 3 pieces  of Bazel gear, you’re granted Guts.
  • Diablos Mastery – grants Bludgeoner with 2 pieces of Diablos gear and Non- Elemental boost with 4 pieces of the gear.
  • Kushala Daora Flight – if you have 3 pieces of Kushala gear, you’re granted Nullify Wind Pressure.
  • Legiana Favor – With 2 pieces of Legiana gear, grants Good  Luck. With 4 pieces, grants Bow Charge Plus.
  • Nergigante Recovery – With 3 pieces of Nergigante gear, you are granted Hasten Recovery.
  • Odogaron Mastery –  Grants Punishing Draw with 2 pieces of Odogaron gear and Protective Polish with 4 pieces of gear.
  • Pink Rathian Mastery – If you have 3 pieces of Rath Heart Gear, it will grant Poison Duration Up.
  • Rathalos Mastery – If you have 2 pieces of Rathalos or Rath Soul gear, grants Critical  Element and if you have 4 pieces of gear, grants Mind’s Eye/Ballistics.
  • Teostra Technique – If you have 3 pieces Teostra gear, grants Master’s  Touch which prevents weapon from losing sharpness when landing critical hits.
  • Uragaan Protection – Grants Guard Up if you have 3 pieces of Uragaan gear.
  • Vaal Hazak Vitality – Grants Super Recovery if you have 3 pieces of Vaal Hazak gear.
  • Xeno’jiiva Divinity – If you have 3 pieces of Xeno’jiiva gear, grants Razor Sharp/ Spare Shot.
  • Zorah Magdaros Mastery – If you have 3 pieces of Zorah gear, grants Critical Status which increases abnormal status effect damage when landing critical hits.


During your time in this game, you can have a much easier time of it if you craft items and gear. Crafting is an essential part of the game and is the best  way to get some great items. It also ensures that you make use of all the ingredients you collect along your way. You can find listed below items you can craft along with what ingredients are needed to craft it.

  • Gunpowder Level 3 – Fire Herb, Bomb Arowana Scale
  • Gunpowder Level 3 – Fire Herb, Great Bomb Arowana Scale
  • Paralysis Coating – Parashroom, Empty Phial
  • Mega Nutrients – Honey, Nutrients
  • Immunizer – Mandragora, Catalyst
  • Pierce Ammo Level 1 – Latchberry
  • Spread Ammo Level 1 – Needleberry
  • Gunpowder – Nitroshroom, Fire Herb
  • Sticky Ammo Level 1 – Blastnut
  • Potion – Herb
  • Mega Potion – Honey, Potion
  • First-Aid Med+ – Honey, First-Aid Med
  • Herbal Medicine – Blue Mushroom, Antidote
  • Nutrients – Blue Mushroom, Bitterbug
  • Catalyst – Honey, Bitterbug
  • Energy Drink – Honey, Nitroshroom
  • Antidote Herb – Antidote Herb
  • Barrel Bomb – Small Barrel, Fire Herb
  • Bounce Bomb – Small Barrel, Nitroshroom
  • Screamer Pod – Screamer Sec
  • Smoke Bomb – Ivy, Smokenut
  • Flash Pod – Flashbug
  • Poisoned Meat – Toadstool, Raw Meat
  • Tinged Meat – Parashroom, Raw Meat
  • Drugged Meat – Sleep Herb, Raw Meat
  • Dung Pod – Rolled up Dung
  • Net – Spider Wed, Ivy
  • Poison Knife – Toadstool, Throwing Knife
  • Sleep Knife – Sleep Herb, Throwing Knife
  • Paralysis Knife – Parashroom, Throwing Knife
  • Power Coating – Nitroshroom, Empty Phial
  • Normal Ammo Level 2 – Gunpowder Level 2, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Pierce Ammo Level 2 – Gunpowder Level 2, Pierce Ammo Level 1
  • Spread Ammo Level 2 – Gunpowder Level 2, Spread Ammo Level 1
  • Cluster Bomb Level 1 – Bomberry
  • Fire Ammo – Fire Herb, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Water Ammo – Flowfern, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Slicing Ammo – Slashberry
  • Thunder Ammo – Thunderbug, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Exhaust Ammo Level 1 – Exciteshroom, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Poison Ammo Level 1 – Toadstool, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Sleep Ammo Level 1 – Sleep Herb, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Paralysis Ammo Level 1 – Parashroom, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Recover Ammo Level 1 – Potion, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Gunpowder Level 2 – Flamenut
  • Gunpowder Level 2 – Fire Herb, Burst Arowana Scale
  • Gunpowder Level 2 – Fire Herb, Great Burst Arowana Scale
  • Poison Coating – Toadstool, Empty Phial
  • Sleep Coating – Sleep Herb, Empty Phial
  • Normal Ammo Level 3 – Gunpowder Level 3, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Pierce Ammo Level 3 – Gunpowder Level 3, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Spread Ammo Level 3 – Gunpowder Level 3, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Sticky Ammo Level 3 – Gunpowder Level 3, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Max Potion – Mandragora, Mega Nutrients
  • Farcaster – Exciteshroom, Smokenut
  • Large Barrel Bomb – Large Barrel, Gunpowder
  • Blast Coating – Fire Herb, Empty Phial
  • Pitfall Trap – Net, Trap Tool
  • Shock trap – Thunderbug, Trap Tool
  • Tranq Bomb – Parashroom,  Sleep Herb
  • Tranq Ammo – Tranq Bomb, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Tranq Knife – Tranq Bomb, Throwing Knife
  • Recover Ammo Level 2 – Catalyst, Recover Ammo Level 1
  • Wyvern Ammo – Dragonstrike Nut
  • Ancient Potion – Kelbi Horn, Immunizer
  • Gunpowder Level 3 – Blazenut
  • Armorskin – Adamant Seed, Catalyst
  • Cluster Bomb Level 2 – Gunpowder Level 2, Cluster Bomb Level 1
  • Poison Ammo Level 2 – Catalyst, Poison Ammo Level 1
  • Paralysis Ammo Level 2 – Catalyst, Paralysis Ammo Level 1
  • Mega Bounce Bomb – Bounce Bomb, Nitroshroom
  • Exhaust Ammo Level 2 – Catalyst, Exhaust Ammo Level 1
  • Armor Ammo – Armorskin, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Might Pill – Might Seed, Immunizer
  • Adamant Pill – Adamant Seed, Immunizer
  • Cluster Bomb 3 – Gunpowder Level 3, Cluster Bomb Level 1
  • Demon Ammo – Demondrug, Normal Ammo Level 1
  • Sleep Ammo Level 2 – Catalyst, Sleep Ammo Level 1
  • Demondrug – Might Seed, Catalyst


