Mortal Kombat 11 Guide – Krypt Crafting Recipes And How To Do Mercy

Some tips and tricks you need to know about Mortal Kombat 11.

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How To Do Mercy In Mortal Kombat 11?

Mercy is back in Mortal Kombat 11 and just like in Mortal Kombat 3, once you show mercy to your opponent, they will gain a bit of health back. Mercy is done when the announcer says FINISH HIM. So, how do you a Mercy in Mortal Kombat 11?

The button input for doing a mercy is: Hold down the Left Trigger Button and then press Down three times, before letting go of the Left Trigger.

On its own, Mercy gives you the lowest amount of points but when used along with Fatality or Brutality, it  will give you additional bonus. Furthermore, the Soul of the One Being which is a Krypt Key Item can be found by doing 10 mercies in Tower of Time of Klassic Towers.

Forge Recipes:

Using the Forge in the Krypt you can craft some key items. For that you need to know the exact recipes. Below are some of the known recipes. Note that you will also need hearts, souls or coins to craft these items. The amount varies  from item to item and you stand to lose them (hearts, coins and souls) if you craft using the wrong combination.

Below are some of the known recipes:

Amulet of Shinnok = Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart + Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon + Skeleton Soul

Transmute Koins (5,000) = Gold Ore + Gold Ore + Copper Plating

Transmute Souls (250) = Lost Soul Essence + Lost Soul Essence + Necromatic Runestone

Shard of Life (x10) = Coagulated Vampire Blood + Element of Order + Copper Plating

Silver Dragon = Bottled Thunder + Obsidian Shard

Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal = Copper Plating + Kytinn Spittle

Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana = Copper Plating + Essense of Edenian Magic + Element of Orde

Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol = Brass Revolver + Copper Plating + Unknown

Intimidator = Dragon King Heart + Netherrrealm Magma + Meteorite Dust

Nitara’s Gemstone (x10) = Coagulated Vampire Blood + Cordite + Fragment of Order

Tekunin Emergency Receiver (x10) = Frayed Wiring + Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle

Warrior’s Barbarous Face = Leather Strap + Distilled Tarkatan Rage   + Battleworn Helmet

Licensed to Fight = Krypt Spider Silk + Gold Ore + Remnants of a Broken Trophy

Kunai of Hisso =  Taven’s Sword  + Necromantic Runestone + Netherrealm Magma

Ethereal Armor (x10) =   Element of Order + Essence of Edenian Magic     + Copper Plating

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