While you can play through the content of this game all by yourself, it will be a lot more fun if you find some friends to play along with you. If you want to, you can use the matchmaking system to find a player who’s also looking for someone to play with. This is the best way to meet random new people in the game. If you want to play with your friends, then click on the ‘Create Your Own Quest’ button which will give you a Quest ID. Once you’ve shared this with your friends, they can join you on your adventures.

You can also make a squad with your friends. Squads work similarly to clans in other games and a single squad can have up to 50 hunters. A squad has many advantages and it can be customized in the Gathering Hub by speaking to the Squad Manager. A squad is a great way to make it easier to play with all your friends and to also communicate with them in-game. One significant advantage of being in a squad is that your friends will no longer need a quest ID but can just join you by simply clicking a button.


Almost everything you do in the game will earn you research points. Just follow the clues pointed out by your Scoutflies and you’ll earn research points. Your Scoutflies also level up when they are used to hunt down monsters. They can gain up to 3 levels with each level making it easier to find a particular monster. If you have a level 3 Scoutfly, then the Monster and its current status can be seen on your map.

Research Points can also be used to unlock investigations. Additionally, they can be used to buy new armor for your Palico companion, to buy meals, and to do Botanical Research so as to be able to purchase Fertilizer.

You can either earn normal research points or monster specific research points in the game. Monster specific research points can be used to increase monster research level. The higher the level of monster research level, the more details you can find about the particular monster. Research Points are very important in the game so make sure you’re able to gather as much of it as you can.


There are a number of ways you can earn zenny (the in-game currency) fast. The first method is to farm might seeds and then sell them. As these are common items, you can make quite a bit of money by selling all of the might seeds you find. Secondly, you can find investigations in the game that offer a lot of money. Investigations can be repeated a number of times, so if you find ones which offer large payouts, then do them again and again.

Finally, using the Bandit Mantle is the best way to farm money fast in the game. This item can be gained as a reward for completing the quest ‘Redefining the Power Couple.’ The Bandit Mantle makes monsters drop trade-in items which  can’t be used for anything else other than to be sold for zenny. Make sure to complete the needed quest and use this item whenever you need  some money. You can check out the videos below for more information regarding how to make money in the game.


As part of a collaboration with PS4,  players can get the full armor set of Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. In addition to this full armor set, players can also get Aloy’s bow and an armor set for your Palico Companion. All of this can be gained by completing the Horizon Zero Dawn Collaboration Even Quest. Keep in mind that this quest will only be available to those who are playing the game on the PS4.

Once the Event Quest is completed, you will receive some special materials and other loot which can be used at the blacksmith to craft these special items. This is a time-limited opportunity, so make sure you do this quest as soon as you can. Aloy’s full armor set is incompatible with other armor pieces,  and it also changes the player’s appearance so as to resemble Aloy. Your palico companion will change into a robotic dinosaur if  it equips its armor set.


There are a lot of camps to find in the game’s world. However, some camps can be rather hard to find. You can check out the video below to see where every camp in the game is located.


The Insect Glaive is the most versatile weapon type in the game. However, it’s also a weapon that is difficult to learn to use properly. The Insect Glaive consists of two parts: the Glaive and the Kinsect. The Glaive is what is used to deal damage to your opponents while the Kinsect is used to Harvest Extract buffs from monsters. You can see in the top left corner three diamonds: a Red one which offers attack buff, a white diamond will be speed buff, and Orange will be knockback prevention. The different parts of a monster’s body offers different buffs. Once a particular body part is hit with the kinsect, the kinsect will glow with the relevant buff.

Once you’ve gained buffs using the kinsect, it’s time to use your glaive to unleash deadly attacks on your enemies. Volley yourself up into the air and unleash a chain of combos that allow you to remain suspended in air for quite a while. Using this weapon is a great strategy to deal with elusive enemies who fly around out of reach.


There are a total of 49 achievements you gain in the game including some secret achievements. You can read below the full list of achievements you can earn in the game.

  • The Hunter’s Life For Me: Complete 50 optional quests
  • An Inquisitive Mind: Complete your first Investigation
  • The Franchise Hunter: Complete 50 investigations
  • Step Into The Arena: Complete your first arena quest
  • Nowhere To Go But Up: Complete 50 arena quests
  • New World Settler: Establish five camps
  • The Art of Camouflage: Escape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs
  • Angling For a Bite: Catch your first fish

  • Mmm, So Tasty!: Cook your first well-done steak

  • The Bigger They Are: Mount your first monster.
  • Commissioned Work: Obtain 100,000 Research Points.
  • Bourgeois Hunter: Possess 1,000,000 zenny.
  • Impregnable Defense: Obtain five highly rare pieces of armor.
  • Power Is Everything: Obtain five highly rare weapons.
  • Movin’ On Up: Move into an upgraded room.
  • First Friends: Befriend your first Tailraider.
  • Bosom Buddies: Become fully proficient with any Palico Gadget.
  • Monster Ph. D.: Research everything about almost every monster.
  • Miniature Crown: Record your first miniature crown in your hunting log.
  • Miniature Crown Collector: Obtain a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log.
  • Miniature Crown Master: Obtain a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.
  • Giant Crown: Record your first giant crown in your hunting log.
  • Giant  Crown Collector: Obtain a giant crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log.
  • Giant Crown Master: Obtain a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.
  • Capture Novice: Capture your first monster.
  • Capture Pro: Capture 50 monsters.
  • Elderslayer: Slay 50 elder dragons.
  • Monster Slayer: Hunt 100 large monsters.
  • Monster Hunter: Hunt 500 large monsters.
  • HELP!: Fire an SOS flare for the first time.
  • I Am The Reinforcements: Respond to an SOS flare, and help complete 10 quests.
  • Hunters United: Complete a quest via multiplayer.
  • Hunters United Forever: Complete 100 quests via multiplayer.
  • Spreading The Word: Collect over 50 Guild Cards.
  • Established Hunter: Reach hunter rank 100.

Secret Achievements

Listed below are all the secret achievements.

  • Welcome to the New World: Earn the right to take on two-star assignments.
  • Nothing Stops This Commission: Earn the right to take on three-star assignments.
  • Defender of Astera: Earn the right to take on four-star assignments.
  • Into the Deep: Earn the right to take on five-star assignments.
  • Death Begets Life: Successfully guide Zorah Magdaros.
  • The Empress of the Highlands: Earn the right to take on seven-star assignments.
  • One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall: Earn the right to take on eight-star assignments.
  • The Sapphire Star: Solve the mystery of the Elder Crossing.
  • A Living Fossil: Capture a fish known as “the living fossil.”

  • Snuggles For All: Capture a fluffy, snuggly creature.

  • Bristles For All: Capture a stiff, bristly creature.

  • Rainbow Bright: Capture a creature that glitters like a rainbow.

  • Temper Temper: Hunt your first tempered monster.
  • Indomitable: Hunt 50 tempered monsters.

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